The Late – Summer Sky 2011: Tonight In The Sky

Description of the currently visible heavens of late – summer sky 2011: great season to the star watching. Discover own star in the sky… The summer triangle, formed from Deneb (Swan), WEGA(Leier), Atair(Adler), while still high in the evening sky, the character of the starry sky is but already clearly autumnal marked. This is evident especially in the autumn square. The star square of Pegasus draws attention to high in the South. Read more here: Cyrus zocdoc.

It attached, you will find our constellation of the month September: the Andromeda. The Big Dipper, which in our latitudes is zirkumpolar and thus always above the horizon the summer triangle, formed from Deneb (Swan), WEGA(Leier), Atair(Adler), while still high in the evening sky, the character of the starry sky is but already clearly autumnal. This is evident especially in the autumn square. Connect with other leaders such as Patrick and John Collison here. The star square of Pegasus draws attention to high in the South. It attached, you will find our constellation of the month September: the Andromeda. The Big Dipper, the in is our broad circumpolar and thus always to be found above the horizon is now reaches its lowest position and may be difficult to find, since it can easily be obscured in this position through trees, buildings or mountains.

The same applies to his companion, the boat (Bootes). Looking vertically upward, discovered one is called the striking star character of Cassiopeia, which is in the form of a W and hence heaven-W. It is now almost at the zenith. South of the Pegasus, the water man crosses the Meridian, a 18-200/3.5-5.6 and inconspicuous constellation. High in the eastern half of the sky, you will find the typical autumn pictures, which include almost all of the Andromeda group except the Pegasus. Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda, Perseus, and whale are common. These images can’t compete while facing the winter sky, because they have no particularly striking star, but still have their own charm and are easy to spot with the exception of the whale.

Neurologist Jonathan Winson

But not every person can become such a device in his sleep. We also think that the information It should have hard to come through walls and clothing. Neurologist Jonathan Winson and some other scientists explain these processes differently, they think everything that happens, turns while sleeping in the minds of the people. You perform an analogy with the computer. These scientists say that the human brain processes the information that worked all day on it.

It’s like a memory. Get all the facts and insights with Moelis & Co., another great source of information. And here are some examples of dream interpretation. If you dream of a car: the car is clearly one of the key elements, is you should pay a bit more attention to this dream. Cars can be in your dreams in a variety of contexts out – an accident, driving in a car as passenger, buying a car or driving. Usually, accidents warning us about the dangers for hazards that threaten those who us the best.

The dream interpretation can be interpreted as her inability to cope with the situation and to protect of the other. And sometimes the a warning immediately, must be taken into account. If a road accident, where you usually go, you could be directly affected. Don’t forget to be very attentive when you are yourself at the wheel in traffic. Whiz the habit as a reckless driver through the streets is dangerous. You run another one, they are a passenger, could it be that you’re being constantly watched by someone. If you dream of apples, then the interpretation of dreams is so: apples picking that makes food a pleasant experience of love joy, apples, eat sour apples, an Apple cut sad see – farewell to gather with friends, – a good job; a risk means bad apples. If you climb up a tree to see apples, you can find many friends; drink Apple juice in a dream, means that a disease.

Meditation Instructions

A simple meditation practice for Zen meditation in this simple meditation instructions, we will perform a Zen meditation, so as you have practiced the Buddhist monks in Japan and still practice. The Zen meditation aims to live life in all its fullness. This simple meditation exercise will help you on your path to self-discovery. So let’s begin. Preparation is it best to do it early in the morning this ubgung, right after getting up. Eat anything. Stand up, open the window, breathe in the cool air from outside. Be awake, feel fresh! Make sure that you are in a quiet place.

If you have another early home, close your door. Disturbing, noises of any kind can affect the flow of concentration. You sit cross-legged on a cushion (traditionally “zafu”) so that you place with your Oberkofper for easy front inclined to have. Your knees should have contact with the ground Your back should be straight The attitude is one of the most important aspects of Zazen (Zen sitting meditation). Make sure you so, sake. Now some times take deep breath through the nose. Relax, close your eyes until they are still half open. The actual meditation your eyes are now half-closed, your breathing calmed down.

Look a metre or two of you away to the ground or to the next obstacle. By this point, look through as the object you focus would be far, far away. Their eyes will relax. Breathe slowly through your nose on and off. Feel the air, how she caresses your upper lip, if you entering your nose, and how she reheated it from penetrating. Breathe slowly. Count between each breath to ten. Inhalation: 1-10, exhale: 1-10. You will notice as you relax more and more. If you feel totally relaxed, you focus “Nothing” on it. This is the real Zen meditation. Simply allow intruding thoughts to you pass. Deal with none of these thoughts, feelings or fears. Don’t get angry if this does not succeed at the beginning. The more you practice, you are the better. Should you drift off too much, you just focus on your breathing. Imagine just a “void”. Her spirit is free of thoughts. When you are ready, open your eyes again. Stay seated a moment so to get back into the world. Feel the cool breeze coming through the window. Feel the life around you. Absorb this energy in itself – you wear it around all day with it. If you continue to have interest to enter into the world of meditation, I can give you a recommendation. This site contains good meditation exercises for beginners, book reviews, related to the field of meditation and many more helpful tips. Also see an overview of courses and seminars there in your area. In this sense I wish all the best and good luck on your way to the Enlightenment. Their Fred