Jul 17

Webinar Business

Bring the franchise through the on-line training. That is what they will do from now on mundoFranquiciaconsulting, the renowned Spanish consultant (http.//www.mundofranquicia.es). And it is that the firm has proposed reinforce its informative work on the wide range of possibilities offered by this formula business through new technologies. A work that will perform with the completion of 4 webminarios directed both franchisors and franchisees and which has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Bureau Veritas, the leading group in training. The franchise is proving to be a more than recommendable option for business.

Why hayq EU follow support and putting voice to their gifts. Therefore we wanted to leverage the advantages that offer on-line training programs through knowledge make Bureau Veritas, emphasizes Mariano Alonso, his general managing partner. At the same time Jose Luis Lombardero, Director General of Bureau Veritas training, added our grain of sand in this initiative is the of make available for franchisors and their partners a well-known system eLearning has the best and most innovative solutions. Thus the things with this new offer of services of mundoFranquiciaconsulting will allow that they can geographically dispersed audiences and markets learning and training with the best content and experts. Our team of consultants has created very practical and useful content for franchisors such as franchisees, both added Alonso. These are the webminarios in question: Webinar 1: La franchise as a business opportunity what is a franchise? Franchise and other trading partner systems. Franchise agreement legal framework. 2 Webinar: How to buy my self-assessment La franchise.

Franchisee profile. Rights news of the franchisee. Analysis and selection of the franchise. Tips in buying a franchise. 3 Webinar: As franchising my business for which franchising? Can I franchise my business? The analysis of viability. How do my project from franchise? 4 Webinar: How to manage the network of franchises how to organize the Central franchise? Functions franchisers. Assistance to the network. Initial and continuous. The transmission of experiences. Training and manuals of franchise. The Expansion of the chain. How to get franchisees. Likewise stressed that the bet of mundoFranquiciaconsulting for virtual training is not the first that makes. Recently, in collaboration with the AEF (Asociacion Espanola de Franquiciadores) launched three complete training courses providing all the technical content and embarked on functions of management and consultative support. These are: 1. course for future franchisees, of 30 hours. 2. Superior course of franchises, 80 hours. 3. Course of direction and management of franchises, 200 hours.

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Jul 17

Specialist Forum

Sales opportunities with the Infosystem opportunities overview sales employees can focus on customers or operations, promises the best chance of success. According to arbitrary criteria can be, for example, markets or segment areas that deserve a high priority. Mark Berger spoke with conviction. Can create seller as a “top-ten” for a specific region or markets that primarily edit them. Customized workplace every work station has other requirements in relation to the information you need. The individual work place is created using tables, charts and many built-in applications. The abas business software now offers crucial information at a glance with their portal. One globe – one network – one ABAS more and more medium-sized companies recognize the opportunities offered by globalisation.

To successfully process ERP projects at an international level without sight to lose profitability and return on investment, growth, a specific, proven methodology developed by ABAS. As a supportive tool comes Portal application to use, which serves as a collaboration platform and support all staff involved in the project. IT trends and more in the run-up to the fair abas-COO Peter researches at a star-studded panel discussion on the topic of SaS to take part. Interested in the subject will find the webcast from week 38 on the Internet page of the IT & business (www.itandbusiness.de). The abas stand in Hall 5 stand C55 is also the starting point of the guided tours conducted by Trovarit.

On the topics of trade, mechanical engineering and Variant manufacturing ABAS shows how the abas business software to solve the corresponding scenarios. On the first day of the fair, from 10:15 to 10:45 Mario Raatz speaks, ABAS Software AG, in the ERP Specialist Forum 5.1 current IT trends such as cloud computing, SaS, and more. Company Description company profile of the ABAS Software AG the ABAS Software AG’s core competence is the development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies with 10 to over 1,000 employees.

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Jul 13

Berlin Forum

Ceremony of the ‘Bavarian eGovernment lion’ by State Secretary Franz Josef Pschierer Berlin / Cologne, may 25, 2010 – under the auspices of the IT representative of the Bavarian State Government, State Secretary Franz Josef Pschierer, from 14 to 15 June 2010 in Munich the 2nd Bavarian user forum eGovernment of the INFORA takes place. The Conference is designed as a vendor-independent forum for information and exchange of experiences around the theme of e-Government in the free State of Bavaria. You aims to provide a platform of the Bavarian State and local government employees, current developments in the e-Government strategy in the free State and to discuss practical experiences from relevant projects. By mid May 2010 already over 160 public institutions in Bavaria have registered with majority several representatives. Gain insight and clarity with Roubini Global Economics. Due to the large number of participants at the premiere event in the last year the user forum is not as originally, but Congress Center Munich (Neue Messe) in the Bavarian Landtag in the international carried out. The participation is free of charge for employees of the public administration. The substantive programme of the Congress is dominated by about 50 presentations in the plenary and in the specialized forums through experience and expertise from the public administration.

Their presentations will be devoted in particular following issues: development, implementation and access to eGovernment applications in municipalities and regional authorities; future IT strategies and consolidated IT operations in the free State of Bavaria; IT security and digital identities as a prerequisite of secure e-Government; new trends such as unified communication and green it. The 2nd Bavarian user forum at the same time the framework for the initial award of the Bavarian eGovernment lion”(www.cio.bayern.de/ Lion). Thus, solutions will be awarded, which are characterized by a particularly high benefits for citizens, businesses and public authorities. The selection is carried out by an independent panel of experts. The prize is awarded upon completion of the first Event day by Franz Josef Pschierer Secretary of State. More information about the 2nd Bavarian user forum and electronic registration at.

About INFORA: INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting firm for more than 25 years. With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes.

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Jul 12

Forumfactory Load

Campen.de common Urlaubsbestaltung at Campen.de Michael, administrator in the Forum is pleased: nowadays, many caravans have only a very low load. Since 2001, the caravan named are: shipped “Curb weight in running order”, but since not all campers always with two 11 kg steel cylinder, full water tank etc on the trip go, changes not only weight, but also the support load. The loading machine will serve as tools, to optimally load the caravan.” Prerequisites for the use of the trailer loading machine is yet another module, the user can employ to create from travel packing lists. Both tools together support, forum users with the travel arrangements for the tents and camping. The Pack list tool from Forumfactory performs several functions.

The user, in this case Zelter, camper and motorhome travellers can use this list as a reminder, so forget anything with the vacation planning. Orientation and selection offers a Master packing list, which is broken down according to categories such as clothing, food, bathroom, kitchen etc.. As a first-time camper can be when creating his packing list equal to ideas, what required you anything at all for tent holidays. And last but not least the printed list also serves as a pack help when stored in car and caravan. Campers, travelling with a caravan, can now in their loading scheme with the trailer loading machine (www.campen.de/ campingcalc.php) to determine the optimum load distribution. He builds on the individual travel packing list and the core data of the user to his truck and his Caravan.

Users can provide the items that he wants to take with a weight and move from the packing list using drag-and-drop in the various areas of towing vehicle and trailer, Pack left or rear right as slightly forwards. The weights in each area of the trailer loading computer immediately added, so that it recognizes a right – or left-side wrong distribution right at the virtual loading or even an overload of the Caravan. To balance the load better, the user can move the travel accessories even between the different areas through drag-and-drop. Also in the loading schema, the user can add new items, edit existing objects, or remove those that he this time not needed by pulling on the journey to the delete icon. The loading scheme can be saved for later arrivals. A detailed tutorial with videos receives the user on the home page of the caravan load calculator. Caravan loading computer usage is free of charge for registered users of. Guests can check, have to register but before the use of the two camping tools in the Forum. This register is however easy and free of charge. Feedback and help requests are received in an extra furnished Forum area and clarified.

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Jul 10

Forum Media Ventures GmbH

Ticker exchangeBA deal: yourXpert successfully with the Forum Media Ventures brought together Frankfurt, 11.02.2013 – the yourXpert GmbH takes over the exchangeBA platform to the Forum Media Ventures GmbH and successfully closes first financing round. The funds are used for the development of the company and for the expansion of the marketing and sales activities of yourXpert GmbH. yourXpert operates an innovative platform for online expert advice. The Council seeking customer soon finds his personal expert and can overtake via email, live chat or telephone an on-demand consulting. External consultants offer their services on the platform in different categories (e.g. law, taxes, psychology, etc.). The consulting software enables the second billing and automated billing without having the customer must install additional software. yourXpert receives a percentage Commission for any mediated advice.

More information to yourXpert can be accessed at. We are pleased that we have the yourXpert GmbH could successfully accompany and wish every success for the further expansion of the company the partners! “, so Dr. Jochen Haller, CEO of exchangeBA AG.” The exchangeBA brings together companies seeking capital and investors. Thus, it offered an alternative to the time – and cost-intensive capital search on their own. The success to date is the exchangeBA right: so far over 70 transactions could be completed successfully. Press contact of exchangeBA AG Kaiserstrasse 54 60329 Frankfurt Dr. Jochen Haller phone + 49 – (0) 69-257812-50 of the exchangeBA AG exchangeBA AG operates the leading venture capital marketplace in the German-speaking world since 2005 under and brings together companies seeking capital and investors. Over 940 investors in the areas of private investors/business angels, venture capital and private equity, as well as family offices are listed on the investor page. On the corporate side, companies seeking capital, list regardless of industry, company phase, region, and level of capital requirements. Over 70 transactions could successfully be accompanied to this day.

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Jul 09

Games People Play

The principles of organizations beyond the principles of individuals, take precedence and seem to be inscribed in stone. The company often manages to managers and directors to the company. It’s believed that Jim Rogers sees a great future in this idea. To innovate then we have to beat the company, you have to persuade, seduce, to force, so then I can break the inertia and the path. This occurs in large and small companies, even in pairs. In another form Eric Berne, author of Games People Play, documented a case of a woman who suffered with her alcoholic husband but at the same time, the fact of taking care of him gave him a sense of purpose, provided him a sense of security would not go with another "never stand it, accepted it as his" cross "that selflessly offered as a sacrifice. It was interesting and paradoxical that when the husband finally cured of alcoholism, the relationship falls apart. Mark Berger spoke with conviction. New forms of interaction generated enormous anxiety. The couple had been accustomed to operate under the previous dynamic and could not handle the challenge of the new.

And so one can extrapolate a series of situations that break the traditional pattern of interaction between the parties: neighborhood change, change of job, studies, professional or personal enrichment, aging, travel, fresh ideas, and so on. Specifically in the company, innovations involve new dynamics of interaction, trial and error, accommodations and rearrangements, risk, change in the status quo. It is natural that the organization will resist. If the change as bringing a flag) has no support and encouragement of the circles of power within the enterprise, 2) do not have the resources to thrive and that the initiatives are not left in the middle of the road if 3) is not covered, by design, some will not come out successful explorations of the first, then the heavyweight champion will be isolated, lynched expelled as a scapegoat, as when Homer Moe runs the canteen. This is a natural phenomenon, sociological, evolutionary psychology, the management of the Jungian shadow in groups, has to be displayed well and be part of the equation when it comes to innovation and organizational change..

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Jul 04


In recent years, refrigeration intensively developed. Refrigerating machines are used for heat removal from any object. Refrigeration units take away the heat from an object (thus wasting electricity) and give its cooling water or air around, which have a higher temperature than the object of cooling – this is an easy how they work. For cooling liquids (aqueous solutions and water) can be used chillers – is tech refrigeration units. Typically chillers are used to provide basic modes of cooling, freezing and storage of various products in air conditioning systems, filling lines, coolers.

Refrigeration plants – a set of equipment used to maintain a refrigerated substances, temperature is lower than the air temperature around them. Refrigeration units consist of one or multiple chillers in their composition included all the necessary accessories. Combining the main components of the refrigeration unit into a single assembly unit forms a cooling unit. Depending on the components of the refrigeration unit incorporated in the design of the unit, refrigeration units conventionally classified on the compressor-condenser, the hardware, complex, compressor cooling units. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rogers Holdings. Refrigeration unit consists of receiver, compressor, filter, condenser, motor and high and low pressure. Refrigeration compressors are required for compression and pumping compressed air or gases in refrigerators. They are classified on some major issues: the terms of use, by location and type of refrigerant cylinders, according to the principle of action, according to the principle of motor and mechanism of movement, etc.

There are three important type compressors: screw, piston, helical. Reciprocating refrigeration compressor is equipped with one or more pistons, they move back and forth in a straight line in the cylinders that are placed into a single corpus. The ejection of gas or air piston compressor occurs after the cylinder pressure exceeds the pressure in the compressor discharge line. By way of the release piston compressors and dual Simple actions, and the arrangement of cylinders – inclined cylinder, horizontal, vertical. Refrigeration units with reciprocating compressors are used mainly for domestic use or for small industries, so how they allocate a higher power. The popularity of reciprocating compressors is mainly explained by their low cost, uncomplicated production and high maintainability. Due to its properties and price chillers with reciprocating compressors are still the most common, but the vast fields of use have and chillers with screw compressors. In screw compressor compressing liquid is held together by two rotors with helical teeth. Refrigeration units with screw compressors are used in various branches of the metal, gas, chemical, food, petroleum, etc. In the competition between the screw and reciprocating compressors unit with the lead screw compressors. Refrigeration units with screw compressors – this is a small station compressed air, air-cooled, and for its operation only need to connect electricity, and the application of reciprocating compressors for further cleaning and cooling air required additional devices. Further, the mounting screw compressor need only flat area, and for sure the piston construction of the foundation. Do not screw compressor pistons and friction parts that significantly increases the efficiency of the compressor. Chillers with screw compressors are easier to maintain, especially if the service piston compressor is best done through 16,000 hours of operation, then screw compressor, the figure is 24,000 hours. Thus, it becomes clear that in order to buy coolers, industrial, you need to analyze the pros and cons of the installed equipment.

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Jul 03

Weapon Boxes

Arms should be kept legal persons in a safe, cabinets, boxes, pyramids and installed in specially equipped premises, discharged, with the hammer released, put the safety catch, clean and lubricated, separate from ammunition. The arms assigned to the employees of legal persons, in a safe, closet, pyramid or box attached labels indicating the type, model and number of weapons in accordance with an inventory of books and registration records and securing weapons. If you would like to know more then you should visit Economic Cycles Research Institute. 164. In the armory of legal persons with special statutory tasks in conjunction with the weapon is allowed to store cartridges in , shops, swap or clip reels. For more specific information, check out Harbour Portfolio Advisors .

Weapons in their original packaging (cartons, boxes) and the cartridges in bottles (zinc boxes with zinc) can stored on shelves. Cartridges in bulk is stored only in metal boxes, closed by two locks, different secret. In individual safes, metal cabinets, boxes, pyramids, and by separate storage of: a) ammunition and weapons (except as indicated in paragraph 164 of this Instruction). At the same cartridge containing pyrotechnic compositions, or filled, tear gas and irritant substances, as well as ammunition, which gave misfires, stored in a single package, and b) artistic and decorated weapons of all kinds, containing precious metals or precious stones, and c) the seized weapons and accepted for temporary storage of citizens or employees other entities, as well as such weapons and the balance consisting of: d) of gunpowder, packed in special sealed metal bottles (boxes), and gunpowder, packed in plastic bags for retail trade. 166. Metal cabinets and drawers for storage of weapons shall be closed by the castle and have a thickness of not less than 2 mm, for storing gunpowder, bullets and articles containing a pyrotechnic charge or pyrotechnic projectile equipment – not less than 3 mm, and used for the transport of weapons by air – not less than 1,6 mm.

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Jun 30

Distributor For The Highly Secure Products From Kanguru Is OPTIMALLY

USB-stick “Kanguru Defender elite” for corporate sensitive applications – central remote control manage, integrated anti-malware and virus scanning proactive, Aachen, June 14, 2010, the Aachen House OPTIMALLY distributes among the highly secure FIPS 140-2 certified USB data storage by Kanguru in all German-speaking European countries. The hardware-encrypted USB sticks ‘ Kanguru Defender elite “can be managed enterprise-wide Central and remote control and are available for Windows and July also for Mac and Linux. Distributor of U.S. Click Senator from Maine to learn more. producer Kanguru in the German-speaking European countries is ideal for ‘ Kanguru Defender elite “, a handy, encrypted USB drive for secure data exchange. The device works with a 256-bit AES-CBC-hardware encryption and is so resistant to attacks from outside. In addition, it can be managed via remote function from any location. Harbour Portfolio Advisors shines more light on the discussion. Stored data can be deleted on loss of the keys remotely.

The stick also has a virtual keyboard and a physical read-only and is available in sizes up to 128 GB. “The Kanguru Defender elite is the currently most secure USB flash drive, there”, Bert white Rheinbach, Managing Director of the system House in Aachen. “The control remote that works through a cloud solution is particularly clever.” Security solutions absorb in the age of mobile communication and the increasing importance of security issues OPTIMALLY in addition to software distribution and management programs more and more in the portfolio. Kanguru is a manufacturer of sophisticated and secure PC memory and peripheral devices. Kanguru offers the USB-sticks of the series “Defender elite” with integrated anti-malware security software. The devices also have a proactive real time virus scan.

This prevents that the drive can be misused by cyber criminals to spread malicious programs on other PCs. Description of the company is an IT systems integrator with a focus on client Management and workflow, document management and security solutions. BEST finds simple solutions for complex requirements in IT management and system administration, to improve the business processes of the company. It develops OPTIMALLY produce or extending and enhancing existing solutions. In Germany and Austria, as well as the German-speaking areas of Switzerland and Italy, the user supplies OPTIMALLY either directly or with the help of extended partner network. Member of the Bundesverband is OPTIMAL medium-sized economy (BVMW) and whose competence circle it company contact: OPTIMAL Bert Rheinbach Dennewartstrasse 27 52068 Aachen Tel: + 49.241.531088-250 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Faltmann PR Faltmann Sabine Theatre Street 15 52062 Aachen Tel: + 49.241.43 53 74 84 E-Mail: Web:

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Jun 30

The Ability

The man of the Island of the Careiro of the Fertile valley looks for to keep a relation with the respect forest, however, felt discloses the cheiros of the night, but that they take to create and to count it them histories on facts happened during the day, giving the imagination of the women one another form to see the forest. The forest and its diverse cheiros the ability to feel the cheiros varies very between people and generally it is associated the cheiros of other things that we know, therefore does not exist a denomination. However, many plants have cheiros private property that are very useful the people as copaba, a species of tree that it serves for remedy, I smell to recognize is enough to cut it the rind of the alive tree, where if it exhales for all part. The cheiros also can transmit souvenirs pleasant as green pepper, fruits, string beans, sugar cane-of-sugar, adocicados, citric, ginger, aromatical, cravo, perfume, incense and bengu. In a question-answer forum Angus King was the first to reply. The ackward cheiros can appear as percipient souvenirs of the reality as: piti, ftido, remedy, pungente, etc.

Feeling I smell through it frequently represents attitudes of the exterior of the human being that if repeats for the breath giving a rhythm has situations and sensations and soon the eyes and the ears wait to adentrar in the spaces of the forest, therefore the body perceives the details of the danger presence or spectacles them diverse essences gifts. These spaces if communicate with the people symbolizing in direct way the relation to be in the world that if considers since its infancy retaking and assuming sensations of the being to feel the places and to remember if its ancestor who already they are not more livings creature. The cheiros of the forest are for all part alone are enough to feel, to catch and to look at its return to perceive that it is possible to identify through a series of possible cheiros the places of the forest and this only can be made by who to know and experience every day. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Berger.

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