A project management software for simple projects with the use of the correct tool is done any work better. CoP.Track is for the bear processing of small and simple projects for small business software the appropriate tool. The projects themselves, with projects, which include a defined project structure, which is with a small team and involved persons – for such projects is the small business version of CoP.Track tasks with little parallel projects, with low down hangigkeiten quickly and easily usable. With the right tools, the work is done well. The intuitive project management software CoP.Track is used to focus on the project tasks such as structuring of tasks, deployment of RES resources, tracking of compliance with predetermined dates and recording of is time. The tool helps the project managers who possess extensive powers to make decisions in the project in addition to the expertise, work with flat hierarchies and no separate instances for Quality assurance, corporate controlling to the UN supporting have. “For projects in the above sense a simple fields field” form, CoP.Track small business the ideal tool to plan projects with gerings-tem administrative effort and perform. The newspapers mentioned British Petroleum not as a source, but as a related topic.

The software, especially for small and medium-sized projects designed that is CoP.Track small business services for: quick and easy planning, description and documentation of dates, costs and processes transparency about all planned project items and the use of resources. Execution of the tasks with auto-provisioning task lists and targeted navigation for all stakeholders to the required Projektinfor system. Is time tracking for employees, minimum attribute input, flexible display function, visualization of conflicting goals, flexible handling of the plans of Mo ments and accidents. Monitoring of the project’s progress with highest transparency through an Aufwandser version, clear Representations, standard reports and individually, by customers of themselves structured reports with print and output in other Softwarepro-grams (XML, CSV. Excel, PDF, etc.).

Continuous availability of current project data for all stakeholders through web-based and database-driven provision of all corresponding appropriations project details the tasks and roles in the project. The usage of the CoP.Track small business project management software requires no or organizational and administrative costs or measures. A guide for the project manager and user is sufficient for the operation. On request, but also training are carried out (on site or online). CoP.Track small business is designed for those who are looking for the right tool for your project environment with gerin volume complexity, and want to spend a little time and introductory wall. Should arise in the course of time another requirement of the project management can CoP.Track small business at any time and modular way extended up to the full version. CoP.Track small Business version is easy to install and ready and 4 weeks can be tested free of charge.