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Factory facade and roof ‘INSS’ produces facades, roofs and supporting structures. Here you can purchase separately as roof or facade, and the whole building as a whole. Production: * * metal seam roof * * Front panel metallosayding * * magazine profiled exterior water drainage system * * * a full range of accessories thermo Services: * designing various buildings construction and installation * work and supervision * provision of project documents and detailed instructions for assembling Why work with ‘INSS’? With us, quality * Wide range of roofs and facades of high quality metal * A wide choice of color cover, including rare exclusive colors * High quality products with us is convenient * Full range of activities from design to facility turnkey buildings for various purposes. * Compact and modern packaging, which simplifies and speeds up the delivery for any distance. * Use only modern building materials, precluding the need for expensive lifting equipment. * Bolted connections the absence of wet processes. * Ability to build at any time of year. * The construction of any part of Russia and CIS countries.

* Production and delivery on time. With us, RELIABLE * The company operates in the market for 16 years. * Hundreds of realized projects throughout the CIS. * Highly skilled employees. * All products and all types of work have the appropriate certifications. Firm ‘INSS’ was founded in 1992 and today is a Russia’s largest producer of high quality roofing and facade materials, thermal profile and prefabricated buildings. ‘INSS’ – a modern company that uses the latest equipment and methods of control, providing high quality products. Excellent well-established logistics enables the customer with everything you need in the right place at the right time.

‘INSS’ annual production capacity increases, developing new technology provides customers with new services and improving the system of quality control. Light weight construction materials and compact packaging allows you to easily and cheaply transported them at any distance. Easy assembly system eliminates the need for lifting equipment, which makes the construction of cheaper and faster. Constructed from materials ‘INSS’ at any time of year that is achieved due to lack of wet processes (all bolted connections). Technology, building construction, based on thermal profile, the so-called prefabricated construction, is widespread in Western countries. In the CIS countries this type of building appeared not so long ago, but every year is gaining popularity because of the increasing need to build a lot, quickly, efficiently and cheaply. Today, industry group ‘INSS’ can effectively solve any problems in the field of civil and industrial construction in Russia and CIS countries.