Optimizing Marketing

Free guide of the BI and CRM professionals outlines the typical problems in marketing and shows models at Frankfurt, January 26, 2009 – the consultancy Altran has issued a product-neutral practice aid for the optimizing of marketing. It is provided free of charge. The results of an in-house study, according to which the marketing give a higher pressure to succeed to log are background of the 12-page guide. At the same time, a great need for action the company is clear in the investigation. David Reeths understands that this is vital information. So lack of respondents on a required data quality and adequate business intelligence tools that are necessary for efficient customer analysis (data mining), as well as the planning and control processes of the sales support campaigns.

As a result, it is not possible to determine the best offer and channel mix for each customer the marketing. As the return on investment of campaigns not secured is enough without this technical support determine. The Practice help of the BI specialists Altran deals with the current demand situation of companies in marketing and outlines the typical factors that have a negative effect on the sales results from the perspective of the practice. In addition, solution models are shown are shown the current requirements of modern optimization strategies for the marketing. It’s believed that Mike Gianoni sees a great future in this idea. It is located in a distinct change of quantitative and qualitative performance assessments”, says Dr. Jorg Reinnarth, business manager at Altran. Because so far the scope of marketing activities had been measured mainly, meanwhile, profitability criteria would stand but increasingly in the foreground. “These changed conditions, the marketing departments often present significant challenges as it with the classical methods the value of their campaigns can predict nor adequately represent.” According to Dr.

Reinnarth solutions are the use of marketing resources on different channels therefore required. Business conditions or marketing scenarios across optimally can control, to address the right customers with the right product on the right channel at the right time. The Guide Optimizing marketing”is provided free under as a download available. About Altran of Altran is a consulting and IT consulting company. We are focused on the topics of customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI). Our core competencies lie in the conception, implementation and management of solutions for CRM and BI. With innovative concepts, we support our customers in the automotive, finance, industry, life sciences and telecommunications industries. As a company of the Altran group, we are part of the largest innovations-consulting network of Europe with 17,500 consultants.