Mar 23


The standard is something very good, therefore it degenerates the consumer to have that to think more than the necessary one, therefore all look to solutions and more things not to think. through the standardization that if it searchs to simplify the work, preventing the unnecessary movements and its invariability. Falconi (2004) defines standardization as a set of systematic activities to establish, to use and to evaluate standards how much to its fulfilment, its adequacy and to its effect on the result. A choice important that it must be taken by the managemental function it is the choice of the supervisors. Therefore, the supervision is the line of command for all the operators. A process to be carried through of coesa form must have six primordial factors, that are: Raw material; Ambient conditions; Equipment; People; Information and Procedures. For Gasparini (1999, P. 399): To standardize means to equal, to uniformizar, to estandardizar.

Standardization, in turn, wants to say adoption of estander, a model. The word? I begin? it indicates the basic one, the elementary one. Thus, it must the entity purchaser, in all the businesses for the acquisition of good, to observe the basic rules that lead to the adoption of estander, of a standard that, advantageously, can satisfy the necessities of the activities that are its position. Thus, the supervisor, beyond evaluating if all the factors are being perfectly taken care of inside of the process, must provide a periodic diagnosis with the process and give the due training to operators. He is in its responsibility also, the certainty of the fulfilment of the operational procedures for the operators. With the well structuralized process he only is that if he can initiate the standardization. The task only can be standardized that is being executed satisfactorily. To standardize is to say to who to make as to make, with which tools to make and in the stipulated time.

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Mar 17


This is what we love. It is a design and construction of exhibition stands. Advertising stands – is a company, his business card, if you want – a brand. C through advertising stand can identify the product, service or location created this way that the consumer or buyer accepts the unique added value that can satisfy his needs the best way. And it is very important that the advertising stand was beautifully decorated and comfortably designed. To visitors, potential customers, consumers could not only marvel at the original design of advertising stand, but also to discuss the situation in positioning the business relationship.

It's no secret that today the traditional ways of promoting goods and services become less and less effective. In the ruthless competition for the attention of potential buyers need better and more innovative means and methods. Market leaders need fresh ideas, and novices – unconventional moves that attract attention. Paul Price: the source for more info. The principal difference between advertising stands out of cardboard from other marketing tools is the ability to point, direct effects on the target audience in the places of its occurrence, whether it be an exhibition presentation or a pos stock. Mobile stands an effective tool expo marketing. They have long and successfully used for conferences, presentations and exhibitions.

Mobile stands are widely used Russian and foreign companies, since they are the best tool for presentations. Mobile stands to justify the use and major exhibitions. Mobile stands may serve as the perfect complement to a large stationary stand of the company. Located at the entrance of the exhibition hall, mobile stands immediately focus the audience's attention and direct the flow to the main exhibition. The main advantages of mobile stands may include their small size, ease of storage, transport and use, ease of assembly and replacement of the image. Design features for mobile stands may be divided into two types: a PopUp – umbrella design and FoldUp – flatbed design. These options are the most widely and successfully used by many companies. Our company offers a full range of services manufacture of mobile stands PopUp and FoldUp. Thanks to high-tech production base, quality control of products is performed at all stages of the production cycle.

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Mar 17

Person Interviewee

This model assumes that performance is causal, there is an intention (motivation, personality traits, knowledge, self-image), which involves an action (behavioral indicators), which therefore determines an outcome (job performance). The questions focus on past and current behavior of the candidate. It is necessary to obtain specific examples of past performance, and to assess the skills and knowledge of candidates. The way to avoid cliche answers that the interviewee says that he believes the interviewer wants to hear, is to refer to real events and how effective that has been played at that time. Cross-examination is necessary considering the speech of the interviewee, that is through active listening and delve into those aspects that have not been made explicit. To understand the story, interpreting the data and be objective enough – if it can be – it is necessary to denature what we take for granted, therefore ask the obvious.

Often, it is surprising and is the most effective way of knowing how to actually think that before us. It is also necessary not to accept generalizations and redirect the discourse of the applicant to actual events in which you have participated actively. Accept generic responses, prevents us from knowing how the respondent reacted or acted in response to various stimuli and usually leads us to hypothesize guided by our opinion and not supported by facts. It is necessary to find clear evidence that the person has been able to deploy and / or suggest in previous situations we are evaluating the skills for that particular job.

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Mar 11


If you not to make its part, it you do not have nothing to make. In the current days this proposal is in fashion in the scope of the unions, the associations and the companies between the employers, used and leading. However, the meaning is: I am making for me and mine, what you must make for you yourselves and its. In other words, one turns over, as I am turning over or am making my part. ' ' Workers never joined will be vencidos' ' As he knows yourself, he is difficult to join a more difficult category and still to join diverse classrooms of workers, ideal of all leader. However, if somebody to obtain uniz them is clearly that it will be more difficult to fight them.

The logical one is to join in number, but in ideology nor in such a way, therefore the ideological equality, in a similar way that it constructs, also destroys. The proposal is ideal to demand right, to charge fulfilment of duties or to obtain benefits. In the speech case politician, the interpretation one more time plays for the people the responsibility with the task to arrange exits for its problems. If you to find more people to vote with me its order will be taken care of. If you are alone, you are deceased, therefore who only has its vote does not deserve representative. When one is about fight or campaign that leaves of the people, (a leader of campaign or syndicalist) in such a way can be inducing to look its equal ones or to enter into an alliance it the ones that they think in a similar way to gain force and to reach beneplcitos, in detriment of the others that do not share of the movement (strikers), how much can mention the different ones to it that, together can, each one in its, to search a form of &#039 alone; if to give bem' (the pierce-strike) the ones that talk with leader in the embroidery frames.

To conclude, I want to stand out the necessity of effort and understanding of the unsatisfied people and the population opponent, to learn to understand the language of the politicians, the authorities and the leaders in general way. I ask for this, as much for the respect to the institutions and its competent consisting authorities, as well as for the recognition of our linguistic incompetence interpreting its words so well intentioned. Also I ask for excuses for the times that I said to my leader politician badly, because now I only understood that, at least, all only want well to its next one, what already he is very Christian, that its friend of party or its neighbor does not mean to be. In the maximum, each one wants to fight the evil in its house. It is enough now that each one fulfills its duty and if strengthens to learn to read and to interpret, literally, the words of its leaders, giving the arm to twist and taking off the hat, respectfully. Words – key: philosophy – corruption moral politics ethical. 1 Teacher of Portuguese and English of the IFPA Campus of Itaituba-Par.

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Mar 11

The Bowl

For example, W-8 – this concrete is less porous than the usual W-6, and will not absorb much water. It is important that the location of all mortgages, the holes for the injectors (the closing of parts on tubes and other devices which is set on the inner surface of the pool) was thought out in advance, then will not have to drill the concrete for example, has a hole under a lamp. In the process of assembling the concrete is poured into the prepared excavation to the foundation and reinforcement – it's walls and bottom of the pool. It is important that the cup was filled immediately, but not often, because the pool is made of several layers may not be reliable. Before hardening of concrete is necessary to "knock out" from He bubbles. This is done using special vibrators. Dry bowl should be two to three months.

You will need only occasional watering pool water so that it no cracks. Subject to all the rules surface should receive exactly, without noticeable depressions and mounds. But if you want to save time and effort you can do easier. Some firms, on request, use caissons – metal plates – for forming formwork bowls: one plate abuts directly to the ground, the second is the inner wall of the bowl. In the space between two plates poured concrete – for structural strength. This method, of course, cheaper, but this bowl will turn with sutures. Sutures, however, then sealed and welded, but there is a certain risk: problems with sealing may show up at the most inopportune moment.

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Mar 03

Ribeiro Companies

It is thinking about the humanizador character of the pedagogia that to the beginnings of century XXI, we can see the work of pedagogo well-connected to the companies, understanding the necessity of a professional of the education in the spaces of enterprise formation, never disrespecting the education as object of transformation in all the scopes that this if to make gift of intentional form. That papers assumes pedagogo in the scope above empresarialPensando in the perspective of the chapter, which paper pedagogo comes assuming in these great companies? He would not be noentanto to provide the such I stimulate to the empreendedorismo, the competitiveness and to give to more value the value more? These affirmations are ece of fishes considering that the formations inside of the companies, in its majority, have the character to promote to the professional an ability more want in the scope of its function in the company, want in the direction to develop the group work, but in all these, are understood that how much better abilities will be developed, better is the professional and capable to remain in the company and to ascend vertically in the institucional hierarchy. (.)To think about pedagogo inside of the companies is to think about the investment in the organizacional structure in order to gain market and competitiveness. (…) The pedagogia prepares the professional to act in the formation of the knowledge.

(TOWERS; IT HISSES 2009,372) Ribeiro (2007, P. 33) standes out the relevance of the development and the exercise of the abilities in the organizations, therefore ‘ ‘ the capacity is mentioned to it to adjust/to transform knowledge and tecnologias’ ‘. The pedagogical work as Libaneo apud Ribeiro (2007) has as bedding the development of methods and actions that result in the success of the process or diverse areas. In the field of the extra-pertaining to school action the pedagogos if distinguish as formadores, instructors, organizadores, technician and consultants, developing not pertaining to school activities in public and private and public agencies did not estataisNesse sensible which have been performance of pedagogo in the enterprise system contemporary? Ribeiro (2007) answers with three hypotheses, first to play work technician of learning and relations human beings that integrates the collaborated ones to the organizacional culture, according to organizacional consultant to direct ordenadamente a work that takes care of to the necessities of development and growth of the employees and for consequence of the company and in third place, is the company a space of learning to the formandos of the pedagogia course..

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Feb 25

Fire Safety Systems

For mining and oil and gas trunk pipelines pumping stations, stations and gas pipelines, tank farms storing oil and oil products and liquefied gas chemical industry (chemical plants, paint manufacturing, etc.) for loading racks and marine terminals, including offshore platforms, ships can not do without high quality and guaranteed fire safety and fire alarm systems. Fire Alarm Systems There are many types of fire alarm systems for large and medium-sized enterprises. There are fire detectors, smoke, Heat and hand. They differ in crash that flame detectors are designed for the detection of the fire detectors in the sector coverage and issue an alarm on the receiving-control and fire devices. Smoke detectors react to the presence of smoke in enclosed spaces and issue an alarm and transmit it to the receiving-control instruments. Heat detectors are designed to transmit alarm Fire Alarm when exceeding the set temperature in a controlled area. A Hand-held detectors are designed for manual activation of alarm in the fire and the fire alarm. All detectors differ in modification and additional features: range (detection range), viewing angle, the degree of enclosure protection, Ex, resistance to temperature and humidity, noise immunity to external influences (welding, cutting metal, radiation, sunlight, lightning, etc.) as well as susceptibility to certain products of combustion, vapor and gases.

Fire Security To ensure complete safety is not sufficient to use only detectors that beep. There is a danger that the detectors themselves can not be prevented, it is the presence of gases, vapor and alcohols in the air. Gas analyzers (instrumentation) is carried out continuous measurement of gas concentration in the field of possible occurrence of petroleum and petroleum vapors, combustible gases (methane, propane, butane, isobutane, pentane, cyclopentane, hexane), as well as alcohols (methanol, ethanol, etc). They are used in oil and gas production in the open air, maritime platforms and berths for oil and gas pipelines (in transportation of oil and gas), facilities, gas and automobile enterprises, gazs and gas stations, power plants, power plant, fuel and energy, fuel storage (in ports, railways, oil depots, etc.). Control and Instrumentation (TRC) can be used as autonomously and as part of analysis systems. Measured the concentration of harmful substances shall be issued in the form of a standardized output in digital form on a standard communication channel. The main objective is select appropriate equipment to all guests and proven in the market fire-fighting equipment. That can guarantee the security of the enterprise itself and prevent accidents at the facilities.

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Feb 19

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co

The mining machinery has large development space in our country where various kinds of small device such as hammer crusher, jaw crusher and so on are widely used and some large mining equipment is also in update. In this case, how to use the mining machinery properly and safely is the problem that the enterprises and users are concerned about. Only the proper usage can guarantee the safety of production.Firstly, paying attention to maintenance. Just like other machines, the production ability and service life of the mining machinery depends on the maintenance of the main parts. It is necessary to conduct regular and professional check for the mining machinery. As for the new mining machinery, it is necessary to pay attention to check the density. At the beginning, there may be a lot of small problems and the users should not be sloppy. After some time, the users can reduce the frequency of inspection according to the specific condition, but it must be inspected regularly.For the machine with large working intensity, the periodic and complete check should be conducted.

Secondly, in order to ensure the normal use of the machinery and not to delay the construction period. Reminding the users to reserve some spare parts of the quick-wear ones in the warehouse. The quick-wear parts are generally located at the area with large workload. The operator must observe carefully and raise it if there were abnormal operation to ensure safe operation.Thirdly, the careful examination must be conducted before using mining machinery. Non-professionals is prohibited to operate the equipment. Noticing the order of operations and the operational processes cannot be changed. The production security is of great importance. There is a must to comply with the operational process of mining machinery. At the same time, choosing a standard large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprise such as Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a better choice. It not only can provide high quality mining machinery, but also will offer security guidance.

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Feb 13

Raw Metal Sales

Sales of building materials: a decrease in the price of basic construction materials for October and November 2008 turned 8. 15 percent Based on data from the Association of Builders of Russia, in late September 2008, the decline in prices of basic construction materials, to very end of December 2008. , Left 8, 14 percent of steel sales: the price of metal in comparison with November fell by about 13. 9 percent, is the strongest decrease in the value of metal in the year. Reinforcement is lost in the costs an average of 19.

8%. Sales of crushed rock, asphalt, sand, bricks: in 2008, you can see growth in sales of building materials. Price this year: c May to November price of cement fell by only 30-40%. Now the sale of the majority construction materials remains the same, but at this time, manufacturers individually suited to each customer and provide a deferral of payments, that is practically selling construction materials are at a lower price – According to the Association of Russian Builders. Announcement of All-Russian competition for the optimal development of steel spheres of the economy and the production of metal products including building materials. Metal rolling and light metal – a broad development area for construction. On materials ‘Metal-Expo’ Announced Russian competition on the optimal design of metal and light metal.

Competition announced in order to attract the attention of the market to the modern achievements in the creation of advanced new types of metal and steel structures. ‘Metal-Expo’ announced the call for applications for participation in the contest, contest will be announced at the international exhibition of metal and steel building forum ‘Metal Story Forum’ taking place between 18-21 March 2009. In the vvc. As part of the competition committee – the first specialist industry research organizations, such as: Institute of reinforced concrete, them. , them. Bardeen and other equally well-known enterprises. The forum presented a huge selection of construction materials, for example, you always be able to conclude an agreement with one of the many companies and for example: buy fixtures. If we remember that black and no small portion of non-ferrous metals are based on the needs of the building, part of which goes about 40 percent of the consumption of the metal. Sales pipes -up from January to October 2008 increased by almost 24% Net profit of Tube Works‘ since Jan. On oct. 2008. Was 115. 553 million Dollars, which is 21, 9 percent more than in 2007 year. Tube Works’ specializes in the production of shaped tubes and round longitudinal as well as water and gas, and gas pipes. One of the sections of the plant is a fixture B500C. According to the official documents of the company profits surged by 35 percent and amounted to 1 billion 876. R. 036 million cost had risen to 1 billion 662, 205 million rubles, ie, at 36, 7%. Net income from sales increased by 22% to $ 195. 774 million Dollars. Net income before tax went 183. R. 084 million and increased by 10 and 4 per cent.

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Feb 07

Small Companies

The action for impulse can compromise the effectiveness of the action. To assist the entrepreneur diverse tools exist and also specialized jobs, today one of main the subsidiary ones of the entrepreneur is the SEBRAE (Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Small Companies) this that gives to enterprising the support and assistance in the elaboration of goals and plans of action. Chiavenato and Sapiro (2003 P. 39) in tell that ‘ to them; ‘ the strategical planning is a process of formularization of organizacionais strategies in which if it searchs the insertion of the organization and its mission in the environment where it is atuando’ ‘. The adoption of a strategical management has as objective to identify positive and negative factors, chances and the threats, thus searching to maximize the profitability and efficiency of the processes that involve any stage of the organization and to minimize wastefulnesses and damages happened of me the preparation of the involved collaborators and, the identification of these factors is a step the front in the way of the enterprise support, something that today is an objective glimpsed for a great minority. I assist in it of the identification of these factors exist diverse tools, being main and the more usual tools; of analysis SWOT; cycle PDCA, Brainstorming, TQC, etc. 7.

The Tools and Its Functions the strategical management is the way that an organization chooses to evolve having as beginning point its present situation and to glimpse until a situation where it desires if to find in the future. In the sequence brief description with the exposition of the tools here in focus for one better understanding will be presented. 7,1 Analysis SWOT the first tool evidenced here is analysis SWOT that is abbreviation of four English words derived from the language.

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