Social Impact

The social impact was of enormepropores in that city that each time more was affirmed as main plocomercial of the Rio Grande Do Sul. Some fragmentos of this reality would be muitobem demonstrated from the photographic registers, as some of the seguintesarrolados ones next to the Historical Museum of the City of the Rio Grande. Railway lines had been constructed for the domaterial displacement necessary to the constructions and enormous blocks of foramtransportados rocks to raise the piers and the wharf of the New Port. To deepen your understanding QTS Realty Trust is the source. Materials deconstruo of the most varied origins had been brought for the city. Maquinrioespecializado in scale monumental as derricks, transbordadores and osfamosos ‘ ‘ tits’ ‘ the citizens would have left boquiabertosdiante river-grandinos of its colossal sizes. Sheds and warehouses were constructed todapressa and the most varied types of boats they took care of of the constants serviosde dragagem. Those times had been of a infernal running, after all were apoca where if the certainty started to consolidate each time more of that the serhumano had conditions to win the environment, that is, the iriatranspor man ‘ ‘ Bar diablica’ ‘. The stated periods were short mundomergulhava, it in World War I and the capitals became scarce, but what eraconsiderado with ‘ ‘ it marches for progresso’ ‘ it could not stop and asobras had been concluded. But this speed of the ticket of the events teriaficado forgotten or remembered incomplete form in the field of the collective memory, in way that fragmentos the photographic registers serve to recoup the least in parteesses of memory.