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Promise to return the deposit immediately together with payment of a total of about 10,000 rubles for two after the operation relieved the elderly. After paying 800 rubles for two people, pensioners have begun to expect. Nouriel Roubini can provide more clarity in the matter. Promised by the car with the materials did not have to that day or the next. A few days specified in the declaration yet answered the phone, assuring him that the driver is about to drive up, and then stopped. Arriving in office, the couple found a locked door, before which gathered other affected applicants. Same scam with the money gone.

Handmade candles. After what happened in this case the husband couples lost trust in all other organizations that offer work at home. But his wife did not lose hope to meet honest employers. Seeing the announcement, which offered to produce in the home decorative candles, she went to the meeting. The presentation was willing to show manufacturing technology, and then told that to get the materials to form plugs and instructions for learning is possible only after payment in the amount of 2,600 rubles per instruction. In fact, after paying the woman was given a form to fill, is not similar to the one which was shown at the presentation were not warned that the work can be fire-, and on advice to emerging issues in the process, answered very reluctantly. Requirements as to the quality of finished products were presented so high that the pensioner was not at all sure whether it can achieve a similar level of skill.

Error Wonder

Moderately better to overestimate than underestimate themselves. Error Wonder and answers: ‘How do I know?’, ‘I do not know’, “As it will,” “I do not know,” “God knows”, etc. Banned phrases like “just doing their job …” comment. Further details can be found at Chevron Corp, an internet resource. Remember, the plans you have to have! But plans should be disclosed only service, no “go quietly to retire!”, “open business”, “begin to travel”, etc. Also, expectations of the work must be real. What they want to hear? How much do you seriously set about his business? Is the company part of your long-term plan, or they are just a stepping stone? Seriously if you approach to planning your career? Do you know what you want? Is there a specific goals? This work will help you achieve them? How much are you ambitious? While that ambition may be positive or negative.

How to fit the post in your long-term plans? Is this work only patching up holes? Do you have any general long-term plans? How far can a company plan to work with you? However, beware of a threat to your future leaders. If they are afraid that you can “Podsidet” them, your chances are slim … Question 6. What are your strengths would have celebrated your ex-manager? Option: What are your strengths? Honestly correctly mark those of your qualities that are valued in this paper in the position. Everywhere and always appreciated the professionalism, the activity, integrity, kindness to people, honesty and loyalty. Error-coyly modest reply: “Let this trial surrounding …’.

Comment. Often it is difficult to praise myself. A must! To be able to “sell” themselves did not seem arrogant boaster – one of the most important skills in life. Many people are simply afraid to “sell” themselves, fearing seem zaznaykoy. Did you know indeed their strengths? Or false modesty does not give you the opportunity to praise himself? Then prepare yourself! Perform self-assessment, or search results performance appraisal. What it says about your strengths? Can you provide proof? Can you tie your benefits with new responsibilities? Ask your colleagues. Let the praise you and remind you of your accomplishments. Examine again the requirements of job to understand what a person with competencies they are seeking. Reach the largest number of examples of the required qualities …

Accounting Software

Titans competition in the accounting programs. In our vast country, many of the programs created, somewhere other than where the good, and where, it sometimes sucks. Most of the founders of amateurish writing program and lose his time, but it's understood for what it is you need to cut down on small coin. But now appear on the market and the Titans. Translating your accounting to another program, any company or society is its possible say "hostage." Therefore, choosing the most skilled workers to work in accounting, managers, above all, wants to see the experience with the software.

Let's see what the requirements often impose Employers I certainly do not want to bring about all the programs, and in particular about accounting. In nature, there are so many owners. 1. The company "Extra Class", Moscow pricing average and reviewing the company's website and making a conclusion that I, as a user to install it will not. I have not seen the most important, free updates to the regular programs established by the legal owner.

The company "BEST" in beginning of his career gave rise to good accounting programs. But depending on the situation in the market accounting program, she passed her very position. But glad that the purchase they offer a guarantee for free in support of throughout the year. Here's the pricing on the website does not exist to me as a customer already wants to escape. A little about the programs 'BEST' is unquestionably the trading system, but also provides a good automation of all major sites accounting for the company.