CDU Bundestag Group Is

Andreas Weigel: “Let us work together on a good future for our home town,” the Chancellor has immigrants to naturalization encouraged. For centuries, immigration was also an asset to our country, stressed Angela Merkel (CDU). It is good for our country, that for the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of 16 foreigners have received their certificates of naturalization in the Chancellor’s Office. Angela Merkel has set this. The CDU Bundestag Group invites all foreigners living in our city, to be German”, says the Deputy CDU parliamentary leader Andreas Weigel. The key to peaceful coexistence of people from 160 Nations in Wuppertal Liege is that nobody will be excluded and one to move on a common basis of fixed value. The key to a successful integration is above all the mastery of the German language. We want to work together with the city, the Migrantenvereinen and other groups, we are even better at this point.

Kindergartens and schools a valuable contribution also for German children who have deficiencies in the language here. The CDU Bundestag Group welcomes it, if people with a migration background in the public service are working or want to become. This strengthens the identification with our common home town Wuppertal. “