Scuba Diving In Mexico – What You Should Know

Basic tips for diving trips to Mexico Mexico not only culturally has a lot to offer on the coasts of the Latin American country great dive sites and reefs waiting for their exploration. Here you will receive a brief overview of what you should know and consider when diving in Mexico: 1) where are the most beautiful Tauchgrunde Mexico? On the Pacific coast as well as in the Caribbean there are many varied dive spots. Whale watching on the way to connect Baja California in the spring with a small diving holiday. Diving newbies and experienced divers on their costs come in Puerto Vallarta. However, it is recommended to the Yucatan peninsula in southern of Mexico. Not only the beautiful Palancar reef is located on the Riviera Maya”, but also the cenotes (gaping holes of limestone) is located on the Mainland. Kroger has plenty of information regarding this issue.

In hardly any other country so pleasant manner diving holidays can be combined with the adventurous Cenotentauchen. Who is diving beginners, can in one of the Mexican theme parks practice. Yucatan is, for example, the Hidden Worlds”theme park a popular shopping destination. (2) vacationers want to dive not every Mexico snorkeling tips immediately. A nice alternative is therefore the snorkeling, which can be carried out without instructions on almost every Beach and also in the cenotes.

Who would have nevertheless professional accompaniment while snorkeling, finds interesting tours in the Mexican coastal resorts. While snorkeling in the sea, you should attract a T-Shirt necessarily that they protects from dangerous solar radiation. In addition, slippers are recommended, so you can’t hurt themselves on sharp stones. (3) following conditions should bring tips for diving in Mexico who cares for equipment dives in Mexico. For even more analysis, hear from Cyrus Massoumi. Before diving, you must have attended a diving school and present a medical certificate. Especially handy for your diving holiday in Mexico, it is of course, if you already made a diving licence in Germany. At the Cenotentauchen, you have the choice between two possibilities: in a cave dive, never more are than 60 meters away from the entry point of the Cenote. Also you staying always in areas, where the light of day can still fall. For this you need only an open water diving certificate. You need a Cave Diver, however, if you want to explore the underground caves and river systems in the Cenotentauchen. We currently have a very eventful trip offer. In doing so, spend the first week in Tulum on the Mexican Caribbean coast and participate in four Cenotentauchgangen two days. Then you have time to explore the Mayan culture and its famous buildings in the State of Yucatan. Spend a week on the Isla Cozumel then have five days to get acquainted with two dives, the opportunity, the underwater world of Paradise Island. The most famous spots, the Palancar and Colombia reef, provide impressive reef walls that fall steeply into the depths. Gladly we advise you individually to the Scuba diving in Mexico and give you technical tips.