Shade Truth

The truth, that when trust has been given to running a business, management must behave with dignity, truth, greatness, ideal well defined, humility, and above all with honesty in his performances. Let yourself be caught by all that which affects behavior, honest giving behavior should be avoided step to dishonesty, thereon gives us and remember, honesty expresses respect for oneself and others. Dishonesty does not respect the same person itself nor others. Honesty stained life of openness, trust and sincerity, and expresses the readiness of live in the light. Dishonesty seeks the shade, the cover-up, the concealment. It is a willingness to live in darkness.Dishonesty would not have any role in a world in which reality prevailed and were inhabited by fully conscious human beings.

Unfortunately, we must coexist with dishonesty. Human, we have a variety of trends and impulses that do not harmonize spontaneously with the reason. Human beings need practice and study to become benevolent persons that return to the spark divine of that emergimos. In this attempt, they do many things which prudence advises them to hide. Lying is an easy tool of concealment and, when used often, soon degenerates into a vice that drag toward the opposite. Honesty is of utmost importance.

All social activity, all human enterprise that requires a concerted, bogs down when people are not free. Honesty does not consist only in openness, the ability to tell the truth, but in the honesty of the honest work for a pay honest. Given the importance of always be identified with honesty, to act as she demands it, fits the question formula how is honesty grown? As most of the virtues, should develop it and exercise it in harmony with others. The more exercises, more it becomes a living provision. But there is a quick response that can occur in three words: take it seriously.