Two Capitals

Bakhtiar Sakupov: 'Dreams of happiness at the crossroads of two capitals' We met with Bakhtiyar in one of the metropolitan cafe. The street is already closely approaching the autumn of 2010. We can say that we have not seen more than six months. During all this time the hero our section successfully produced a book that has already gained the love and interest in the Russian and Kazakh public. One work on the channel 'NTV' can speak for themselves. Of our local journalists behind the hill yet value.

In today's interview, I was first and foremost wanted to give us not much to display the internal state of the hero. And generally that in his opinion, is a journalism, with what it ate. And why was the fourth power the final choice, according to Bakhtiar, in his young and vibrant life. Speak 'for life' with a man whom I know about six years, with the included voice recorder I had the first time. This is the best profession.

Unique in the world in which claimed all that man can do that. Whether you're a teacher, economist, philanthropist, director of the company, even if skillfully possess short, I believe that it is always a place in journalism. Universal profession I I do not know. And the liability of its not, because the word journalist can and break a person's life and give him a start in life. A good journalist – is a deep person. He is always looking for the answer to the endless "Why?" I have great respect for these people, I remember them.

The Location

Things unloaded tons of dealers and bought them at a good price, dozens of artifacts were strewn beneath his feet, only manage to collect and sell. In the clear sky on its head turned over almost everything. Full backpack weapons, ammunition, first aid kits, vodka and cans can shake off, at best, two and a half thousand. Miss it. that is bad, and the drag on the market has become useless thing. And so back to the battlefield for the sake of not to lift a backpack vlezshee junk is ridiculous.

Good money can be earned only two ways to participate in the war of factions (long and not very profitable) or search for artifacts last thing dangerous, but very profitable. quantitative artifacts in the game greatly reduced, and now you can find them exclusively in the anomalies (except for the fact that a couple of times we give the artifact to the quest reward). Moreover, artifacts is no longer visible to the naked eye. To highlight them, you need a sly detector. A sure sign that somewhere nearby there is an artifact that is a field of anomalies.

A prize usually lies somewhere in the middle, but to get it, you should try. Anomalies have become almost invisible, with no regular probing of the surrounding space to walk between them dangerous. These are not empty words: anomalies have indeed become a big problem. The detector begins squeak just a meter to a dangerous place, determine the location of the anomaly in the space with it will not work.

Trading Collectible Coins

Very often in the newspapers with advertising private ads can be seen an ad that begins with the words of buying coins. These words are accompanied by postscripts, such as, for collection. Of course, some beginners collectors, and can write such an announcement, but that's almost one hundred percent owned by a simple declaration that speculators. It works pretty simple – buy coins cheap and sell expensive. Purchase based on ignorance of the elementary layman real value of coins. Founded in the complexity of the dealers to convince people that his "curiosities" is almost worthless. Although this work is very thankless task. Many of our citizens believe that the coins are worth as much as is a new foreign car.

For them, unaware that, on average, for example, the Soviet commemorative coins are worth only half a hundred rubles, and the old copper coins, barely in his most fall short of a hundred. Such coins dealers are not interested in his goal to find a simple coin, but which can be classified as rare or even rare. Rarity, as a rule, is the year of issue, Mint varieties. It seems to be nothing remarkable coin two cents in 1925 is very solid money, and buy it from the ignorant man can be literally a hundred rubles. In general, speculators rather well versed in numismatics, at first sight appreciating "an interesting coin," that's just call them numismatists not dare, because the coin for them, just a subject that has a price. If the coin too cheaper, for them it is absolutely no interest. There were times when becoming a numismatist by the buyer and buyer in the end became a numismatist. Online you can find some sighs of numismatists, they say, when I was by the buyer, then as many rarities sold off, so I would have them now in the collection.

English Beer

Let us start from the price of a beer in the trading house “Bayros” as a distributor and one of the largest suppliers of imported beer in Moscow – it was through him the beer is delivered to the capital “beer boutiques. In England (and worldwide), the cost of a normal beer – 10-20 rubles. Undoubtedly, the cost of English beer is higher because more ingredients, and taxes in England do not give beer producers to sleep quietly. Take a strip of 20 rubles for the Hobgoblin, add a margin to the manufacturer and get a price tag on this brewery beer distributors in the region of 27-30 rubles (I already wanted in Albion). Next comes the difficult – Delivery of beer in Russia. If you believe the information on the official website TD Bayros, then delivery of beer in Russia they do, without intermediaries, major distributors, etc. From the UK the best “silk” way – England-Estonia-Russia, respectively, will be two types of transport.

To Estonia our box “float” by sea, then, from Estonia to Russia, he was taken by rail wagons, or (most likely – vans). Not We will not go into details of transportation, more importantly, that for every bottle “Goblin” Ships will not exceed 5 rubles, the Russian border, our bottle is worth 30-35 rubles. Upon entry into the territory of Russia, but rather, on the Russian customs.