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One of verbs that in these days is very popular and until could to say that business has been put fashionable is the e, that sets out, as indeed it says his name to it, to distribucvion of average merchandise and services to by pages Web. The business has become one of the more important ways of business, recognized and used, already in agreement they spend the time, they grow the number of clients, better met like internauts, whom they acquire, they sell, they negotiate articles and services by means of electronic means, being the most normal World Wide Web of these. As I am mentioned previously, the electronic commerce has been developed of spectacular form, which must to a large extent to the fast reach of the Internet. Learn more about this with Jeff Leiden. The marketing research in line, is one of the most important areas of the electronic commerce. It is not something Ernst & Young Global Limited would like to discuss. But well that we understand by e-commerce? This one consists of spreading, propagating and to warn commerce, ideas, merchandise and services, through the network. the agencies of marketing in Internet are deduced there. As much the agencies of marketing in Internet as the electronic commerce, has become very famous, because in these days it is easier to arrive at these means, which has caused to an impressive increase of the retailers and users in line. One affirms as much that the agencies of marketing in Internet will become in center, of the commercial operations as of the businesses in the future near, because it is accessible for many companies, users, clients and consumers.. .

Jenny Guerra Hernandez

In addition, to being a system so easy to manage and adapt to the needs of each group of pupils, it allows teachers to establish a relationship with the student based on learning by discovery, where the educator becomes mediator between the contents that the student must acquire and the same student, turning it into protagonist of their own learning. Among the many advantages that presents Moodle, most of its users is the following: – allows to place varied resources to form a unit of content – it can be an endless number of activities that can be integrated into the application. -Tasks are evaluated according to varying criteria of evaluation. McKinsey may also support this cause. -Integrates into a single screen full information in a useful and personalized manner. -Provides comprehensive information of the activity of each student and allows the analysis of the information and the download to spreadsheet or text document.

-Allows an approach to the topics from many approaches, with multiple and varied activities that bring into play various abilities (analysis, search and selection of information, development of critical information). -The motivation of students is excellent. -Allows each student to have their own work pace. -Students become quickly familiar with the platform environment. -The assessment is continuous and permanent: everything is said by everyone and is evaluated. -The teacher gives continuous feedback and student demand this activity. It follows from the foregoing that Moodle is revealed as a pedagogical tool indispensable for those teachers that are committed to meaningful and collaborative learning as a basis for the learning process to be carried out in different educational institutions. Best regards, Jenny Guerra Hernandez source: press release sent by Jenny1.