Time Management

For effective time management – conversations aside. Concentrate on the task, and leave the conversation at lunch. What to do if problems more than you have the time and effort, and at the same time you still do not want to outstay? In such a case – delegate! Transfer your tasks to subordinates and colleagues. Ask for help from your peers. If you are a leader or a team leader – This does not mean that you have to work harder and get as much money. Under most conditions Jim Rogers would agree.

On the contrary – you will empower and additional responsibility, so that you maximize the effectiveness of their team. This means that you just need to transfer some of the tasks assigned to you. Delegate! You're the head! That guiding people in their team. Then you will have more free time for critical tasks. The report management, you can mention that helped you so and so a colleague. What to do if time away will not receive any? Time Management – not a magician, and in some cases, powerless.

Therefore, your only recourse is to extensive development – to spend even more time. In this case, be sure to refer to the request the inclusion of additional hours to your bet. If you contract – refer to the fact that the contract stated so many hours, and you plow, for example, 1.5 times more. Well, if you're working on the labor code, link to it. You do not listen and do not pay attention to your requests? I would advise to find another job where you will respect and appreciate more.

Blogging – Source Of Profit !!

Blogging – a source of source of profit! Do you like the situation when you are paying for written articles that you raskazyvaete about what you are good and most importantly, you can write about it, wherever and whenever anything? If you simply: the flexibility of blogs makes it easy for you, you just need to relax, unwind and take a vacation when you want it. In this article we will discuss how to make a profitable blog and how to create a fee or free of charge! Interested? Read on! First, you need to create a blog. There are several options – to become the owner of a blog on your domain, or paid to get a free domain for your blog. For First, let's talk about the free blogs. You can start a blog on the site (www.blogger.com) or, now is the new trend and the best blog engine WordPress (Www.wordpress.com). If you have some familiarity with the technical side of writing sites or simple web pages, you probably have heard of WordPress, a free engine for blogs, reliable, have a lot of plugins, extensions, bots, modules, etc., the list is growing.

Blogger.com is actually owned by Google and your blog soon be seen on Google and search the scanner will be indexed faster. I have on this is already three serevere blog! (Mlm-pravila.blogspot.com, ling-all.blogspot.com, newbi21com.blogspot.com). You might ask why so many blogs? It's simple: ddlya backlinks (Trackback). WordPress.com is a relatively new development, so I'm no match for the speed of indexing by search engines to blogs on blogger.com does not go.

Accounting Software

Titans competition in the accounting programs. In our vast country, many of the programs created, somewhere other than where the good, and where, it sometimes sucks. Most of the founders of amateurish writing program and lose his time, but it's understood for what it is you need to cut down on small coin. But now appear on the market and the Titans. Translating your accounting to another program, any company or society is its possible say "hostage." Therefore, choosing the most skilled workers to work in accounting, managers, above all, wants to see the experience with the software.

Let's see what the requirements often impose Employers I certainly do not want to bring about all the programs, and in particular about accounting. In nature, there are so many owners. 1. The company "Extra Class", Moscow pricing average and reviewing the company's website and making a conclusion that I, as a user to install it will not. I have not seen the most important, free updates to the regular programs established by the legal owner.

The company "BEST" in beginning of his career gave rise to good accounting programs. But depending on the situation in the market accounting program, she passed her very position. But glad that the purchase they offer a guarantee for free in support of throughout the year. Here's the pricing on the website does not exist to me as a customer already wants to escape. A little about the programs 'BEST' is unquestionably the trading system, but also provides a good automation of all major sites accounting for the company.