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Gave off a soft purple light, but Kirzai remained unconscious and saw nothing. His camel came into the swirling wind, moved a few steps and then abruptly sat down. Kirzai fell to the ground. “I’m finished, he thought AMI son never see me again!” Suddenly, however, gave a cry of joy. A man riding a camel moving toward him. But the closer the man, the more the joy of Kirzai became amazement.

This man now dismounted from his camel …. Kirzai knew! He recognized his own youthful face, his clothes …. and up to the camel riding! A camel that it had purchased two valuable vases many years before. Kirzai was certain: AEL girl who came to help was himself! Aera Kirzai the same as it was thirty years before! – Are you …. You? Kirzai-babble in a hoarse whisper. The young man looked at him and laughed.

– What? year I say I know who I am! My fame has extended to Sry Darya desert? But you, old man, who are you? Kirzai not answer. Do not know what to do. Should I tell the young man who was, or say nothing? Meanwhile the young man continued: “Anyway, you’re not well. Where are you going? -A Givah Kirzai replied. But I have no more water. Kirzai saw the young man quietly reflected on the situation and knew exactly what was going through his mind: should he help Kirzai or continue to meet their own affairs? But Kirzai also knew what would be the decision and smiled to see that the young man offered him a drink of water. Then the young man filled the empty bottle, helped him mount his camel and pointed a finger. -Go straight down that road and two hours will be in Givah. The old Kirzai look a long time the young man who had once been himself and made a sign of gratitude.