Business Phone

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This mobile BlackBerry 8800 is the thinnest phone that is currently available on the market. His soft black joins the dazzling appearance of the cell. It comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, which is very easy to use. User can set passwords to your messages easily to only access your colleagues or subordinates. In addition, can communicate with them in a way more efficient thanks to options such as calls to Conference, smart dialing or call forwarding.

The phone has been designed with special attention to the security they need executives and professionals to work. Those who work with this mobile do not have to worry that your documents and reports are read by unauthorized persons. Another remarkable option of BlackBerry 8800 is the GPS which brings integrated. It is no longer necessary to have an external GPS receiver to find out about routes and specific addresses. The unit in-built GPS allows you to know more about routes and unknown destinations. Among other attractions, the phone features with entertainment. As the media player that you can use to enjoy favorite music, even if the user is incluso si el usuario se encuentra located out of home or Office. With other options sophisticated as speech recognition and noise cancellation, this phone keeps his promises of efficiency and quality to all users who need these special features in your cell phone. The BlackBerry 8800 is also compatible with Bluetooth, which means that the user can connect with other compatible devices.

Ethical Globalisation

In the city where I reside, Rosary, Santa Fe, Argentina, a new plant of General Motors for the manufacture of automobiles settled a time ago. The government of the state, provided without position to the new plant of the lands, services of light, water, gas and taxes, by an initial term of 5 years. This included the gratuitous construction of the district for executives and the access routes. After the five years, the taxes and services will offer 30% of their real value. The reason of these gifts, had to that the manufacturing installation would provide however, to work for hundreds of employees, palliating therefore Argentine leisure.

In the reality, the company justified 80% of its establishment of foreign nationality, under the excuse of the specialization. Only a 20% were personal native. What I will say and you already imagine, is that such facilities for the Argentine companies do not exist. This is the reality of a globalizante context, with many parallels in Latin America, that lacks any totally even-tempered component. It is this globalisation that seted out to us like something random that happens, like which would be to come, without the intervention of the human hand.

Certainly it is not thus, the facts produce the men. If we make history of this globalisation, we remember that the crisis of petroleum transnacionaliz the economy, impelled to the countries to the expansin and the search of markets. Especially, megamercado financier is not necessary to forget the constitution the new one. All a series of new phenomena changed to the face of the economy and the society, configurando an unrecognizable semblante for the aged doctrine of the social and economic State. It is the aim of the experience of the indicative State that made De Gaulle in France, and the Japanese State in the postwar period. They are invalidated the state policies that they suggest, they encourage, they retain, they stimulate and they de-stimulate a estratgico State that orients to the private activity.