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longevity, as a citizen who is unable to love law and justice and able to sacrifice his life to his domu.Takoy citizen should be punished by death, as lying before the law. "Rousseau argued: 'Do not press freedom was so boundless, and ways to express it preobritali so many forms, poetomunuzhna censorship." Describing the press, as an irresponsible child Buzz contemptuously referring to 'society and the authorities. "Limitation of individual citizens to express opinions, censorship is the guardian of the law if you do not make any restrictions, it will change perceptions of people and fall right, sings censorship may be useful to preserve the right, but can not restore them. Hegel could not ignore, and expressed his opinion 'The individual should be informed about the problem of society and as a member of their interesovatsya social class'. freedom of the individual znat.chto he was not free and that his actions were predetermined. protsesoi.i truth above all which is the absolute ideey.proyavleniem state. without denying freedom of speech as such, Hegel emphasized the fact that if there is freedom to speak, there must be freedom and the prohibition in the name of public interest reasonable freedom of speech can be admit opredilennyh limits for stress relief because if someone has' done his duty, that is, put in their words, after the satisfaction of their subektivnosti it with many soglasitsya.blagodorya what it all might be left extension is still the way ', however, even hildren' schekotuschie desire to express their opinions need to limit the punitive part preduprezhdeniya.chastyu its elegance, laws and police regulations.