If you plan to bring your vehicle to MOT in addition to find the place where to spend it, for example in our case we look ITV centres in Barcelona, keep in mind that it would be preferable to take it to a garage until you go to pass the review, we also should know some things that can make your vehicle do not pass the ITV. If your car has a catalytic converter, you should know that it has automatic regulation of the CO, but this single regulation works if the engine is hot. It should also take into account tyres. They should be two wheels of each axle of the same brand, model and drawing, being this last not less depth of 1.6 mm wipers must sweep perfectly crystal water without leaving practically remains with respect to the brakes, hand must lock the car on a steep slope. Foot brake must stop the car without diverting them to the sides and vibrate. And other important checks: silent, without cracks and secure exhaust pipe; safety belts properly subject and not worn material; Horn with sound loud and clear; not worn wipers; chassis, not rusty doors and flaps. You should know that the objective of the ITV is the minimize, to the extent possible, the risk of accident. In addition, if you don’t go, you can be punished with a fine of up to 1,500, while your car shall be immobilized until it meets the necessary requirements to overcome the original inspection author and source of the article.