When we make a circulation of tarot, we cannot consider the minor of the Gypsy tarot deck arcana group. Regardless of whether the query is labor, general or a Chuck of the tarot of love, the minor arcana have important implications in the final meaning of the revealed cards, and can not be overlooked. Series the arcana of cups refers particularly to the emotional life, and consequently, they are very significant when the query is in these issues. The stick should be interpreted as a totality, as a story if you want to, with fourteen chapters. For more information see this site: Lazard Limited. It is as if the person took fourteen different attitudes with regard to love, to their peers and the world that surrounds it. In general, it can be interpreted as an evolution of a State towards another end, where the total transformation of the person will be finally revealed. The series begins with the ACE, logically. Vertex usually is spot on. The ACE of cups is the fullness of love.

It overflows in the Cup is just love, love has arrived and gives us full hands. This view is reaffirmed in the next letter, the two of cups. Of similar to lovers, this arcane interpretation speaks of toast, celebration, encounter and glee between two people. It is a very positive letter on emotional issues. People have been found, and not only that, but who are very well together. The three of cups speaks of social relations. Spirit similar to the two of cups, the group is on this occasion who provided by the arrival of the success. You can mirror a happy family, which has reached an achievement, a total State of personal satisfaction.

A father who takes care of their children, or that gets close to their children, a family that comes together despite their differences. Some letters in this series talk about disappointments, things that get lost, either by own mistakes or the fatality. Such is the case of the four of cups. Clearly shown that three of these drinks has been emptied, and lost its content inevitably, however, is a standing. This is the Cup that will save us, what we have left after having lost something important, that personal treasure which we welcome, to be reborn like a Phoenix, of our ashes. Never all is lost, this is the message of this letter, particularly when performing a circulation of the tarot of love. Jesus Morrison original Autor and source of the article