May 05

San Mateo

There are smaller ports for landing of white fish such as Cojimies, Pedernales, Jama, Canoeing, San Vicente, Caraquez Bay, San Jacinto, San Alejo, San Clemente, Las Gilco, Los Arenales, Jaramijo, San Mateo, Santa Marianita, San Lorenzo , Pacoche, Santa Rosa, Las Pinas, Puerto Cayo, Machalilla, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Rico, Salango, Las Tunas, Don Juan, Canoa, El Matal, La Cabuya, among other tourist Abstract Manabi is a region with special features that allow you to be a potential for tourism development, which has led the development of projects to attract travelers from Ecuador and around the world. Manabi is possible in adventure tourism, sports, nature, gastronomy, archaeological, ecological, crafts, entertainment, leisure, religious, events and conventions, cultural or sun and beach. Part of the tourism system are the three existing operational airports in the province: Royal Tamarindos in Portoviejo, Manta Eloy Alfaro and Los Perales in San Vicente, which must be added the Port of Manta is already part of the scales that made large-scale tourist cruises. Tourism in general for a better perception of tourism in the province is necessary to make such differentiations Regional: Pacific Marginal Way, Manta, Portoviejo, North Zone, South Zone, Central Zone and the Interior. Marginal Pacific: the coastal route, part of the State 15, which runs from Cojimies in the north to Ayampe in the South, along the coastal strip. Along this route you can find a number of natural attractions and tourism spots open. Seth Fischer Oasis gathered all the information. Manta: port and economic capital of the province, which allowed extensive development of its carrying capacity, supported by attractive: Scenic boardwalk, Pacoche protected forest, lively nightlife and shopping. .

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May 04

Reggaeton Music News

Flow, The Musical, was re-released in Puerto Rico with a major call for actors, special effects and scenography that will impact people in Santurce, in the Center for Beautiful Arts. Luis A. Ferre could enjoy the 17 to 19 September this staging. Rogers Holdings is likely to increase your knowledge. The premiere of this work coincided with the support of an association which is responsible for fighting muscular dystrophy, which well may have more resources to move forward with great intention. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Berger is the place to go. On 25 and 26 September at the Teatro la Perla, Ponce, were the features of this musical was played by Natalia Rivera. In other highlights, mentioning that Don Omar does not stand still, and has already announced the launch of its new production called “idon 2.0.” The record will include topics that were not published in the previous edition called “iDon, and that includes one of the greatest successes of this singer of reggaeton,” Pobre Diabla. ” “I think I have a great album, has everything the first edition lacked. I allowed to put more mellow electronic sounds, “the singer sure that their statements hinted Ritmoson Latino portal.

Furnariel Produced by Dani with six unreleased tracks, went on sale on 22 September according to information released by various Internet portals . reggaeton duo Calle 13 regretted not accompany the Colombian singer Juanes in concert offered the benefit of peace on 20 September in Havana (Cuba). However, Rene Perez said that in any case to visit the country, because this is within their tour plans were already planned for some time, exactly in the month of December. Rene likewise confirmed to be the official presenter of the MTV awards, but not again be hosting this delivery because, he says, “is not going to like what I say.” Wisin & Yandel established a record difficult to achieve by other reggaeton artists in Argentina, to achieve record sellout at Luna Park where they had two concerts with the total capacity sold before the beginning of the presentations, which took place on 26 and 27 August in the capital of Argentina. For the presentations was used in 360-degree stage Frank Sinatra used to participate, and must have had the presence of Enrique Iglesias, who sang with them the theme “I cry for You.”

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May 03

Denmark Tips

A place I always wanted to get, for any tourist is Scandinavia. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rogers Holdings. Almost every man dreams to visit that country. After all, rich culture, a kind of color and its long history Scandinavian countries are able to charm anyone. During its existence, these countries had to see a lot. On Earth culture and landscapes of these countries do not have analogues, they are surprisingly diverse and amazing. For example, recall the harsh fjords of Norway – where you still find anything even remotely resembling them? Swedish culture, which have domestic tourists rather associated with the battle of Poltava, in no small degree from the same culture of Norway, with its skald and the Vikings. In our days visiting the countries of Scandinavia comes a lot of tourists.

Tours of Scandinavia, are now available to many people, and ordered them not to be a problem. Tour operator in Scandinavia to offer exciting recreational activities and programs that can be very diverse, but no less interesting. Scandinavia unites countries such as Norway, Denmark, Iceland. All these countries have their own unique features, and sometimes it is difficult to determine to what tours booked for spending vacation: tours to Denmark, Norway tours, tours to Sweden and . After vacation in Sweden will be as memorable as the holiday in Denmark or a vacation in Norway. If you want quiet in the evenings to enjoy the sea air in the house, which is located on the seafront, you can help make that happen almost every tour operator in Denmark. It is in this country you can see the old and unusual castles and enjoy the incomparable beauty of Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark. And for those who want something unexpected and exotic will love Iceland.

Only here you will be able to meet such a bizarre volcanic landscapes with rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Any tour operator in Iceland will provide a trip to Iceland for those who prefer a tour of the civilized cities. This city is the capital of Iceland and one of the acknowledged cultural centers. The waves washed it on three sides. At this point you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Viking Age and experience the culture. Those who are on soul to walk in a forgotten mountain paths in search of adventure – tour operator in Norway is ready to provide a wonderful opportunity. This country allows you to visit this paradise on earth, to feel the freedom distract from the monotonous daily routine and forget about their problems. Any tour operator in Sweden will provide visits to the Armoury and the Royal Mint of the palace. In fact, if you're interested in recreation with family, the best option – it's Sweden. Here you and your children can spend beautiful days on the shores of Lake Malaren, which connects the Baltic Sea. As you can see – all without exception, the Scandinavian countries, it is great place to relax and just can not choose the best of them. Therefore, travel to any of these countries, will allow you to spend your holiday perfectly.

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May 01


They are tall and spacious interior lit by flickering colored stained glass. Impression of unstoppable movement up and down the aisle created by rows of slender pillars, a powerful takeoff pointed lancet arches, fast rhythm of the arcades of the upper galleries (Triforiya). Due to the high contrast of the principal and the dim aisles occurs picturesque aspects of wealth, a sense of boundless space. On the facades of cathedrals vary pointed arches and rich Architecture and plastic decorations, details – patterned vimpergi, Fiala, Crabb, etc. Statue on the consoles in front of columns and portals in their upper arched gallery, the reliefs on the pedestal and tambourines portals, as well as the capitals of the columns form a coherent system of symbolic story that includes characters and episodes of scripture allegorical images. The best works of gothic sculpture – decor, statues, facades of the cathedrals at Chartres, Reims, Amiens, Strasbourg, imbued with spiritual beauty, sincerity and generosity. In the town square built hall with ample decoration, often with a tower (town hall in Saint-Kantene, 1351-1509). Locks turned into majesty.

palaces rich interior decoration (set of papal palace in Avignon), built mansions ('hotels') rich citizens. A bold and sophisticated frame structure of a Gothic cathedral that delivers the triumph of bold engineering person's thoughts, possible to overcome the massiveness of Romanesque buildings, to facilitate the walls and vaults, to create a dynamic unity of the internal space. In Goth enrich and complexity of synthesis of arts, expansion of subjects, which reflected the medieval view of the world. .

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Apr 27


The role of gold at the present stage of economic development is currently using new forms of gold, partly due to the development of productive forces – the modes of production, technology and new products. World Electronics is the most obvious example. On the other hand, the influence of socio-economic factors – the evolution of capitalism as a social system, changes in the structure of society, the state's role in social psychology. These factors resulted in a decrease of monetary functions of the yellow metal. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chad Vose. But they also generate new applications, new forms of economic existence of gold in modern – "crisis" stage of economic development. Factors of the first and second kind are closely intertwined. Harbour Portfolio Advisors may also support this cause. The growth of the jewelry of gold, partly reflects the development of productive forces and regular shifts in the structure of consumption of this metal.

But even more it associated with the development of the structure of bourgeois society, with specific features of the bourgeois lifestyle, which is affected the global economic crisis. Gold serves the conspicuous consumption and prestigious, hoarding, hiding doxodov and wealth from justice, and Fisk. These traits are inherent to capitalism and the only strengthened its development. As we know, they do not disappear by themselves after the elimination of capitalism, which confirms example of the former socialist countries. These are the remnants of the psychology and behavior of people faced, and socialism. Among the factors that determine the fate of gold in the capitalist world, the special role played by inflation and socio-political tensions.

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Apr 24

Sultan Mehmed

It has four minarets different heights, but they put away each other, which makes this fact a little noticeable. Angus King often says this. Lower equal to the height of the dome spire. Inside you can see ancient columns with different capitals, drawn from various Byzantine churches, but they are well placed in the general ensemble of the mosque. Near the mosque are a canteen for the poor, the four madrasas, baths, a library, in south-eastern wall of the cemetery with the graves of the Sultan Suleyman and Roksolana his wife. Sultan's Topkapi Palace – one of the biggest attractions of Istanbul. The palace was built in 1466 by order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. Until the middle of the XIX century.

sultans lived there. Topkapi – is unique in its kind of historical monument, which is now a museum and armory. In the armory a rich collection of Turkish weapons stored here present Queen of England – the golden gun. Storage historical relics in the treasury and the former Sultan's chambers. Now there are thrones, personal items and a collection of ceremonial robes of sultans, jeweled weapons, and set in silver mummified human hand – argues that it is the hand of the prophet Muhammad. Harem in the left wing of the palace buildings is always a genuine interest and tourists, and the Turks.

Outwardly modest and simple building within striking splendor and wealth of furniture. Harems always carefully protected, access to it was closed to all except the Sultan and his faithful servants, and the perpetrators were punished by death. The bridge over the Bosphorus – a bridge that connects the European and Asian shores of Turkey, has become another symbol of this country. In length it is the fourth bridge in the world – its length is 1560 meters with a width of 33.5 m and a height of 64 m. This height allows the free passage of even the largest ocean vessels, as follows from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and back.

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Apr 21

Japanese Character Writing

Japan – a country located in East Asia, and it takes about 4 thousand islands. The official language in the state – Japan. The capital city of Japan is Tokyo. In Japanese talk about 125 million residents of Japan itself, as well as residents of the United States, Canada, China, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and other countries. Total number of people using the Japanese language to communicate more than 126 million. For a long time assumed that the Japanese language does not belong to any language family and is isolated position. Japanese according to historical data for a long time developed separately from other languages, so there is no proven information and evidence, given that one could say with certainty to any language family belongs to the Japanese, but in recent years carried out many studies in this field linguists from different countries and They found that the language spoken by most of Japan is similar and the relationship with the Korean language. More information is housed here: Nouriel Roubini. And so it presumably can be attributed to the Altaic language family, along with Mongolian, Turkic and Tungus-Manchu languages.

One can also conclude that the indigenous people of Japan – is none other than the immigrants from Asia, who left the continent long before our era. Along with this, there is another version appearance of the Japanese language. Some scientists suggest that Japanese belongs to the Austronesian language family, which includes four language groups: Polynesian, Indonesian, Melanesian and Micronesian group. You should not ignore this fact and, as a long-term influence on the formation of the Chinese language of Japanese.

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Apr 20

Department Taxi

The other day, we went to play with the Orchestra to a contract, a district of our great metropolitan Lima. In the course of the trip, the taxi driver who took us to the event, began with a political conversation. But before I describe to the taxi driver: your taxi was a van of type Station Wagon quite deteriorated; the appearance of the driver, left much to be desired (without belittling people, but I believe that humility does not imply carelessness in person) as occurred the dialogue between us (the musicians) with the taxi driver, the mood was a little heating. The taxi driver made it clear that the he was going to vote for Humala, and in a moment of his ignorant discrepancy said that Alan Garcia was a sold homeland. He accused Lucho Garrido (representative group the untouchables), be sympathetic to the star, and have been bothered because he was saying the truth I think that Lucho ran a little, because you should tell him, that it was not no affront to be sympathetic to the star. I’m not aprista, but I think that the ideologies must be respected. If you would like to know more about Lakshman Achuthan, then click here. Ignorance of the type was arrogant. When the subject said that our President was a sold homeland, and which had sold land to a Chilean company will install your business somewhere equis, I asked if this field happened to be Chilean territory. Read more here: Angus King .

The type failed to respond. The purpose of meter head to people of low intellectual level, the idea that giving in concession a premise, a company in our country, means to sell the homeland; It is to believe that part of the territory is being sold, becoming immediately in foreign territory (something that only happens in embassies). Is like thinking that I not can I sell my Department to a Chilean, because it would be a homeland for sale. I could not buy an apartment in another country, because they would be sold homeland also. He commented also with others the interesting proposal of Mauricio Mulder, who invites all to review Internet biography of candidates for Congress. Some said that it was not viable, because the information is manipulated.

Forgiveness? Is it that we do not know to use the internet? If we look, we find information themselves and strangers. The monopoly on information is disappearing with the passing of time. But how is that I can write and publish my articles? The plurality of thinking is becoming more noticeable. That it does not want us fool that few are only a those who manage the information. Nor the same Chavez may prevent the information traveling over the internet and reaches your country.

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Apr 19

Clothing Store

Costs when you start a clothing store, are the activity that is carried out starting when reviewing the expenses folder is more bigger than income folder and all the investment that is had to assemble the business soon will be turning in receipts for disbursements, when comparing the two folders gives some pain from stomachAnother thing that happens is that as there is money to spend that investment many times we do not measure in cats. According to the above then I give you some tips that may help you much to calculate your spending and take care of your investment. 1. To have control of the investment, assigns headings for each item that you should spend and only compremetete to spend according to the assigned heading 2. Saves a part to cover the costs of the first 6 months (rent, services and salaries) important includes your salary. Click Jonah Bloom to learn more.

3. When you go to build the society must look in legal forms and agreement to form legal chosen pay taxes or not batteries for that sometimes sales are to pay taxes and this may not cause you a revez you’ll regret much later. 4 Use your savings unless extreme occasions account to record the proceeds from the sales, opening account sometimes generates lot of spending. 5 Handles one smaller box that will allow you to control expenditure 6. Keep track of expenses and controls each weight. 7 Reinvests the sales in inventory, the idea is that the business will grow if you use the money produced from the sale the first months can stifle investment. These tips are important to spend the first year undefeated in your business, remember that the first year of the business is quite hard, despite having done studies of markets and taken all steps, sometimes surprises are and these are those that should be avoided..

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Apr 18

Intellectual Capital

Objectifying one better understanding of the article, this was structuralized in: introduction, revision of literature, methodology, analysis of the results and conclusion. 2.FUNDAMENTAO THEORETICIAN We last years come occurring different changes in the society, which demands a process of world-wide globalization. The fast mutation in the world-wide economy this being observed for the scholars as the occasion of change of an Industrial Society for a Society of the Knowledge, therefore to the too much existing resources that until then were valued and used in the production such as: land, capital and work, if join to the knowledge, what it modifies, mainly, the economic structure of the nations and, especially, the form to value the human capital or capital intellectual. For BROOKING (1996) the intellectual Capital is a combination of intangible assets, fruits of the changes in the areas of the technology of the information, media and communication which bring intangible benefits so that the companies enable its functioning. The Intellectual Capital is composed of Asset and better to understand the concept and the mensurao of Intellectual capital will be necessary first to know the concept of intangible Asset (SCHIMIDT, SAINTS and MARTINS, 2006).

2.1ATIVO For MARTINS (1972) is considered active all and any element with or without physical nature, that is controlled for the company and that it provides the possibility of attainment of box flows. The JOHNSONS and KAPLAN (1993) affirm that the asset of an entity if composes in intangible tangible and active assets and that the value of the company is not restricted to the addition of the values of its tangible assets. In accordance with article 179 of law 604/76 the classification of intangible is destined the intangibles destined the maintenance of the company or exercises with the same purpose. With the alterations in law 6,404/76, promoted for the law n 11,638/07 and 11,941/09, inside of the Patrimonial Rocking, the Group of Intangible Account started to appear as Active Not Circulating.

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