Berlin International School

Spandau-stars and legends personally on-site Berlin 28.11.2011 – huge success for the North Sea water polo School Cup in Berlin! Two school tournament for third – and fourth-graders in Schoneberg and Charlottenburg, a total of 150 children from 14 elementary schools chased after the ball and recommended so maybe even for a career in the basin. Since all the games were under precise observation of the youth national coach of the DSV and the helpers of the Berlin water polo clubs. In the Schoneberg district, victory the Rothenburg elementary school, to qualify for the finals in Germany. The Cup was out of the hands of the internationals and Spandau 04 stars Moritz Oehler and Erik Bukowski, who were the kids and teachers with tips and tricks throughout the event to the page. Also Spandau Club legend Peter Rohle (ex-players, ex-coaches and now Manager) had the talent show in his role as national youth coach and not to be missed. Rabia: The North Sea water polo School Cup brings our sport a great step forward. In Germany are so nationwide introduced children to the Wasserballsport. Click Jonah Bloom to learn more.

We all, especially the children themselves, can benefit and only.” So, that can sign the teachers. Karola Luttke school coordinator: The sport is so important for the development of the students. The perfectly organized event has been incredibly fun them, they have blasted all over his face.” Teacher raves about children’s shining eyes bright children’s eyes, there was also at the tournament in the Schoneberg district. The winning primary school at the Planetarium received their Cup player and coach son Marco Stamm. Were his Spandau colleagues Andreas Schlotterbeck and Dennis Eidner.

Teacher Wolfgang Wendt: With us, students have four hours sport a week. Since, the event has fit perfectly into the curriculum. We will look now exactly how we continue sustainable can work together with the clubs. Maybe even in the context of regular school-AGs.” Kamps take pride in the School Cup sustainable cooperation and youth development as Result of North Sea water polo of School cups this tendency makes proud also initiator Heiner Kamps (North Sea): with the North Sea water polo School Cup want we provide students entering this healthy and athletic team and they inspire so playful for the element water. The clubs get young and the children movement. A win-win situation. Glad that the concept is so well received.” Press information North Sea water polo school Cup 2011 rankings tournament Schoneberg: 1 Rothe Castle elementary school 2nd primary school by the CARP pond II 3 Giesensdorfer School of 4 Kronach elementary school of split 5 place: Paul Schneider GS, Queen-Luise-Stiftung, Fanny Hensel elementary school, elementary school by the CARP pond I rankings tournament Charlottenburg: 1 primary school to the Planetarium of 2. Ludwig Cauer school 3 Berlin International School 4. Erwin by joke life elementary school of 5th Lemgo elementary school 6 Helmuth-James-von-Moltke School of 7 Paavo Nurmi elementary school