Universal key to all doorphones key that opens all the intercoms intercoms now spread everywhere. In the cities and many towns practically not a single entrance with no intercom, and soon will be Speakerphones everywhere. Accordingly, almost everyone has a door entry key, intercom and usually only one key opens the intercom. And many have to go to different entrances, closed the door with intercom system, it is necessary to carry a bunch of keys interphone, such as conception occurs at the postmen or couriers. Or just need to go to many entrances, private intercom. To avoid this, do not carry around a bunch of keys and a full access to almost all entrances with intercom door entry just need a universal key or else it is called the key to all the intercoms.

Universal intercom key opens up to 99% of the intercom independently from the city or region. Order Universal intercom key or the key to all door entry you can have. The cost of all the key intercoms from 283 rubles. And it really is worth the money. Can you imagine how much time you can save. We located in Volgograd, and send the master key to any city in Russia and CIS. 100% secure shopping! Pay for your order you will receive in the mail, no advance payment, this is achieved by purchasing the security and fraud excluded.

Learn all the details of operation, as well as to order the master key for the door entry can be on our website: or e-mail: ICQ: 423100263 Tel.: 8987651 99 76 universal key to all the intercom every need. Certainly, each of us was situation where it was necessary to quickly get to the entrance, closed the door with intercom and had to stand beside her and wait for someone to left or went inside. And if the street winter, frost, so long downtime, or deep night, then generally you can wait until morning. Why not call in an apartment intercom and asked to open? But it happens that: it is often broken intercom handset, the master bathroom or asleep on many tubes in the apartments there is a button off Sound the call, and sometimes forget to turn on, or just a flat no tube. To avoid such awkward situations, you can take advantage of our development, “Universal electronic key – all-terrain vehicle for the intercom.” You can say, “I do not need it” or “Why do I intercom a universal key!” Do not jump to conclusions. Our unique interphone “superkey” can save you a lot of time and may save you or your health even life. This sum, which will cost our universal interphone key, really comparable with the above arguments. Universal intercom key – all-terrain vehicle is indispensable any urban residents. Universal intercom key – perfect for couriers and postmen purchasing our versatile intercom master key – all-terrain vehicle, you will forever get rid of all the problems with the keys. You no longer will freeze under the door into the entrance and remember the apartment number of your friends, to whom you came to visit, you will not have to call from your mobile and ask that you open doorway.