Jan 12

Land, Capital, Labour Economics

These were the factors of production described by the classical economists in the eighteenth century. The land would be consistent not only with agriculture, but urban land, mining and other natural resources, capital from this perspective would be used to produce goods and services (machinery, equipment …) and the work would include the activity human-today we might consider other relevant factors such as work organization, knowledge or technology. This classification was very useful at that time because also represented quite well to the society of that time: the aristocracy, owner of the land, the bourgeoisie owns the capital and workers. Although some would revive the struggle of estates, now this battle is quite blurred, however, as the witches in Galicia-class, if any, Hayles. Credit: Angus King-2011. The crisis has revived this old debate as to who “pay the price”, although there is some consensus on the causes of it, a scenario that was baptized at the time as: excessive risk by financial institutions, shoddy work by the rating agencies, over-indebtedness of households and businesses, very cheap money for too long, as economic bubbles real estate and raw materials, etc.. Although the origin of the crisis are the capital (financial institutions) and land (speculation), it seems that it is intended that the cost is borne by the other party, ie by work. Should we tighten our belts? It is possible, but must do so worldwide. Why save the financial system, while on the road workers fall? One of the submissions that are part of employers, in addition to freezing or lowering of wages, is the cheapening of dismissal.

Well, let’s assume that is an option. But they have tightened the belt? When they ask for sacrifices from the workers, are they the first to take? Would they accept for instead that the work got some of the profits when things go right? It is a matter of claims, only that I firmly believe that the first thing to do to demand something to someone is an example. And secondly, as I explained in the view that a compensation policy in which part of workers’ wages go in terms of the “health” of the company is positive for both parties. Are employers willing to this debate? Finally, other players in this situation, politicians, are “politely” by Arturo Perez Reverte portrayed in the article published this weekend in XL Semanal. He described how at times, going around Congress, see them go out and “leave not a few arrogant and how TV stars, with tailor-made, expensive shoes and ways of nouveau riche affected. … How were bustling about-there are no ideological differences, the privilege of charging the maximum state pension after retirement only seven years on the bench, compared with 35 of honest work that requires a common citizen. “

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Jan 12

Reprint Economic Capitalism

in investment management July 2006 rose interbank interest rates at 0.25 after 6 years without raises. … spending and the long term, lower interest rates. … Here, Dara Khosrowshahi expresses very clear opinions on the subject.
According to Marx, in a capitalist society economic reproduction is subject to capital accumulation. If the workers fail to produce more capital, stocks economic reproduction begins to crumble. In this way, the economic reproduction in capitalist reproduction has to be necessarily requires an expanded and growing markets. The capital must grow, otherwise the process will collapse. the strategies that has implemented at Thus, economic growth is not only desirable but absolutely necessary in capitalism.
In this light, the ecological vision of a “zero-growth society” seems either utopian or, at best, be required to achieve the abolition of capitalism. Some people argue that population Ribotsky growth makes NYSE economic growth imperative. The real debate is not about whether “to grow or not grow, but on the kind of growth that is better for playing (enlarged) of the human investment species as such. investment expert and fund manager holds an MBA Environmentalism can validly argue that some types of growth undermine important conditions for human survival in the long term, without this invalidating other types of growth are beneficial. diariocritico hedge funds of economia.Informacion and analyzing information … Economia. The mortgaged breathe: the ECB kept interest rates at 4 …
… there is a rise in interest rates. MORE … global economy and move closer to convergence in GDP per capita with the euro-zone countries. …
Home Economics. Economia. Bernanke foresees funds further reductions in interest rates in the U.S. … clear signal that there New York Stock Exchange will be further reductions in interest rates. …

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Jan 11

Brand Policy

To put things in perspective: the contemporary human race exists only since made 50. 000 years. Precisely, on the importance of the topic, we consider appropriate to recall what very well analyzes Ulrich Brand, Professor of political science at the University of Vienna, who begins his letter commenting on, what has emerged in the past 20 years is a type of global resource management in which Governments, entrepreneurs, scientists, NGOs and the media collectively Act to control the destruction of the environment. Sometimes criticized as insufficient content of policies. But not a critique of how policy is formulated. Did not criticize the form of intergovernmental policy, i.e., the diplomacy under pressure from interest groups, in search of a consensus that consistently leads to weak compromises.

In fact, minimizing the need of questioning corporate corporate power and the lifestyles of the upper classes and stockings to deal seriously with climate change. Adds Brand, global environmental policy instruments are based primarily on the market, because the market is considered by powerful actors as the best means to deal with problems of long range as climate change. Not by chance, the main instrument of the UNFCCC is the trade in emission rights. Moreover, this justifies policies weak at home because deep transformations if other countries do not participate may not be promoted. It is a question of competitiveness. Very relevant when manifest, that the current division of labour (along with the divisions of class, gender, race, age, and international stratification), that is determined by structures of domination, is almost not problematised in discussions on socio-ecological transformations. Hence, that environmental policies have become a strategy founded in efficiency-oriented middle class morality. More info: Amber Capital hedge fund. The generalization of the Western lifestyle is cynical because billions of people are poor and lack access to the basic means of subsistence. However, the capitalist Dynamics promotes that patterns of production and consumption of this type also have dimensions attractive, such as certain forms of freedom and individuality.

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Jan 08

Fashionable Hairstyles

The colours most fashionable hairstyles for spring this season are light tones, like the honey, chestnut or strident platinum blonde, very much in line with is casual style and poligonero that breaks in the streets of the capital. It should take into account the rising temperatures. Therefore the main trend will be carry the collected hair in high pigtails or braids, resembling a hairstyle for wedding showing a self-assured and comfortable style. In terms of long hair, this year fresh hairstyles will be and casual style; with some loose hair and combing the hair backwards with fingers starting at the forehead. In the spring 2010 will again be fashionable braids: Classic, side, high on a ponytail or forming a Crown to be more comfortable and take advantage of the Sun’s rays when they are lower picks up a front locks with a clip: very flattering both with smooth hair as curly. Diadems will continue to rise, which will join the handkerchief to collect hair and protect the head the summer heat.

If day extends until the night, wide tape and place it in the root of the hair for a look more elegant is a good solution the turbans also are fashionable, as spring and summer showed Loewe in its parade: white nuclear if you want to keep the head nice and cool. An alternative to the handkerchief, that allows to have a fashionable look and, at the same time, is lessen the effects of the summer sun. The guys also had its prominence in fashion shows. Spring 2010 brings them a tamed, and straight hair with a youthful and playful look. Light tones and even discrete reflections that bring forward the summer will also be the base for this season of the year. The combination of hairstyles youth will go soft and fresh colonies with poles that will predominate the color and stripes.

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Jan 04

Earth Happiness

-Do not understand you how someone can be bored of being happy? -Define me what is happiness for it. -Well I don’t know, it’s feel good I guess, does not suffer. -No, is not happiness is to stop suffering, she is the immediate feeling after you stop being hurt. -But She disappears quickly, one is bored and aspires to become happier, what causes more suffering, which then disappears, is replaced by happiness again. Connect with other leaders such as read more here. -Why the rich so, they don’t suffer too much, therefore they are not happy. -Then without suffering no happiness? -Unfortunately, this is happiness. Those who suffer most are most likely to be happy, just a tiny benefit pleased them galore suffering is a blessing, so there is among the majority of people.

-Am I in heaven? -Not yet. -How is the sky? -You are a wise man, I perceive that you wonder if heaven is not a place full of suffering, even more than on Earth. -If. -Isn’t it son, there there is no suffering. -Then nor happiness. -Cannot have the one without the other. -So how is? -Son unfortunately, not I can tell you that, you must make a decision, choose heaven or reincarnation. -No hell? -I think that you know- To live is to be in hell.

-Heaven, hell, are just words to draw something out of his understanding, there is no good or evil, only suffering and happiness. -Already have been alive once, really I am curious to know as it is heaven. -Curiosity should be considered a capital Sin more. After those words our character faded into a world where ceased to exist, where there is no suffering or happiness, a world where the only thing that had was the absolute nothing forever.

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Jan 01

Latin American Conference

It is not common, nor easy, that someone is inviting us to run the risk of being happy. And if it happens, we tend to give one look skeptical and benevolent, as if that person had fallen into a State of alienation. But come on, in fact we the alienated. For inability to grasp life, but not knowing how to do it in the most favorable way. Aim here, the author and us publishers to assume the adventure with him, to provide the guidance needed to learn how to operate the life with the highest possible productivity. Here you will find (so capitalized) keys to achieve the rebirth of a profitable and positive attitude to your life and those around you. The art of listening well is a skill that is learned, as the write well and present well before the world to negotiate… Michael Schwartz does not necessarily agree. and win! It is a matter of simple leadership.

Better still, is a matter of desire and willingness to learn how to win. Marketing staff, in a few words. We deliver today then you a book Guide, product of the extensive experience of its author in the field of leadership, negotiation and staff reengineering. For more specific information, check out Joseph Oughourlian. This book has a unique and noble goal: teach them to reinvent themselves to enable them to lead the transformation towards the future. THE editors I rebirth of attitude was placidly sitting opposite my desk at the travel agency where he worked as administrative in 1982 (Maracaibo, Venezuela), when Hans, my boss and friend, shouted me from above, that climb soon. Almost stumbling on the carpeted wooden stairs, got asking that had failed. Hans ordering desperately, I said: tomorrow sales to Puerto Rico, there is a course of the Junior Chamber and I can not go, have all payment, leverages and don’t want IFS and buts. With little money, and with much eagerness I found myself suddenly in a large Latin American Conference and a course for which I thought that I was not prepared.

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Jan 01

Louvre Museum

Hi, these days I have had the pleasure of meeting Paris and I write here I small experience / guide for those who are going to visit soon. Paris is a city very nice and big, I was surprised its majestic nature, wherever you go there are care precious historic buildings and the streets are clean. Paris hotels are expensive, as virtually everything there, but the error save you money by booking a hotel that is not very well located because that would be a big mistake, the city is huge and the good location marked difference not cometais on your trip. Good to the grain things to see! No doubt the Eiffiel Tower is the most important and representative monument, raise costs about 10 euros in elevator and 4 on stairs and the views from there are impressive. Notably the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum with its Mona Lisa, fields Elysees, the Pantheon, the Town Hall (called Hotel de Ville), the centre Pompidou, the plaza of the Concordia etc for this are needed about 2 or 3 days and if you’re having visited these points of interest you’ll be glad your safe trip. The theme of cold is the order of the day, I was in November and air is ice cream, go very very warm. Well, I hope that it will help, really is worth spending a few days in this great capital.

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Dec 29

Investments In The Comfort

In Russian cities realized, perhaps the most ambitious in the past 60 years, the program overhaul of the housing stock. In accordance with Federal law 185-FZ, financed it, "Assistance Fund for Housing Reform" (95%) and at their own expense residents (5%). But on what owners can expect for the money? According to Article 2 of the said law overhaul – a complex of works on troubleshooting, as well as rehabilitation and replacement of worn-out structures in an apartment building in order to improve its performance. In more simple terms, after the repair room in the house should be a convenient and comfortable. But whether this is true – depends largely on the residents themselves, because, by law, initially they determine their need for reconstruction and modernization of the house. Therefore, try to figure out what to pay attention primarily to maximize the quality of their domestic life. Terms of comfort by law 185-FZ, overhaul facilities, conducted under the federal program may be in-house engineering services, elevators, roofs, basements and facades. And in that order.

Have you ever had it? The practice shows that – far from it. The fact that the utilities – heating, plumbing, sewage and electricity networks – this is filling, which makes concrete (brick) box in the apartment building. Without them, life at home is impossible in principle, but their condition largely determines its quality. For example, problems in the heating system or failure in the electrical system does not just make our lives uncomfortable, but often are a source of danger to the inhabitants of the house.

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Dec 23

Russian State Standard

So held Russian State Standard tests showed that the pvc window profile proplex retains its performance properties over 60 years. In addition, modern plastic construction does not require repairs or maintenance with special funds. Thus, their costs will be a one-time. It must be noted that with the onset of the crisis, many window companies have started issuing cost product options that retain all of its useful properties at a more "humane" price. "We can not ignore the fact that the solvency of a significant part of consumers today are much lower than in the pre-crisis period – explains Rafik Alekperov, head of the department for work with clients propleks Group, Russia's leading manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – That is why we specifically designed the 4-chamber of 70 mm system PROPLEX-Comfort. New profile provides the best heat and sound insulation compared with the 3-chamber and a better price – compared with a 5-chamber.

" You can add that today the price of plastic construction budget category ranges from 10 to 20 thousand rubles per Window to the cost of installation. As soon as we are talking about windows, you need to say a few words about the doors. The most long-lasting – up to 30 years – the product of solid hardwood (like oak or mahogany). Lifetime corresponds to the price, usually in excess of 25 thousand rubles. In addition, massive door requires special care. However, natural wood in this case – the category of prestige rather than a prerequisite durability.

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Dec 17

Ivan Ivanovich

Well, do not, so do not. Not very much wanted. Do not you want as you want. And sparkling eyes, shining his sleepless night. And, no, no, yes, and then suddenly thought: "God, what a fool I am!" But there comes a morning, to dispel nightmares and again and again arrogantly declares it the next gentleman, "I am only interested in sex and business relationship!" Yes if you please, for God's sake. "And to complete freedom of relations" – hesitantly adds a snack. Of course, of course, who's against the freedom of relations? Well, except for doctors Venereologists. And they do not mind – all the bread.

And once again her insomnia, because you want and prickly, and does not call nobody. And here she is successful and well-built suit, and his job he loves. And continuing the habit does not want. And already, no one can. They're afraid. Accustomed to. Anything is better – a joint project, tiring Sexy Exercise – nobody owes nothing to. She wanted it because, not married, right? Perfect world where dreams come true! I very much want to marry a complete contrast, the one that denies the marriage.

He wants to marry at any price, for anyone. What she does – is unclear. Rather, the reason so many that isolate the main so far failed. Time passes. All married girlfriend. My mother tells. It's time to give birth. No wedding photos. And so on. Each representative of the male, who turned in within reach, is regarded as a potential spouse. A colleague who invited the cafe had already mentally trying on "the black funeral dress." Take a business partner appraising look and a new neighbor on the landing she was asked to buy bread, and invited to tea in bed. In the morning she threw on her robe, brewed coffee and coos, looking into it ingenuously eyes full of horror. In the struggle for married all good. Of these copies out great, "not understanding" wife. Chosen as a rule, do not live up to expectations, because the rough beast with a small salary, and why, oh! – She did not marry Ivan Ivanovich. Or Vasily Petrovich. (Not to be confused with Paul Price!). However, it is as easy divorce and starts looking for a new husband. The process is just as senseless and ruthless as her desire to marry. Of course, given pronounced representatives do not represent the whole range of species diversity loser in his personal life. We do not consider today mothers' daughters, wives, unhappy and Shala ordinary. However, everyone has a chance to mutate, following the principle of "self-help." That is, by itself. Because, first of all – a woman. But everything else – in her power. And my advice to cochains article … love yourself or ever will get "not the men" .. Be worthy of U.S. .. And we will do all that You would be well with us.

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