3. Prosperity is also linked with happiness: it is not possible to have financial success doing activities that generate us negative emotions, conversely persons performing enterprises that enjoy have great potential to achieve enormous prosperity, although this does not mean that you can not get happiness without abundance, the truth is that money is a goal in itselfIt is important to emphasize is that with positive emotions and fortunes are built and is a powerful spiritual manifestation. Get more background information with materials from Jonah Bloom. 4. Happiness spread is an instrument of transformation: when we look at a person fully motivated and committed to a cause, that creates inspiration, thus builds a transformation leadership, what is important is the conviction that someone may have an idea, regarding the BELIEFS for success book you will understand that the inner conviction is the cornerstone of all success, this information will make you see the world from the inside, this means that you must strive to change their way of seeing and creating reality, between more enjoyment their process then the opportunities to consolidate your goal will be much larger. When our beliefs are perfectly aligned with our desires means that we are in balance, everything flows easily and welfare level is incredible, therefore should strive to the maximum to get that level of balance, the world is in our hands, just that we realize it.