Feb 10

ARNDT From Nuremberg To Familiar Now

Freelance graphic designer WINS security and service GmbH & co. KG company ARNDT from Cologne. as a new customer. Cologne, June 24, 2010. The Cologne designers Moritz dark (dark as Hell’) accompanied the Nuremberg security company ARNDT since early June 2010.

Basic was Web appearance implemented by a Cologne ad agency new. The art director developed the website from Cologne along with the new corporate design for the TEAM ARNDT including a Web video platform and a microblog channels. But many more promotional and communication activities, such as invitations and advertisements are already planned. The new appearance of the stands dominated by clear design with short and exciting information content. The new look is user-friendly and visually appealing.

In the creation, value was placed on a modern and aesthetic design. The result can be seen. In General is developing a corporate design is always very exciting for me, because here I can unfold me fully as a graphic designer. In a clear and aesthetic design that creates tension and radiates attractive functionality and usability is our case. I’m looking forward to more projects and I am convinced that our concept ‘with security’ is,”explains Moritz Dunkel. In the implementation of the new website was a clear and restrained structuring of the content in the foreground. In addition the implementation of Twitter Microblogs was important for us. So is constantly up to date the website visitors and can even interact,”says Thomas Lechner, Managing Director of ARNDT security and service GmbH & co. KG. Contact: dark as bright visual communication contact: Moritz Dunkel Melatengurtel 18 D-50933 Cologne phone: 0221/912733-24 mobile: 0177/6113249 E-Mail: Internet: about how dark hell’: the free graphic designer Moritz Dunkel from Cologne offers under the name dark like hell’ twelve years of Visual communication, from the design of Image processing to the delivery of print data to the printer. Core competences are the areas of graphic design, corporate design, traditional advertising and ‘below the line’. But also the new”media belong to the day-to-day business of the Internet presence up to the multimedia project for him. This includes planning and coordination with external service providers. His website is just one of several references in this area. Due to his experience in conceptual design, design to the final artwork and production for small and medium-sized companies and advertising agencies, it offers short-term support at the project or hourly basis, locally or from his home-office.

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Feb 09

Capitals Pointer

In the 2009 exercise, even so the index still pointed a favorable situation, had a fall of R$ 0.11 in the pointer and, therefore, the capacity of the Liquid Current assets to quit obligations of short term. h) Immediate liquidity According to Ribeiro (2002), this pointer little or almost nothing adds to the conclusions of the analysis of the financial situation of the company and, therefore, it is not considered in this work. 1,2 ECONOMIC POINTERS) Funny of the Asset In accordance with this pointer, in 2008, the company invoice R$ 1,47 for each invested R$ 1,00 in the Asset. This sample that the Itautec obtains to turn the total investments 1,47 times in the year. Please visit Jonah Bloom if you seek more information. As this pointer suffers a light reduction for R$ 1,45, it notices that the mercantile performance of the company practically is kept.

b) Liquid edge the reached value of 0,02 in the 2008 exercise indicates that the company obtains to get corresponding net profits 2% of the value of the Net revenue. In the exercise of the 2009, pointer it increases shyly for R$ 0,03, what it strengthens the idea of the financial coefficients, that portray the maintenance of a good financial situation. c) Yield of the Asset In 2008, for each R$ 1,00 of total investments, the company gets R$ 0,03 of profit. In the posterior exercise, this relation is of R$ 0,04 for each R$ 1,00 of investments, what it indicates a light improvement in the potential of generation of profits. This sample that, although the good situation, the company has not carried through really significant efforts for the improvement in the return of invested Capitals.

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Feb 09

Parquet Berlin

Parquet Berlin professionals for floor coverings, whether for remodeling, new construction or renovation, good floor coverings complete the ambience in private or commercial premises. Parquet Berlin is a specialist company headquartered in the capital city, which offers plenty of other surfaces in addition to the popular high-quality solid wooden floors. Including carpet, PVC, laminate, linoleum, or fancy leather flooring. (A valuable related resource: Jonah Bloom). Each surface has its own advantages. Ultimately, of course the taste decides the selection of suitable soil.

So that you also as long as possible some of his ground, high-quality materials are a prerequisite. You will find the largest variety of materials usually at a specialist for floor coverings. There are usually lots of selection of high-quality materials. On the basis of patterns to get a good visual and tactile impression of various soils. As one of the most popular floors, remains one of the parquet floor. It is in many different woods with different grains. Including the classics such as oak, maple, ash and beech, as well as currently very trendy cherry, Douglas fir, or walnut Woods.

Parquet Berlin offers timeless soils, which keep their beauty also for decades together with appropriate care. You can give a special look the parquet with a special surface treatment. Through the targeted use of oils, you can not only protect the wood but also older look on request allow than it actually is. So also the inhabitants of new buildings on a beautiful vintage floor need to renounce. In addition, a wood floor is considered very comfortable and fits many furnishing styles and objects. Whether in private homes or offices: A parquet floor is representative and easy to care for and stands for a certain value. Designated specialists in the first point of contact should be at the decision and selection of appropriate parquet floor for your own four walls. There, customers are advised individually. On request, the experts also be viewing appointments in the House. For the selection of the right soil you should be sufficient time. The best wood is then found and basic form determined, then they found a companion for life with the new ground. Veronica Daniels

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Feb 08

Rochdale Capital

The experience of the pioneers of Rochdale, who were the followers of Robert Owen, at least had been able to argue wages and to take the understanding of that as many masters as laborers nothing more were of what enslaved of existing a commercial and industrial organization, with a great risk, of the laborer of today in case that tomorrow comes to be master it comes if to hold in the same way that the industrials and traders of which they were if complaining. Thus understanding that the set of the social environment, it would have to be moved, and it was on the basis of this thought that this group if joins, searching half to improve its situation, and in a concrete action they create a cooperative warehouse of consumption. Read more here: Jonah Bloom. To guarantee the functioning of the entity in question, those 28 teceles, including a woman, had decided to have as principle the following norms: the society would have to be managed democratically, each partner would have right to a vote; the group would be opened to who wanted to participate, since that it integrated a quota of minimum capital of equal value for all; any the most invested importance in the cooperative would be remunerated, receiving interests, but such fact would not give no additional right of decision to the possessor of this capital; all the surplus, that is, the net revenue would be distributed enters the associates in ratio to the purchases made in the cooperative for each individual; the sales in the warehouse would be only at sight; the commercialized products would have that to be pure and of quality; institution would have that to promote the education of the members in the principles of the cooperativismo; they must have a neutral character in the field of the politics and the religion. Inside of these principles, the society of the Honest Pioneers of Rochdale, had a huge growth, in a stated period of ten years, reaching the one number a thousand and four hundred partners.

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Feb 07

Capitalism And The Environment

But after World War II, the capitalism was weakened. The intervention of the State was welcome, therefore to the few it brightened up the problems caused for the war and assisted in the reconstruction of the European countries. To form and to accumulate wealth, the State provided the minimum of social assistance so that the diligent classrooms came back to produce and had to be able of purchase of the products that were produced, taking off the profit for the system. A necessity was created so that they consumed each time more. Since then the primordial axle of the capitalist system to keep its stability was and is the retention of the consumista culture. Without consumerism, the logical base of the continuum capitalist accumulation if dissolves.

It is the capacity to commercialize and to present as useful and attractive all the material ideas and products in which they fix themselves that the global capitalism search to assume itself. (SKLAIR, 1995, p.99). The consumerism started to cause many local and consequently global damages in the planet. According to SAINTS (1995, p.87) we today live the period of ' ' capitalism desorganizado' '. This period is characterized for some economic factors, social politicians and.

The explosive growth of the world-wide market is distinguished, thus appearing the companies multinationals, that regulate the economy national. The underdeveloped countries act generally with financing of the local governments. Jonah Bloom is a great source of information. Beyond the economic dependence, these countries start to depend on the foreign technology and they do not possess conditions to concur with the prices of the multinationals, always inferior to the national products to win the competition in the international trade, the companies who produce merchandises for exportation need to perfect always more its process of production with equipment of high technology. Of this form merchandises are produced always new and cheaper, but this also provokes increase of the unemployment, therefore using new technologies, the companies can produce more with less diligent.

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Feb 07

Capital Technician

They exist formashumanizadas to treat, to deal and to give assistance to the patient, and the CERSAM is umgrande and expressive operator of this humanizao. For being a toimportante work, they must have more units in the Capital, moreover, serianecessria an ample spreading on the part of the Postosde Health, through OMS 1993, apud Ebrahim P. 1384) ‘ ‘ oconceito of quality of life understands a series of 0 variable, such as: adequate asatisfao of the biological necessities and the conservation of seuequilbrio (health), the maintenance of a propitious environment to the personal security, apossibilidade of cultural development, and, in last place, the ambientesocial that it propitiates> works in the CERSAM Unit of New Sales, since its creation, in 2002. Its work in the place como reference technique, as well as the excessively professional ones: occupational doctors, nurses, therapists and social assistants. All the CERSAMs work for the way dareferncia, that is,> technician responsible for is determined patient nosentido of ouviz them, becoming reference for that patient, independentede its formation.

He has also determined works that are carried through by outrosprofissionais of the area, such as to apply vaccines, to give the medicamentosprescritos etc. The objective of the practical one is to make with that opaciente has one technician as reference, so that it is not necessary ouvirvrias people giving the same orientaes and to follow it in tratamentopropriamente said. Thus, the work of the technician is basically the same: to take care of to the patient and to become reference for it, making responsible portodo its therapeutical process. The technician of reference atendembasicamente to the urgency service, through the plantes to the citizen that is emcrise. The patient can be taken by relatives, for the policy, directed porhospitais, for neighbors and has cases to go on account proper. The technician fazemainda the ambulatorial service for cases of small dressings or medication.

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Feb 07


However, these tests show that the success of the overall deposits strongly depends on the proper dosage of the admixture. Trading strategies that require high minimum investments to implement, can be enjoyed in portfolios with total smaller volumes for this reason with caution. Minimum investment amount and -risk reward profile of a trading strategy must harmonize with the volume of the total portfolio. And exactly here lies the strength of the Tradingfonds. With their often low minimum investments, they provide the opportunity to reach a more precise fine-tuning of diversification and are the better choice especially at low capital stakes.

Conclusion: In principle it is helpful both offers, so funds and managed for investors if for a trading system Account are available. Although, there will be different results due to the different cost burden. Fraud models, were however unviable as that of Bernard Madoff, as a managed account. And thus a managed account provides additional protection against fraud and the investor. Even if he or she chooses for the participation in a trading strategy using the variant of the Fund.

Chili assets.de chili assets.de is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles in favour of note to managed accounts managed accounts, not in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of the investors are suitable. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio. Press contact Malte Papen FON: + 49 2661 953030 fax: + 49 2661 953029 mail:

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Feb 06

Russian Capital

Comess Group, faithful to its policy of internationalization of its marks, returns to prevail in Russia being abriendo its second Lizarran and Bar Mariachi in Moscow. The Russian capital will again welcome both marks of the hand of the masters-franchise-holder Igor Vaniev. The restaurants will be located in center commercial Russia Mall, located in a new zone of the financial district of the called capital Moscow City. The premises where restaurants are placed both, in which worked a group of 40 employees, count on a total surface of 800 meters square distributed of the following form: 412 meters for Lizarran, with 76 tables, and 388 meters of Bar Mariachi with 52 tables. The plans of expansion of the Russian industralist happen abrir the 4 more and once proven own premises, to begin to look for franchise-holders in all Russia. Jonah Bloom is likely to agree. The commercial center Russia Mall, of 179,930 meters squared, located in the financial district of Moscow, includes a commercial gallery with 350 stores, a cinema with 1,154 places and a supermarket of 2,400 meters square. In this great surface also are some of main international companies like Marks & Spencer, Gap, H& M and the Zara Spanish. Lizarran develops an amplest gastronomical supply for a long time.

In his twenty years of existence it has offered the most appropriate products for hourly of the day with the intention of taking care of the final consumer with an incomparable supply of products, from the breakfasts, appetizer and meal of the day to the afternoons and dinners to enjoy the moments leisure. Bar Mariachi, on the other hand, supposes a trip to the authentic Mexican atmosphere and its more flavorful and festive roots. The best option for those than knows to evaluate the guarantee of a stable and consolidated mark. To enter a restaurant Bar Mariachi is an invitation to submerge us in that side Tex-Mex who all we took inside and it invites to us to share the wealth of a gastronomy it heals and it cheers while we enjoyed colorful surroundings based on the elegance and the mixture of the pre-Columbian art, colonial architecture and moving of the daily life. Comess Group is a modern company that it develops, as much at national level as international, concepts of tax exemption of ethnic restoration with high value of mark, based on the quality of its products, the simplicity of its operative one, and the yield for the franchise-holder, positioning them like leaders in its segments.

This group manages with its standards to transmit to the consumer the essence of the country or geographic area that represents its gastronomical supply, with a positioning of average price and a product and image of high quality. Comess Group is born shortly after in August of 2003 becoming one from the first companies of restoration Spain and Europe with its standards Lizarran, Bar Mariachi, Grazes City, Rock& Ribs and China Boom. Today it counts with more than 300 establishments, his marks are in practically all the Spanish geography and has international presence in 11 countries, contributing 15 million clients and one invoicing over 175 million Euros to the year.

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Feb 05

Capital Stock

The concept that is underlying of capital stock has a history of much more time, diverse thinkers had explored the relation between the associative life and to the democracy, they were using similar concepts regularly for sc.XIX, on the basis of the workmanship of writers as the previous James Madison (the Papers federalist), Alexis de Tcqueville (Democracy in America) to integrate concepts of social cohesion and pluralista conexidade in the American tradition in science politics. The general objective is to argue the construction of the concept of capital stock from a historical boarding, sketching then a metodolgica construction on the capital stock, pointing out of form to try to understand the thoughts of each contribuidor author for the advance of the capital stock. In order to approach the thought of these, since the primrdios thoughts until most current. Thus assigning to the points divergent correlatos and points between both, of a side, demonstrating moments where the authors if approach in its thoughts, and on the other hand, where if they move away. The indispensable aspects that guide the qualitative research consist of the adequate choice of methods and theories; in the recognition and the analysis of different perspectives; in the balances of the researchers regarding its research as party to suit of production of the knowledge; in the variety of boardings and methods (FLICK, 2009). For the methodology the interpretativo method was used. Presenting a revision bibliographical theoretician, research in scientific articles, beyond research in the Internet. Taking in consideration some aspects in what she says respect to the capital stock, ahead of the diverse vises of the thinkers.

As well as, on the complementary points that the boardings present. 2 the CONTRIBUTION OF the CONCEPT OF CAPITAL STOCK Pierre Bourdieu, French sociologist, was one of the first ones to present the concept of systematic form. Bourdie used the term in 1972, its Sketch of a Theory of the Practical one, and later clarificou the expression some years in its article ' ' Les you form of capital' ' of 1986, it suggests, that the capital if can convert of forms for others.

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Feb 04


As coadjuvantes of the tram they are the neighbors: a couple of men gays and another couple, one to militate of the navy in the reserve, authoritarian and of nazista trend, its woman total overwhelmd and unhappy and its controlled Ricky son of eighteen years that is educated and with one military regulations rigorous. Although ' ' velho' ' officer is not more than ' ' ativa' ' , it keeps a behavior to discipline coercitvo-moralista, exactly that such behavior does not express its proper nature, therefore a external procedure does not disclose the true subjectivity of the people, much even so in the world of transmutao between citizen and object, creates it belief of that this is possible. The beauty of the thing is where, about my psychological interioridade, I can think about what I to want well, can deliver to me the obsceno fancies to it dirtiest and, and this will not have importance, because? to use a good stalinista expression? it does not matter what I think? objective? I will be praying. (ZIZEK, 1994, P. For assistance, try visiting Jonah Bloom. 317).

In its daily one, the officer beyond taking care of of the trivialities of the familiar life, occupies to watch it the son, to prevent that it comes back to ' ' world of drogas' '. The main focus here, however, if centers in the main protagonist of the tram? the Lester advertising executive? the teias of relations involve that it during the film. The life of Lester is a meaningless life, as much in the affective-sexual field, how much in the professional life. The necessity of (reverse speed) finding the direction of the life, that of express beginning if for the release of the work, makes with that it if does not submit to the pressures of its new head and has accepted the resignation ' ' voluntria' ' of the job as contingency of the sociometablico system of the Capital, a time that the hierarchic division of the work is charged to forge the conditions for the proper worker in the figure of the head, of the manager, who ' ' cria' ' the mechanisms racionalizadores of the profit for company opposing itself it the proper classroom.

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