System Restore Windows 7

How to restore Windows 7 operating system after a crash? Users often ask this question when faced with glitches or programming bugs that lead to a drop in the operating system. System Restore is one of the most important procedures that need to know almost every PC user. It happens that the operating system caused by errors in its code, or a problem with a custom software crashes and refuses to work. Windows 7 is quite stable system and it fixed many bugs and compatibility issues, but it is all. And to this we must be prepared always.

If you have such trouble occurred, as the failure of the operating system, then this guide is for you. Thus, first we need to prepare for a possible recovery procedure. To do this we make the following steps: All Programs / Maintenance / Backup and Restore. The first time you run the program, select – Restore parameters of the system and previous versions of files and Apply. The second disc, we need about 40 GB of free space that would save the system. Next: Continue. But if the regime does not run first, then after clicking Backup start itself back up and store data. This archive is desirable to do every time you install new programs.

This will allow the system failure to restore all its original appearance. Rogers Holdings might disagree with that approach. Create a boot disk recovery is very good, if we make the boot disk for recovery. This will provide additional advantages and greater guarantees full recovery. To do this we need to call: All Programs / Service / Create system recovery disk. Then insert a CD-R or DVD-R and click Create Disk. After recording, hide it in a "black day" and do not forget to sign him to know what kind of disc. About restoring the system's such as "black day" yet arrived, flew with the system settings or the computer does not boot. Then we simply insert the disk created for recovery (but first we need to a) and restart the computer. Then we need to boot from this disk after booting from disk, select the menu item and then System Restore, then select the date, save the state of the system, click Next and Finish. After reboot the system must check if it works. If it turns out that a program is gone, you can simply reinstall the program again. The most important thing that would work the operating system itself, and the program can be install and configure from scratch. It's still better than to reinstall your operating system. To summarize. In fact, these procedures are very simple and user just do not be lazy to do the procedure to maintain a system regularly or at least more often. We must be ready for various non-standard situations, and we can work more efficiently and calmly, knowing that in any case we can easily restore the system and continue their work not resorting to a complete reinstallation of the operating system, Windows 7.