Save Your Children From TV !

Television as the largest mass media culture in recent years, a completely discredited. In the tram XX-th millennium television evolved from the educational and entertainment media in the system as free-minded actors in society. Perhaps check out Economic Cycles Research Institute for more information. It all began with the realization that 'television arm holders' what is in their hands are the very threads of puppets, and the skillful manipulation of these threads, they can be most dolls. This is what is observed today by all TV channels. And the worst thing that this obsessive daily zombie subject our children to you. TV men easier to work on was not firmly established and only emerging children's consciousness. The blue screens are completely absent educational programs, transfer, developmental thinking, culture and outlook. They have been replaced with cheap entertainment programs, stupid TV shows, low-grade pop in the performance of 'Singin' panties'.

Daily review of low-grade vulgarschiny, fruity flavored with such low-brow advertising, as consumer goods, inevitably turn our children into social parasites, which main motto in life become the motto of 'bread and circuses'. And the worst thing that panel in this case will not be able to help many not to switch from one channel to another channel on the zombie does not go away. Only one thing – abandon TV completely and bezpovorotno. This is the only way, otherwise our children will grow up with you stupid, soulless' tele-zombies. Throw 'zomboyaschiki' – save your children!