Public Power

– Local of the meeting. – People gifts with its respective qualifications. – President and Secretary. – Order of the Day. Everything that goes to be argued in the meeting – Latch. – Signatures? president, secretary and participants.

Obs.: I sweat with it frequent of the computer, the books had been substituted by typed leves, giving praticidade, however, a disadvantage, if embezzled. To prevent such problems, it is necessary that the Act leves are initialed and numbered by the editor. CERTIFIED ' ' It is a document for which an authority proves a fact or situation of that it has knowledge in reason of the position or function that exerts, firmed for one or more pessoas' '. In the public service a server can supply certified to another one, proving a fact, despite without register in function of its position or function. This does not happen with the modality of the Certificate.

WHAT IT MUST CONSIST IN ONE CERTIFIED – Heading? T AND S T the D – in capital, separate letters and centered. – Text? message on what it certifies. – Local and it dates? for extensive. – Signature (name and position or function of the authority). ACKNOWLEDGMENT ' ' Are emanated acts of the leading Ministers of State and/or of integrant Agencies of the Presidency of the Republic regarding subjects affection to its ministrios.' ' Acknowledgment and Craft are modalities of very similar official communication, mainly, in its structure, whose difference meets in the expedition. The Acknowledgment must only be forwarded in the scope of the ministries and agency of representation of the Republic, whereas the Craft it is forwarded by authorities of same hierarchy, public or particular agencies. CONTRACT ' ' legal instrument where if they firm rights and obligations for the material accomplishment of executive activities, that is, for the attainment of goods and services for the State, whenever one of the parts is entity of private law, also the servants for the Public Power or citizens to its control majoritrio.' ' (RASP, 2010) All contract could be modified or extending, except its object, by means of Additive Term or Term of Contract, keeping its equal structure to the contract.