Screwless Parts

Storage facility – expert helper for all product types of the camp is the heart of every operation. An effective utilization of scarce and expensive storage space and a clear arrangement of goods and spare parts is easy to implement with the suitable storage facilities. Different types of storage racks are available depending on the requirements and parts that are to be stored. Inclined bottom shelves are ideal for easy storage of small parts. The oblique arrangement of soils is to identify which parts on the shelf are kept at the first glance – tedious searching belongs to the past, the access to the goods can take place quickly. Tire racks are, as the name implies, for the proper storage of tires. The specially designed tyres bars allow the storage of tires 578 mm in diameter up to 650 mm. The plug-in shelf can build up easily, without any tedious screws.

Universal shelves are ideal for offices, archives and storage rooms. These Storage racks are expandable at any time depending on the requirement and parts that should be stored in different sizes, depths and heights available and by the fast, Screwless mounting of connectors. The shelf is extremely stable even without diagonal braces, access from both sides on the universal shelf is therefore possible. The width of the shelves are matched to Euronorm packing measures and guarantee an economic use of the storage space. For the catering and food processing plants, food and hygiene shelves are a must. They meet the highest hygiene standards, are easy to clean and resistant to many environmental influences. System plug-in regiments can be set up quickly and Screwless.

Thanks to pre-assembled stand frame box sections and deep stiffening plates they offer a particularly high resistance to the shelf fields. System screws shelves can be by fixed angle with integrated threaded and screws easily and quickly. These storage racks convince through a superior quality in their stability, payload, and overall stability. They are available in different versions and for every requirement, there is also endless expansion and expansion possibilities.