Article Marketing

However, we must remember: that a visitor comes to websites do not read! He comes for the information he needs, and the task of article – this information to give. In fact, article marketing – it's filling a qualitative thematic sites and interesting content, directly relevant to the client's site, which in the long run not only add points in the issuance of the site, but will consumers with thematic resources. Before you start writing, think about so how valuable the information that you intend to place on the site. Valuable not only to potential clients, but also for search engines. Konsolidator addresses the importance of the matter here. If a page full of unique information, then the probability that the search engine will link to this page for a certain search query will be great.

If you borrow any information from the Internet and other sources, it will not be unique, and your page will be the last a list of links. Creating a unique story to you: – get external links to your site, so search engines are beginning to appreciate your life is much higher, raising links to your site on the results of all searches more closer to the upper positions, respectively, and – you get more and more targeted visitors from search engines. – You get a substantial additional flow of visitors from other blocks of news sites, where your articles published with a link to your website. Click Oliver Wyman to learn more. – Are building a company image and reputation in the eyes of the audience, forcing potential customers to trust your organization. How to write an article – a separate issue, the more that one posting the original article soon to be her clone. Writing articles devoted to whole websites, blogs, forums guru 'Affairs stateynyh masters' and if you are fully mastered it, then wait for you here. In addition, all messages are added to a text widget theme, available for webmasters to install on the sites we have both free and paid services. Why? Because so many stateynogo content, free of charge – we select only compelling feature stories, well-composed and executed images and links.

Integrated Services

Manager Valenkotorga purely by chance smoked at some advertising conference next to the incredibly smart and speaking a special language specialists who are the words 'trust', 'rating', 'conversion', 'sickle', 'hosts', and the like, said more often than usual Russian words. Login or register to request to see specialists nodded condescendingly, as if they might nod than anything else, and watched. Here it was found that the site is not like that. Well, not that that's all. He lacked at the same time and search engine optimization and promotion and advertising components, and usability were continuous problems … Perhaps this was the first mistake Valenktorga. I do not believe in free advice.

Integrated Services optimization and promotion techniques evaluated in white some money, so obscene that it is better to mate on the home page. Of course, that kind of money they were never paid. The budget was gutted … A month later site was slightly different. First, on the first page there was a smiling girl who affectionately caressed his boots. Despite the fact that her identity could not be determined, the image of an indecent amount of cost. They themselves were a model of efficiency and customer focus.

But the amount has always behaved in a very obscene. In parallel, there were several alternative menu (part of the budget worked out to optimize the navigation and created a full-fledged Usability). In short, many good and useful things, about a thousand cups of coffee, cigarettes weight 'Parliament'. Received the money.