Small Companies

The action for impulse can compromise the effectiveness of the action. To assist the entrepreneur diverse tools exist and also specialized jobs, today one of main the subsidiary ones of the entrepreneur is the SEBRAE (Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Small Companies) this that gives to enterprising the support and assistance in the elaboration of goals and plans of action. Chiavenato and Sapiro (2003 P. 39) in tell that ‘ to them; ‘ the strategical planning is a process of formularization of organizacionais strategies in which if it searchs the insertion of the organization and its mission in the environment where it is atuando’ ‘. The adoption of a strategical management has as objective to identify positive and negative factors, chances and the threats, thus searching to maximize the profitability and efficiency of the processes that involve any stage of the organization and to minimize wastefulnesses and damages happened of me the preparation of the involved collaborators and, the identification of these factors is a step the front in the way of the enterprise support, something that today is an objective glimpsed for a great minority. I assist in it of the identification of these factors exist diverse tools, being main and the more usual tools; of analysis SWOT; cycle PDCA, Brainstorming, TQC, etc. 7.

The Tools and Its Functions the strategical management is the way that an organization chooses to evolve having as beginning point its present situation and to glimpse until a situation where it desires if to find in the future. In the sequence brief description with the exposition of the tools here in focus for one better understanding will be presented. 7,1 Analysis SWOT the first tool evidenced here is analysis SWOT that is abbreviation of four English words derived from the language.