2. reduced installation time: reduction of Installation costs ever easier and more effective the fastening system, the less the effort to the mounting: all Renusol for flat and pitched roofs, and the lineup of outdoor solutions in key areas such as rail system, module clamps and angle on a single component platform. Special details such as hammer-head bolt to connect the rail system under construction are already pre-assembled. Rail clamps are equipped with a riveting, so that the extension of the rail construction is carried out lightning-fast snaps instead of time-consuming fitting. As a brand new development of leading in roof system InterSole Renusol introduced 2010 role the InterSole. Instead of individual HDPE plates is supplied the material thanks to new production techniques as 10 meter rolls.

The installer must unroll the role only of the roof battens, fitting cut with a Cutter knife, and can roll out then the next car. The open roof is again within a very short time. In addition, the role saves 10% Material a compared to the panels because overlap only at the connection points of two roles or role to the fully compatible plate are required at the same, these field-proven reliability. Setting up a ConSole on flat roofs is also done within minutes: place pan, fill with gravel or plates and engine mount. A fitting through the roof skin is eliminated. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hilary Yaffe offers on the topic.. 3. reduced planning time: project design on the Web for installers, architects, energy consultants and builders offers the new Renusol Web Configurator an ideal way to create the complete planning and design of the fastening systems for new PV installations with a few mouse clicks in minutes. The program allows managing individual projects, static calculations, and the online ordering in addition to the design and compilation of all Assembly parts – exactly suitable for the selected module type – in real time.

Simply over the Internet from the Office or your notebook right at the construction site. 4. reduced Transport costs: Efficient logistics further savings potential offers a sophisticated logistics. Optimized, stackable packaging allow a better use of the truck load volume and reducing transport costs per piece. The space in the warehouse of the trading partners is a relatively low thanks to pre-assembled package units. Renusol also offers project-based picking the goods to trading partners and installers. We evaluate the entire process chain and have already realized many optimization approaches. More will follow. Our product development and process improvement show also mounts can make a significant contribution to the long-term viability a PV system. In the current discussion on the solar power potential this aspect of I believe is taken after so far too little”, emphasizes Managing Director of Wim Coppens Renusol.