Crepes Recipes – Versatile And Tasty

At least the basics of preparing crepes every hobby Cook should be able – because as you are about to read hardly a food recipes is as flexible as the crepes! The Crepe is one of the best known and most popular desserts in Europe – in particular in German-speaking countries was becoming more popular in recent years. Now you can try this dessert even on many different year and Christmas markets. But not enough you can search on even a Creperie which in some German cities. These are French restaurants, especially recipes and preparing other dishes from France have specialized in baking of crepes. But now when you think, that is these guest houses only to the eat a dessert are, who has made a mistake. You may find Nina Devlin to be a useful source of information. Originally the Crepe is at all not even considered desserts, they are actually of a different kind of pancakes: the galettes this was invented in the middle ages and one of the most popular main dishes in France particularly in Brittany since this is Dish is often prepared.

But what is recipes now actually the difference between ordinary Crepes and galettes? The ordinary Crepe applies, as already mentioned, as a dessert and the galettes as main dish. Both crepes recipes are however based on same dough and prepared in the same way: step 1: first of all you need for the baking of crepes recipe the following ingredients – 250 ml milk – 50 75 ml (mineral) water – 2 eggs – 200 g flour – 1 small pinch of salt the first difference between the galettes and the normal crepe is already here. While you need no other ingredients namely when the latter should be some other ingredients in the dough when the Galette. These later spicy tastes it adds best even a small amount of nutmeg and a French blend of spices. Then, the respective ingredients gradually be mixed down, where it is crucial to stir the dough so that no speeding tickets can make. To the first To complete step finally in a cool corner to set the dough and leaves him there sources less than an hour. Step 2: In the second step ordinary crepes do not differ recipe galettes recipe. Made after the particular dough you to consider something you need these only jaws.

While you pour the dough on a crepe maker or in a regular frying pan (where this should be necessarily greased) and lets him be slightly brown. Then, turn the dough once so that you can bake nicely Brown the second side. It is important here that one takes care to put the dough not too thick. Namely, recipe is different from other pancakes especially this that you will be very thin baked a crepes. Step 3: The third step is the step in which the differences between galettes and crepes are most obvious. While a crepe is best with something sweet (jam, honey, Nutella) fills, you use completely different ingredients for a galettes: ob Ham or bacon, cheese or cottage cheese, vegetables or onions everything tastes hearty and delicious can be used in a galettes. Thus, it is so obvious that a crepe and a Galette are two completely different dishes, although they are actually made from the same basic recipe. Exactly what you should be familiar preparation at least the basics of French pancakes as a chef to be flexible and to be able to conjure up delicious quick and easy meals. Have fun making your crepes recipe!

Classic Years

One of the leaders in the production of this drink is France. Cognac houses of the country known around the world – they are universally recognized leader of winemaking. So, the trading house produces Cognac Godet Godet, sell for 1 million bottles a year. Since 16 century company operates under the motto: "We choose alcohols such as choosing friends." This phrase and determines the quality and taste of the drink. Brandy House Year glorified such marks: Cuvee Jean Gandet (corresponds to the quality of vs, 2 years old). Selection Specialc (6-8 years) Gastronome (Fin Shamnap, consistent quality VSOP), Napoleon (15 years, the bottle depicts a bust of Napoleon I), Exellence (25 years), ho (Fine Champagne, aged 30), Renaissance (Grande Champagne, 50 years). The grapes for this cognac is purchased from the best regions of France, so all drinks have a tart flavor and a long finish that is a sign of a good drink.

As you know, make a good cognac is very difficult. To do this, one must possess certain skills, knowledge, raw materials and equipment. However, this recipe brandy known not only for the French, in our country is especially popular Armenian brandies. Read additional details here: Angus King. Armenia has everything you need for a delicious brandy: fertile land, the best grades grape drink preparation secrets that are passed down from generation to generation. The first mention of wine in this country date back to ancient times, there is cultivated a vine is already about 3500 years. During this time, the Armenian brandies had a serious competitor to the French. To date, most known by the producers of Armenian cognac are the Yerevan Brandy Company (YBC, Ararat cognac), 'Great Valley' (Great Valley), Yerevan Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory 'Ararat' (EKVVK Ararat brandy Araspel Noah, Noah Classic), Ararat Marz bb 'A.K.Z.' (Cognac Arpi), 'Shahumyan-Win'. All Armenian brandies are divided into 3 broad categories: ordinary, vintage and Collectible.

Things you should know when choosing a beverage. Ordinary brandies made from cognac, aged 3 years at least, they can be three, four, five and six (respectively, over the years old). This period visible stars on the label. Vintage brandies made from cognac, aged in oak barrels for at least 6 years. A collection of vintage Cognac, additionally aged at least three years in containers made of oak staves. For collectors of vintage cognacs retain the name. Among the most famous Armenian brandy cognac in Russia, Noah, is the real reason for pride winemakers. The secret to its quality and excellent taste – in the production process. According to centuries-old tradition it is cooked in stills by double distillation and the resulting alcohol is poured into the barrel and held for several years. For the most seasoned – 'The Lord of Noah' use alcohol, whose average age has at least 25 years. In 'Noah Classic' in addition to a 15-and 20-year-olds, younger brandies include drinks – a 7-and 10-year exposure. A 'Noah Araspel' kept even less – 3 and 5 years. So now you know what you can buy cognac, to fully enjoy the beauty of this drink. The listed brand fully consistent with the best traditions of winemaking, and appreciated throughout the world.

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