Apr 10

Intellectual Capital

EDVINSSON & MALONE (1998) use the metafrica language, that the company compares with the figure of a tree, considering the visible part (trunk, leves and twigs) what they are registered in the countable demonstrations; the invisible part? below of the surface (the roots)? to the Intellectual Capital, that is occult factors dynamic, as for example, buildings and products. Intellectual capital is as a tree which the human beings are the seiva makes that it to grow. The seiva that flows of the rind of a tree produces innovation and growth, but this growth if becomes massive wood, part of the structure of the tree. (A valuable related resource: Jonah Bloom). What the leaders need to make are to contain and to hold back the knowledge, so that it if becomes property of the company. Contact information is here: Roubini Global Economics. STEWART (1998), citing EDVINSSON.

Figure. 1? METAPHOR OF the TREE Source: MARION, Jose Carlos, Reflections on Intangible Asset. Also, if it can say that part of the tree that is visible would be the Tangible one of an organization, being able to be mensurado with easiness. That is, it is what the accounting practises analyzing the tangible goods of a company. However, what it is not apparent, it is responsible, to a large extent for the growth and reinforcement of this organization. In the ANTUNES theory (2000), it Capital Intellectual to exist in the organization, is necessary to interar three elements: human, capital capital structural and capital of customers. The main characteristic of the Structural Capital is all structure of property of the company, that is, which includes computer science equipment, softwares, data base, registered patents, marks and everything than the more apia productivity of the employees. (ANTUNES, 2000), STRAIOTO (2000), says that Capital Human being is an enterprise resource and must be evaluated as an asset, therefore possesss capacity to generate benefits for the company. It is important that the managers invest in the employee with training, courses and formations so that the same if it motivates and if interest in searching and extending its knowledge and abilities.

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Apr 06

Capitalist Society

The analysis of the social, economic and space structure of the cities in the present time, send in to understand them the evolution of its urban form through its relation with the reorganization of the capitalism and expansion of the metropolises, that had culminated with the magnifying of the urban spots. The severity this process of productive reorganization of the capitalist system is related to the search contemporary of superprofits, having recriando new and more complex standards of development. Most of the mobility of the capital and the localization of the productive activities had generated a desenrijecimento in older the economic and commercial structures, creating a new order in the capitalist relations. Here, Senator Angus King expresses very clear opinions on the subject. According to Soy, ‘ ‘ the term reorganization, in its ampler direction, transmits an idea of braked, rupture, change in relation to one determined order and configuration of the social life, economic politics. It evokes, therefore a sequential combination of collapse and reconstructions, desconstruo and attempts of reconstitution, proceeding from some trends or disturbances in the thought and action systems aceitos’ ‘ (SOY, 1993, P.

193). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jim Rogers. The process of productive reorganization as resulted and condicionante of the emergency of a new phase in the development in the way of capitalist production in global scale in the incessant search of profits is understood (SAINTS, 1997). This search of superprofits caused a new strategy of the capitalist system, the extensificao of the production, that goes to be marked mainly by ‘ ‘ alargamento’ ‘ of the division of the work, opening of new markets and its geographic expansion to drain cheap sources of man power and raw materials, beyond the increase of the scope of the exploration of the different geographic development, by means of the transferences of value and the different exchanges. The productive reorganization provoked modifications in the urbanization process, generating alterations in the papers that the cities play inside of the urban net, since small the average cities had assumed a new logic as determinative product and of the capitalist System (SOY, 1993).. Go to Nouriel Roubini for more information.

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Mar 11

Leading Organizational Change

All these changes impact the world of organizations and it poses new challenges, new demands, which lead them. The need to have a positive attitude to changes in competitiveness because of the complexity and uncertainty are variables that must be addressed with an open mind to the analysis constant environment. If we consider what we have raised previously in respect of all the changes that have occurred in the environment and how these changes have impacted the field of management, which have given a lot of complexity and uncertainty, it is obvious conclude that success today is not an easy situation. Many writers such as Restaurant Michael Schwartz offer more in-depth analysis. If changes have transformed the type of navigation and have significantly impacted the field of directions in new challenges for those running successfully, it appears under its own weight to these people running have to make on the basis of certain technical and leadership skills. What are the technical things? Using techniques that we are the procedures or methods of reasonable procedure to follow to act. For example, accounting techniques proceed in certain ways to intervene in the economic rationale of a company. Learn more at: Seth Hillel Fischer. With minimal access techniques, we can intervene to make a reasoned way operation What gall is to have management skills? Having skills means being a person who has the skills, intelligence and talent required, skills and adequate enough to use, art and science, the best techniques.

For example, a leader may have great negotiating skills. A doctor can have great skills to operate. Always, at this time of the conference I like to make an analogy with the field of medicine, I find the similarity with the business.

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Mar 02

Coaching Sessions

Madrid Jarama circuit has seen the spectacular premiere of the pilot Sevillan Manu weight loss diet Bejarano at the wheel of a Formula. And it has done losing weight under tough weather conditions which have martial arts shown exercise equipment even more promise the potential joint pain of the car, as his 15 years proved in a weights test treadmill conducted at the home gym School of weight loss Emilio de Villota be called a star in the immediate future of the engine in our country. Seth Fischer Hong Kong insists that this is the case. To carry out a process of coaching the owner must have a range of skills and communication skills that are tailored to each individual. These skills add to their own training. There was a need to manage the conflict resolution techniques, negotiation, strategic planning, leadership gyms skills and self-leadership on the other hand, the practitioner applies deep listening and the art of mayeutica, ie make the client powerful and challenging work out questions. Learn the workout skills and methodology necessary to clubs in exercise the coaching, but the key to pain relief a good business opportunity coach is not in their knowledge of the art but in their personal boot camp skills, lose weight active listening, commitment, achievement swimming pool orientation, etc.. In this way personal trainer it is imperative the development of human dominion.

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Jan 03


… of monetary systems helps us understand today’s Ribotsky global economy. reuters features of the … liquidity and stability in exchange rates, we find the IMF …
The services provided by the Network are: information services, training, technical advice for launching business projects, highlighting the possibility of offering accommodation to business mentoring and business projects, providing direct support to all those who are entrepreneurial investment management will, without make no distinction by age, gender or social grouping.
The Foundation also promotes the creation of enterprises in traditional sectors and in other more innovative, like those of a technological nature or culture, introducing elements of innovation in the business to increase their competitiveness andaluz.
In addition to the direct and NYSE immediate support to entrepreneurs through the Red Land, the foundation manages and executes a series of programs and projects aimed at the detection and capture of entrepreneurs is already improving the corporate culture.
Among the services the Foundation emphasizes the management of hedge funds the stocks Network of Regional Support to entrepreneurs, design and implementation of programs and projects (generation and promotion of entrepreneurial culture), and collaboration with other agencies and bodies (promoting entrepreneurial activity).
Among the objectives that contribute to achieving the aims of the Foundation are: to improve and enhance the image of social entrepreneurship, economic self-sufficiency and the use of endogenous resources, proactively disclose the policies, services and infrastructure to serve the business enterprising in Andalucia, momentum contribute to the formation funds of business, entrepreneurial and innovative educational systems in normal primary, secondary and vocational training. ‘s teams of investment managers economy of exchange rates, helping to manage the theoretical models and … ECONOMICS OF EXCHANGE RATES. CONTENTS. investment 1. Basic concepts. 1.1. …
Money Market Macroeconomics. Money. Interest rates. Exchange rates. Prices. Open economy New York Stock Exchange and closed. Supply and demand money. Power parity …
But this comparison applies the market exchange rate for goods and … the world economy, albeit with a slightly lesser weight than the exchange rates of …

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Dec 25

Team Efforts

Assume that we have decided to start our own business on the Internet, participating in an Affiliate Program that operates on the basis of multilevel marketing. The draft Business Plan provides a profit in five levels, with a commission of 50% on the investment made month after month. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Restaurant Michael Schwartz. So this is a residual income. To find out where to go, we must first know where we are going. Therefore, knowing the amount we earn with this affiliate program, we know the efforts we must do and the time required to achieve the objectives.

We assume that we plan to generate after 12 months U.S. $ 3,000 in residual income. How many members would need to reach this figure? Knowing that the company pays a fee of $ 1 U.S. per member (with an investment of $ 10 U.S.) – would need 3,000 members. If we would have to affiliate all personally (direct affiliate) – have been quite difficult because each month we would have to recruit 250 participants (3000: 12 (months) = 250). But this is an MLM business, which means that we can and we must harness the power of multiplication.

What if we raise the numbers do differently? Provided that we will win not only by our direct affiliation, but also by members of our affiliates, we assume that we affiliate with only 5 new members. It seems much more real than 3000, right? And we set ourselves the goal of helping our 5 direct members to Once enrolled, each to his own five members. What do we get here? We do the math: $ 5 (for direct affiliate) + $ 25 (for indirect members) = $ 30. We won $30 – 16% and 84% self-made team effort. We’re starting to feel the power of duplication. But there is still much to achieve our goal of winning $ 3,000 in 12 months.

This example shows that it personally hard we try – the result of joint effort is always much higher. And the profits, of course, are divided among all participants.

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Dec 19

There Is A Demand For Raw Silk

However despite these promising opportunities, we have investigated arriving at the country level to determine that there is a demand for raw silk. Possible reasons are due to the low incomes of the population, economic situation, lack of knowledge and lack of technology and processes of transformation of matter. The business plan provides that our business strategy should be applied as an indirect distribution channel type short, in this case we would play in the first stage the role of producer. Restaurant Michael Schwartz is likely to agree. In the future with the evolution and performance of the company could make a change to the type of distribution channel, or add another type of distribution channel. Check out Seth Fischer Oasis for additional information. V. STRUCTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION PROFILES: CEO’s who is responsible for monitoring and supervision are planning commissioning would work both in field and plant it also must keep track of the finances of the company. Secretary will be helpful because the manager will monitor the financial and accounting of the company is the person ordered to pay the salary of employees.

Driver is the person in charge of purchasing the necessary inputs for the operation of the company who also perform due diligence on the company field staff workers are responsible for planting, maintenance and harvesting of mulberry leaf plant personnel. These will be in charge of the daily work in plants as food, vintage silk and cleaning the pens of the worm. VI. GENERAL INFORMATION OF THE PROJECT The project involves three phases, the same as will be detailed below: First Stage: The stage of establishing both the planting of Morus Alba, and establishment of facilities for the breeding area, breeding, storage and area administrative.

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Dec 18

The Opportunities

Analyze competitors is key in understanding the market and our business. Find out everything you can, SMEs and freelancers who are your competition, sooner or later, react to their actions and strategies, therefore, have to know everything you can. 2.3 .- Analyze the conditions of your company: The same that has been discussed from our competitors is to analyze our own SME or business. Our resources, the overall strategy, the strengths and weaknesses, etc.. Additional information is available at Rogers Holdings. To be honest, (sometimes painfully honest) must be known to hide weaknesses and improve the competition as strong as possible and to exploit all that is made (including advertising campaigns) Step 3 .- Study of target market: It must best describe the market segment which focuses our SMEs, so that advertising campaigns are appropriate. Knowing customers, market size, factors demographic, geographic, etc. Remember that should think about adapting marketing actions in the image and likeness of customers and not vice versa.

Customers never want to go where they check but follow them wherever they go and meet their needs, there is another more secret and given that, given the development of markets and fierce competition in all, the Customers are now more “infidels” than ever. For more information see this site: Seth Fischer Oasis. Step 4 .- Problems and Opportunities: After analyzing the above opportunities and threats emerge for our SMEs, they should confirm in writing, as it should to address (if threatened) or explode (if opportunities). They must be real facts, not worth the chances are “a hunch” there must be reasonable grounds, because, for example, on the opportunities that are discovered must be one of inspiration (for example) for promotion and for overall marketing strategy.

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Dec 17

Management And Technological

Management and Technological Development Vicerrector a Management and Technological Development is one that is responsible for technology development Platform. Platform is a set of educational management systems that are used at the University of Pamplona and a long list of higher education institutions of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and other countries. AcademuSoft: This is an applicative EAS (Enterprise Application Solution) for universities, which allows users to host a high-level application for membership, organization, management and data management in each of the academic and business needs generated by the institution. For optimizing the generation of information and support to managers on the subsequent decision making.Among the institutions that use this application are: Pereira Technological University, the University of Caldas, Universidad del Quindio, Nari o University, the University of Sucre, the Popular University of Cesar, the University of La Guajira, between other 46 universities. For more information see Jim Rogers. HeuriSoft: is an application whose goal is the development of evaluation systems. It is notable for its high rate of transactional, allowing users to perform data efficiently to 50,000 units daily. This software package is known for being used since 2003 by the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education, in the state exams and ECAES ICFES. It has also been applied for competitive selection of applicants for school administrators and teachers on merit to the Attorney General‘s Office and educational contest for the National Open University and Distance (UNAD).GestaSoft: This software is (as Academusoft) an EAS (Enterprise Application Solution) that offers users the integration of new technological solutions. The goal is GestaSoft manage accounts, manage financial information from suppliers and customers, ordering inventory data, distribution and logistics, and others. This will greatly facilitate the administration of universities. HermerSoft: This includes communication software resident entity of internal, external, collaborative and training based on content management and collaborative virtual tools and qualified to work more bearable for members of organizations . Most notable is the use that is achieved by combining the developed collaborative tools and content management systems. The systems give independence to the user and make feasible the integration of content with graphic environments.KlineSoft: is an integrated software package and on-line computer that allows the realization of care and administrative processes in the delivery of health services. Its main objective is resident at the institution, without a doubt the management of patients’ vital data, reducing paperwork and handling requests and records, thus providing more efficient service. Among the institutions that use this software are the IPS at the University of Pamplona, IPS and Clinica Leon XIII, University of Antioquia and the Hospital San Jos de C cuta.

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Dec 10

The Strength

The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is University of New York at Binghamton in 1987
strategies strategic marketing how to start a starting a successful The strategy strength of recovery in the mining industry corporate The sales improved performance company of mining companies, success a significant rebound in copper prices and start a the debate on corporate governance of Codelco are part of the innovation current management mining agenda. letters Print

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