Reflections On Aging Gerontology

Meet seven decades of life is not nothing like entering the seventh heaven. Being a septuagenarian means crossing the red line of our existence and entering the last turn of camino.Los infirmities of old age are themselves one after the other. Forces weaken, skin wrinkles, hair and teeth abandon us, hearing acuity loss, the view tires, mobility is reduced, and all this regardless of the occurrence of disabling degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's , osteoporosis, etc., making a martyr of old age. Not surprisingly, the age of gadgets orthopedic dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and perhaps pacemakers and staff. From a labor standpoint, that has shaped our lives, we are separated from our daily activities which in part supports our status, and therefore reduces the social consideration, and this, together with the feeling of being useful, lowers our self-esteem, which in turn promotes the deterioration of health.

When you feel the weight of age, a realizes that he lives with days and that each year lived was one step closer to the inevitable end. For the same reasons there is a danger of becoming a frequent visitor to doctors and pharmacies. In certain circumstances, things may get worse for marital discord, or worse, if widowhood occurs, which may be suffered so ahead traumatica.Con this scenario, it is easy pessimism senile fills our hearts, so that world view that is acquired is not very cheerful. On the other hand, the old habit change and new fashions they catch him contrapie they leave him out of touch, and think that good and successful was what he knew.