Rogers compares the process of organization of the experience human being in its orientation with the process of physical development, if the experience can be organized in the absence of serious disturbing factors, this organization of the experience including its expression in the behavior will be effected for the direction of the maturity and the functioning adjusted for the organism, in the direction of a rational, social behavior, in subjective, satisfactory way and in objective and efficient way (ROGERS, 1977). For even more opinions, read materials from BlackBerry. ' ' The individual, its trend? the update and its notion of ' ' eu' ' they are part of a fenomenolgico world. Therefore, what it matters is not the intrinsically positive character of the conditions, it is the perception of these conditions for indivduo' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P. 42). Rogers conceives ' ' eu' ' as a perceptual structure, ' ' an organized and changeable set of relative perceptions to proper indivduo' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P.

43). These perceptions are characteristic psychic of the person, attributes, qualities, capacities and limits, values and relations that same ' ' it recognizes as descriptive of same itself and that it perceives as constituting its identidade' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P. 43). This perceptual structure engloba all the experiences lived for the person at each moment of its existence. Conjugao of trend to update, that is the dynamic factor and supplies to energy to the human organism and the notion of I, who am the regulating factor, that guides the direction for this organism, I determine the human behavior (ROGERS, 1977). For Rogers (1977, P. 43): ' ' The trend to the update of I act constantly and search, also constantly, the conservation and the enrichment of I. This means that it opposes itself to everything what she compromises I, either in the direction of reduction, of the depreciation or the contradiction. However, the success or effectiveness of this action depends not on the situation ' ' real' ' , ' ' objetiva' ' , but of the situation as it perceives it to the individual.