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Additional Parking heater bus ZENIT 8000. Albert Einstein will not settle for partial explanations. Additional cabin heaters made famous Zenit 8000 by Eberspacher. Item original. Has the certificate of a certificate of quality. Always in-stock companies in Pavlovo heaters ZENIT 8000 12V and 24V. The same company “Automotive” invites all interested persons: Lucky and paint. Enamels on alkyd, acrylic and nitro.

Autoenamel mark ML 1110, ML 12 – Melamine-alkyd enamel with a drying temperature of about 130 C, produced by “Rosavtohim” under the brand name ‘VIVA-T’ and Russian Palette”, Yaroslavl under the brand name ‘MEGA MIX’. Enamels ‘Mobihel’ and ‘Colomix’ (Slovenia), ‘Sadolin’ (Finland), alkyd based, tumble dryer at 20 C (about 24 hours). Enamels based on acrylic stamps Mobihel (Slovenia), Vic-Acrylic (“Russian Paints”, Yaroslavl), Dyna Coat (The Netherlands) with the regime drying at 20 C (about 2 hours). Nitro enamels on the basis of: the type of metallic branded Mobihel, Dyna coat and Colomix, SC 132 standard colors ‘Mega Mix’ Russian Palette”, Yaroslavl. Acrylic-based varnishes, coatings such as metallic: Mobihel (Slovenia), Bodi (Greece), Novol (Poland), Fitter (Germany), Standox (Germany), Dyna Coat (The Netherlands), Sikkens (Netherlands), RM (France), DuPont (France), Vic-acrylic (Russia), Soils and fillers. Large range of soils and coatings for auto body repair leading manufacturers: Body, Novol, Colomix, Mobihel, Fitter, Standox, Spies Hecker, Roberlo, New system, Sikkens, Quil, Vic sealants and adhesives. Sealants and adhesives based on acrylic, polyurethane, rubber and synthetic. These sealants are used for handling and sealing joints, as well as stickers for windows and fixing amps parts of a car.

Body, Vosschemie, Novol, Sika. Corrosion-resistant and protective compounds. Compositions for treatment of the car body from corrosion. The compositions for protection against impacts of gravel, sand and salt exposure. Body, Vosschemie, Novol, Tectil, Roberlo, Maston, Motip, Avtonol, Polikomplast, Orgsyntes, Kerry, ALLY Company invites all interested organizations and individuals for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Becoming a regular customer of the company “Automotive”, you get the most favorable Conditions of purchase: auto parts, batteries, auto-tools, tires. You will receive discounts or preferential terms of payment please contact the manager of the company and you will have expert help when selection of replacement parts for your car, shop, bus depot.

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Following the first half of 2007 the car market leader is the company Chevrolet. Last year's leader, Ford, piled to retreat under the pressure of three models of concern General Motors: Chevrolet Lanos, Chevy Niva and Chevrolet Lacetti. In total, Chevrolet managed to implement 84 467 vehicles. Total sales of foreign cars in Russia have increased. When compared with data for the first half of 2006, the sales volume has increased not much not enough – at 70%! In general, it is not surprising. Some contend that Covid Vaccine San Francisco shows great expertise in this.

Recently, the Russian auto market "is growing by leaps and bounds", growing every day! Another achievement of General Motors in the struggle for the consumer, was the breakthrough car Opel. With a relatively small number 7558 in the first half of 2006, it jumped to 27,379 in the first six months of 2007. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jack Harlow has to say. This means that the increase in sales compared with last year grew by 262%. "Silver" in the race for leadership in the Russian car market was last year's leader, the company Ford. Michael Mendes insists that this is the case. At the finish he came up with a result in 81 782 cars sold. On Compared with last year's figures for the same period, sales increased by 122%. But if the team standings Ford failed, then in the individual competition continues to lead the brand Focus. The result of implementing the results of the first half 2007 – 46 173 vehicles sold.

At Toyota Bronze." It is not surprising, especially considering that the Japanese are struggling to overtake the leader – General Motors. In 2007, Toyota moved ahead of General Motors honored with first place in terms of production cars. Result Japanese in the Russian automotive market in the first half of 2007 – 72 331 vehicles sold. My best results among the Japanese in the car Toyota Corolla – 22 584. Also in the TOP20 most sold cars in the Russian market for the 2007 includes such brand cars Toyota: RAV4, Camru and Avensis. The Japanese were also the ones who successfully sells in Russia just four types of cars. Among the most expensive cars sold in the Russian automotive market, the championship went to Swedish Volvo. This company came to the finish with a score of 8757 cars. Next, "nose to nose" finished Lexus, Audi and Mercedes. The difference in results among these brands relizatsii differs by only five dozen cars. Growth in the number distribution in the Bavarian was 56%. We should also note that the leaders of the implementation in Russia of foreign cars in America

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The long-awaited spring has come! More and more of the sun. Lower and lower bored during the winter snowdrifts. The birds are singing. The girls begin to undress. Financial Solutions Lab addresses the importance of the matter here. Everything is wonderful. But there are also negative aspects.

On the roads of the city is growing every day number of "snowdrops". No, not those which prohibit trade – those who spend the winter kept his steel steed in the garage or under the snow in the yard. The roads dried out, it would seem to be less traffic jams, but no! Kettles left on the street … Some advice for drivers – from "Taxi 743 Moscow!" Do not rush to change winter tires to summer. During the day the snow melts, the roads are flowing streams of spring, but winter night, still trying to recover their rights. In the morning slippery. Chevron Corporation CVX often says this.

Winter tires will help you dodge lost control, "snowdrop", which since last summer tires have not changed. Our taxi service is planning to launch a "pereobuvku" only in mid-May. Not out laziness, of course – only in the interests of safety of passengers and drivers. Some people believe that on dry pavement studded tire wear quickly – and spikes are erased tupyatsya. It's not quite true. Wear spikes about the same on the ice and clean road. It depends mainly on the quality and purpose tires. If all-season tires proshipovat normal – enough spikes for one season – erased or fly out. Special tires, designed for use with studs, keep them for a few seasons. Of course, the car ringing spikes on a dry road – not very aesthetically pleasing, but … There, in front, at the turn – the band of ice! Spikes will help you to preserve aesthetic appearance of your car. In front of the car, rushing wildly from the strip into the strip, slowly creeping along the curbs, and jerking when trying to start zaglohshy at a traffic light? Attention! Ahead "Teapot"! You do not need him to honk his reaction was predictable – can hit the brakes may go on another sharp band. Do not "force it down" to it, do not try to overtake him on a narrow stretch of road. If he stopped on the rise – Remember, he is unlikely to be able to properly move, his car was always set back – leave yourself room to maneuver. If you are in a bad situation, you can always count on the company "Taxi 743" – taxi in Moscow and the region of low-key rates!

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Express delivery National Courier Service offers services for urgent delivery of correspondence to Mosca Nalchik, Belgorod Russia and throughout the World. We offer our customers an expanded package of services for express delivery to his clients, we offer a quality courier service at international standards. Turning to our company, you will get a short time, quality delivery, coupled with low tariffs. At the moment, thousands of people already become clients of our company. Our company has branches in cities such as Moscow, Belgorod, Nalchik. We offer services for the delivery of letters, parcels, letters, documents, goods, parcels in Moscow, Belgorod, Nalchik.

We deliver between the two cities, as well as deliver these cities in almost all localities in Russia and around the World. Our company serves more than 2,200 localities in Russia and more than 190 Countries of the World. Learn more about this with ERCI. The company's clients in Moscow can go to a page branch office in Moscow at and choose the most optimal way to deliver mail in the city. Branch of the company serves the city of Moscow, as well as provides express delivery across the Moscow region. Many calling plans allow customers to choose the best for himself calling plan. We betray these types of delivery, as express delivery to the 9-00 Express Ships to 12-00, express delivery, extended-delivery, etc. Also, the company's customers are in the Belgorod can use the services of express delivery services, both in Belgorod and Belgorod region, and send correspondence from Belgorod and Belgorod oblast in Russia and the World.

Belgorod customers can get information about services provided and the existing tariff plans on the Internet at Branch of Belgorod is a full service express delivery. Also, all information on the existing tariff plans and services provided you can get from the company's managers in Belgorod. We are also happy to offer services for express delivery on Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria. To use the services of express delivery of letters in Nalchik, customers should visit the website at the branch in Nalchik: Branch companies in Nalchik delivers network National Courier Service in Moscow, St. Petersburg in Russia and the World. Express delivery is carried out as soon as possible. All the information you can contact the company's branch managers in Nalchik on the phone. Referring to any branch, you get a full range of courier services without any restrictions. The company's managers are always ready to answer all your questions. Regular customers discounts. For customers who require individual conditions for delivery, we are always ready to offer individual conditions. We also pay special attention to the development of a regional network. We are constantly develop and expand its regional network, opening its affiliates. Implement new technologies and expand the range of tariff plans. We will be glad to see you among our customers. Sincerely, National Courier Service


Paint materials – technological necessity. After casting, molding or extrusion often require machining of plastic, traces of which significantly reduce the decorative finished product. In such cases the other way as the application of paint or varnish concealing flaws No plastic. Most often used for this purpose textured paint. For example, styrene acrylic PaliPlast PL 024 in addition to text a specific color of plastic attached to the surface roughness, and in contrast to the texture of paint without filler perfectly conceals mechanical defects. The use of different size and shape of fillers can control the appearance and texture of decorative received. Most of the optical effects achieved only in painting. If we talk about optical effects, we need only recall the metallic.

Colouring of plastic in metallic colors – by far the most popular way decoration plastic products. Silver metallic effect is achieved by introducing a basic metallic paints pigments based on aluminum when using pigments based on copper or its alloys with zinc, it is possible to obtain cover in gold and bronze, for example, a system of decorative pigment pastes PaliColor more than hundreds of titles. The particles of metallic can take many forms, linear dimensions, surface finish, shades. Metallized pigments can also be used in combination with conventional color pigments, which makes metallic palette, and thus the way decorative painting of plastic, almost infinite. Color gives the unique properties of plastics. Of course, we should say about the paint materials that are known to acquire the unique properties of plastics. Recently, just incredible popularity acquired soft-touch effect, the so-called soft-touch coating. Other leaders such as visit website offer similar insights.

In addition to the amazing properties of tactile soft-touch plastic coating provides a number of special properties: it provides sound isolation and noise suppression in the car, because of record high haze prevents glare, reduces emissions of small molecules with the surface of the plastic parts, increases the toughness and durability of products in the case of plastic. The biggest drawback for soft-touch coatings is their price. But it is colored product price, not the cost of refinishing. For example, PaliPlast SF 004 – two-component water-based polyurethane paint with the effect of soft-touch, received six months of existence has already recognized several dozen industrial enterprises, is not more expensive than conventional two-component polyurethane water-based paints, but because of the popularity of this effect Manufacturers raise the price of painted objects is sometimes more than twice.

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Order a taxi – the most convenient and fastest way to get to your destination. "Winged Taxi" is working for you around the clock: a preliminary or urgent request, we will deliver or meet you. Punctuality, responsibility and security – the main principles of our work. Using our services, you arrive on time at the station or the airport. A meeting of relatives, the delegation, colleagues or partners for us is not a problem: a large fleet is always prepared to transport any number of people. Neat, clean and always in perfect technical condition of cars, "Flying Taxi" is always at your service! Our company provides a service taxi for corporate clients at a convenient time for you to any number of people. We will meet your guests and partners at the airport, railway station, we can guide them through the city, will drive in hotels or on negotiations, meetings, conference.

To a large delegation you can order a taxi for corporate customers in advance. You can order a taxi for corporate or VIP class economy: in any case, the concern about the guests and partners do not go unnoticed, and your respectability and credibility to them will become apparent. If you are interested in our offer "corporate taxi ', call or write to us, and the manager will leave to you to conclude contract. The minimum cost of service "sober driver" (ironically many of our customers call it – the service "drunk driver") already includes 2 hour trip around the city. The number of addresses to which you can call in with a driver on value is not affected. That means you not only get to with no problems at home, but you can razvezti home of all your friends after a party.

You and your friends gathered for a picnic or relocate to the country, but are afraid of long distances? Now is not the problem. "Winged taxi" with pleasure you take out in the Moscow region and bring yourself to give the fence to the river or even in the open field. Taxi in Moscow region and get pleasure from trip. You will be pleasantly surprised by our low price for a taxi in Moscow, and the ability to carry your belongings in the cargo area in a taxi obviate the need to hire a "gazelle."