Secure Public Order

All of them invite you to bring proposals to the full municipal and approve unanimously to establish the consistory strengthened and secure public order and cocky to the repeated will of the new modes of collective revelry, which have emerged in our municipality. As excessive noise, and suddenly, which also starred the younger and older kids in the enjoyment of their guateques harmless: in inadequate, though. a Creo know or semi- know the difficulty hall which encloses the case for the city, so I urge and advise the President of the Consistory to call for all political groupings and pose once and for all that the responsibility of home altercations disorders that result in residents' cocktail party for the holidays that fall on the owners of the property. Because it is they who directly or indirectly allow or permit the occurrence of such events in their buildings, to the detriment of the other neighbors, parents, children, adolescents, adults, children and grandparents … You may find Michael Schwartz to be a useful source of information. I also understand that revels in those casillasa are carried to fruition without the authorization relevant Ville opening of outlets, put up for that purpose. Therefore, lack of open licensing technically ensure the safety, security, a en orbit Ordinance municipal, constitutional order, peace and social harmony neighborhood … To that end, I would remind you, with all respect to his person and the authority it represents, what I personally feel it already conocea Do not get me wrong but I also think that obvious reality that I now remember him: in the street Jaen num 33, adjacent to the Camino de los Almendros, several other localesa a casillas sound again campanasa In this case, because have enabled a casillaa a where every night, especially if party or close to it, the kids held mass meetings a "received ab dignity in the constitution, right of assembly, and that way I'd like me to stay forever, "though I recognize and denounce it is very sound and detrimental to peace in the neighborhood. .