Agricultural Globe

She is stranger the constatao of whom we are all equal ones, of that we look at the sea, we follow the course of the rivers, cross bridges, we esmiuamos the night, we escarafunchamos the memory, we avivamos the fire, we macetamos the meat, we make velvety the tez, we triturate dreams, we resist the trancos, we remove the cream, we encetamos goals, we brighten up pains, we cushion falls, we estorvamos the time, we nestle weeds, we drink in the source, we walk to the search of indefinveis things e, with frequency, we try to translate what it goes in them for the soul, things as half the term, half the cup, the stocking street, the stocking moon, of everything to the way, these things all, these concepts half that abstract excessively, that we try to materialize, and that for times they find obstacles unsurmountable, but there, as in a magician pass, that are as almost always the things happen, comes something and in the ones of the o tone, the color, the sound and finds what as much we looked for. For example, day 28 of September, attending calmly the program Agricultural Globe, vi a news article on the graxarias. Sad, depressive news article, but it brought that me in one timo the visual translation of what it was hidden in my thought: the end of the adventure of the man on the land. The news article showed bones of triturated, jammed animals being, turning grease. Then I thought about as much thing. In these oxen? what in the case were oxen? that, year-old calves, they had been one day dealt with ternura, they had received afagos, affections, they had received satiated feeding, they had been gotten fat stops in the end if transforming into worse grass and, after grass, in would graxaria dirty, draining for the thin one in fat form. Please visit Jeff Leiden if you seek more information. In the hour, I decided to become vegetarian, to eat only watercress and lettuce. Later, already calmer and less radical, I thought about changing pra India where the cows are venerated, but, in the end, of the day I finished exactly was ahead of a beauty cupim baked, after all, if our destinations? of men and animals – they are so similar, does not have because to leave of side certain pleasures. we go to eat, before it is late.

STF Benefit

In seara administrative, expert report ties the decision of the Previdenciria Autarchy. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey Leiden not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore, a favorable finding to the petitioner will cause the administrative denial of the benefit. Already in seara judicial, the conclusions of the skill do not tie the judge, which in accordance with pronounces its decision the beginning of motivated judicial discretion. Related Law of Organization of Assistncia Social (LOAS) it not only characterized as deficient the incapable one for the work, but also for the independent life, much the Constitution has even so not mentioned this last requirement. Still as for the incapacity, the concession of the assistencial benefit must, according to majoritria jurisprudence, to pautar itself not only in the physical situation of the attended one, but also in its personal conditions, a time that if takes care of of a benefit of partner-economic and cultural character, in way that in face of the case concrete will only be able the magistrate to evaluate the effective possibility of it to play a laborativa activity that it assures the sustenance to it. For effect to survey the poverty of the familiar group, considered this the set of people elencadas in art. 16 of Law 8,213/91, since that they live under ceiling (Law 8,742/93 the same, art.

20, 1), the LOAS fixed as maximum platform the per capita monthly familiar income of (one room) of the minimum wage, having it to remain itself inferior to this limit. Such device was questioned in the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality n. 1.232, having the definite STF that the criterion of of the minimum wage is objective and cannot be conjugated with other indicative factors of the poverty of the individual and its familiar group, fitting to the legislator, and not to the judge, in the solution of the case concrete, the creation of other requirements for the gauging of the poverty state of that it pleads the assistencial benefit Ocorre that, judging the Claim of n.