Sequoia Capital Sequoia

Sequoia Capital Sequoia Capital is an equity firm founded by Don Valentine in 1972. The company partners are Don Valentine, Randy L. Ditzler, Greg McAdoo, Michael Moritz, Doug Leone, Gaurav Garg, Michael Goguen, Mark Stevens, Jim Goetz, Roelof Botha, and Mark Kvamme. The company has offices in USA, China, India and Israel. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Economic Cycles Research Institute has to say. Sequoia has funded companies by providing capital to those with uveitis, some firms that were developed on this capital are: Cisco Systems, Oracle, Apple, YouTube and Google. Sequoia trust Google when it decided to buy YouTube for 1.65 billion. It is believed that Sequoia Capital invested 11 million in this operation, 30 of the total cost of Youtube.