To Understand The Concept De Gestion Of The Time

Everybody speech of the time. It does not matter where it is nor what does, the time is common to all. I create firmly that it is not a subject to ignore. But it is not possible to be spoken of management of the time, without understanding a fundamental truth on the time. Is universal: it implies that it does not matter where one is, without concerning the color, the culture, the religion and location affects us to the time to all. Is a constant: 24 hours for a complete day, neither the more nor the less. does not pause: The dead goes of continuous form, independent of if he is active or no, alive or.

cannot be fit: Whenever it spends one hour determined in a day, we say the 10, is not possible to be brought of return. cannot be bought: Of all the purchasable articles, the time is one that does not have a place of change of market. The value of the time varies between the people. Its value depends on its understanding of the same. The time does not mean the same for us. For the majority of people, the time has more value than the money, a resource to achieve the objectives, a tool to handle when he is alive, and a gift to hoard.

Which of these reveals its point of view? The different points of view, are what gives rise ” The concept of Management of the Tiempo”. Next, one becomes essential to know what is the management of the time. It remembers that a concept is an idea or notion shared by somebody or a group of people. Management of the Time is not to have capacity to administer the time. It is only possible to be administered what they have the control of. Since the time cannot be controlled, it is not possible to manage it. This can sound stranger, but it is basically the truth. If you have a challenge in the fulfillment of terms, or to make the things which you must do is to manage same. He is needed discipline, determination and patience to do it. But once it has dominated the ability, the productivity and the effectiveness in the use of the time that it has to make the things will increase. Internalice the concept in agreements of management of the time and not it management of the time. It considers that his understanding than time means for you, you give a true definition of the management of the time. This concentrates in the profit of objectives and to complete the projects by means of the application of some simple tools.


The traditional conception of the life says to us that it is impossible to modify the past and if it is analyzed from a logical point of view seems that thus it is, but at spiritual level considerations deeper exist than they say to us that if it is possible to modify the past. Insofar as you keep silence and enters a deep state of meditation and oration will notice as the time tends to stop itself and is that in fact the time is a concept of the mind, all the spiritual lessons will say to him that in fact the unique thing that it exists is " here and ahora" , then one of the great secrets to obtain the illumination is to surpass the illusion of the time. In the book I Am Happy, I Am Rico de Andrew Corentt explains in detail the form to us in which the mind perceives the time, through study of this book you you will understand because you are possible to modify its past and she is doing in fact always it of some form mainly from personal experiences, still is possible to modify experiences with other people but that demand an energy extraordinary but it is possible and exist documented cases that thus it has happened. Andrew says us to Corentt that many people obtained great changes simply modifying their past through the imagination, the key is in remembering that the mind does not distinguish between past, present, future and visualization for example if you concentrate yourself as if she was in disease state will see as the body responds to that idea exactly, feels been annoying, feels pain, etc. how he is possible that? It is it because the mind is manipulable, but it does not interest to us to recreate a disease state, but it interests to us to obtain fabulous things in our life.