Tablet Calibration

WIKA has brought a new generation of CalibratorUnits for the variable pressure on the market. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mike Gianoni has to say. The CPU6000 series uses Tablet technology, Bluetooth communication and a new PC calibration software (WIKA-CAL). It increases so that quality and efficiency of the calibration processes, from data acquisition to the creation of the certificate. very successful. The new equipment line includes three variants. Type CPU6000-W provides readings Central the laboratory environment (air pressure, humidity, temperature). This weather station”eliminates the need therefore more barometric references. The sensor box determines the piston temperature and the position of the mass of piston gauges type CPU6000-S.

The calculation of the mass generating the pressure is used to optimize on an iPad with WIKA app CPB-CAL. The iPad causes together readings from sensor box and weather station with the fixed device parameters from a Web-based database via Bluetooth. This system works regardless of the manufacturer. The family is rounded off with a digital multimeter (DMM) type CPU6000-M. It provides electronic test specimens with 24 V and measures voltage and current signals.

All certificate-related data of CalibratorUnits are documented by the WIKA-CAL software in the PC. Thus at the same time, you can be used for multiple calibration tasks.