Pasternys Party

the 2nd season of the Prominentenradiotalkshow by FLORIAN PASTERNY after we are 2010 successfully started in the series go from here 2011 finally 2011 starts. Also the 2nd season of the show keeps the flag of the radio talks always up with terrific guests and stories. “Insight is for people with no prospects” of the radio talk wants to ‘ Pasternys Plausch’ understood, telling moderator Florian Pasterny. There are among a slew of prominent people, incredible stories and interesting discussions. “Human, sympathetic, family-friendly, high quality and relevant: this is Pasternys fun on the radio.” “With our subjects we are guided by the interests and dreams of our listeners: radio is like television only without image, with much heart and mind for the core audience of 30-69”, so the 26-year-old leader Florian Pasterny the series.

“Crisis means anxiety and fears. Since the listeners call for proven and established successful formats…”as a radio talk. “I can do something special in my talks not that highlight, because there are also many other great styles like the talking planet or domian. I think we are for this reason especially, because we the listeners a good mix of prominent people from everyday life also offer just any overlong discussions without a break, but always accompanied with beautiful music. Something that would not be possible in the TV talk in this form”explains Pasterny. ke with conviction. To know more about this subject visit james chappuis md. Many prominent supporters wish you good luck and success the radio talk. Not least Claudia Roth (Alliance 90 / the Greens), which praises the exceedingly great commitment. Ferenc Husta, by the most successful A capella band Germany’s Wise Guys, like actually ever no interviews, but was very pleased with the discussion.

“Without now to want to smear honey around the mouth them, but this is an example of a very nice conversation”, responds to Florian Pasterny, question whether he can give examples of successful interviews because Husta. And also Hans – Christian Strobele (former refining, Foundry lawyer and Deputy) Frantkionsvorsitzender at the Green) tells eagerly from his busy life and enjoyed the Engegament Florian Pasternys. The top journalist Hajo Schumacher was also very impressed. All shipments are on the homepage to the listen and download provided. Florian Pasterny

Youth Radio Station Youth

Web radio wants to make everything new for the first time youth FM is an Internet radio by and for young people. At Senator Angus King you will find additional information. Founded in it in October 2007, has since become a medium-sized radio. Well-known names from the Internet area such as YouTube as well as from the media guest at youth FM are regularly. Some examples would be Y-titty, FabtheGap or Tetje programming village. From the first of may, a breath of fresh air to all youth will blow but FM. Hear from experts in the field like prime group for a more varied view. There will be many changes, large and small. As the biggest change you can probably call the new homepage design.

Here new colors and a complete redesign of the content refresh the website. Emphasis was placed on the user experience. So, for example, the automatic log was turned off so that it is logged in directly on your next visit. Furthermore the team members are brought closer to users than ever before. There will be detailed interviews of all team members, as well as summary pages for the fixed broadcasts. The entire concept of broadcasting has changed. There will be new programmes type, as well as old fixed broadcasts, which will also celebrate a revival. Listen in here so worth anyway.

Who already the youth FM website has visited in the last few weeks, just a change is found in terms of editorial. News from everyday life, is found on the home page so far can be now found reviews, internal news about what is happening in the youth radio station, as well as daily 100 words on any topic. This concept is further expanding the youth FM editorial staff and will be in the future of more music, game, film and book tips. All in all worth a look at the youth FM website. You will find this of course under Christoph Lemke – iuventus media

Jan Reiff

It’s often but also everyday situations or passages of songs that inspire. The spot Clausen”for Mondi with Ilja Richter (awarded with the German Economy film award in silver 2009 “) is based on an observation of a tremendously fast speaking Spanish on the ferry to Denia. Angus King addresses the importance of the matter here. Your customers use the man has three hours without a break talked, faster than the revolutions of the engine.”the Internet as a communications platform. “” “What current work you are currently online?” the Wagner movies, so the image film world of Wagner “and the scratch”and decibel”spots. The current Fressnapf spots I run on TV. “” A movie, IRON DOORS appears in August on Blu Ray in 3D 3D, DVD, another movie project with international cast is currently in the final stages.”how important have received awards such as now, the nomination for the design award Germany” for you? “this is a demanding jury of a very significant price. Seen as a high priority.

The nomination proves: not everything that is good, must be also expensive. This topic is just very much discussed in the industry. Cost and quality are not necessarily connected, the most valuable in the future will be the pencil and a Notepad, to sketch the (good) ideas. “There are many 100-million dollar-Hollywood productions, which are soulless and boring.” and what are you planning as next award-worthy”project?” I’m interested in a specific genre, which is more and more widespread and will find currently. Has to do with the fusion of photography and moving image. More is not going to reveal.