Share Issue Capital

The authorized capital stock and the company is divided, and shares, whose issue is subject to state registration. When you create a joint-stock company within one month from the date of registration of a company to register shares issue. The most common mistake – delaying the filing of documents for registration of the shares. Shares are required to register all public companies regardless of the size of the authorized capital, the number of shareholders, shape and other factors. Late registration of the shares shall be punished by administrative or professional liability. However, the registration of shares should be all the rules of statutory forms, otherwise the shareholders are refused and from that moment can not perform any legal action with emissions.

This case is better to trust the professionals, as timely and competent registration issue of shares requires considerable experience in this field. Registration of share issue includes the preparation, submission and receipt of documents. The service of registration of issue of shares includes the payment of state duty. Its size depends on the method of placement. The deadline for registration of issue of varies from 45 days.

However, the registration of shares for all types of stock – more complex procedure, takes much longer and cost much more expensive. All the complexity lies in the fact that the entire share capital is divided a certain number of papers, each of them has its own value. In the case of registration of the shares requires a substantial capital increase, it becomes necessary to increase the nominal value or quantity emissions. Registration of shares – the most important final stage in the registration of jsc. If self-registration of shares of registration authority may refuse to register, just in case the wrong decorated papers. Not every as can independently complete all procedures relating to registration of the shares. After all, even the smallest mistake in filling out documents may result in denial registration body.