Newcastle International School

The more important football team of the homonymous city, Newcastle F.C at the most counts on a camping of soccer for children and young people for the vacations of summer other campings of soccer. This campus, through the Foundation of the club, counts on a special agreement with the best school of English of the zone. " Newcastle International School of English" it owns his soothes in the centric part, surrounded by stores and restaurants. There classes and courses are distributed throughout the year for students of all the ages, between which are ESOL, of businesses, IELTS and IT. The programs include the levels nascent, elementary, pre intermediate, intermediate, post intermediate. The weekly classes go from the 10 to the 25 hours, according to the course. It owns a high reputation and an excellent level of English, which makes be recognized in all Great Britain.

Account with the following facilities and services: – Classrooms: all of them are very ample and are designed especially so that the students feel relaxed and motivated during the classes. – Common Room: in her, all the students can sit down with their companions and other students of the school. He owns spending machines of snacks and refreshments, local and national newspapers and magazines and one caught radio to listen to music. This makes an atmosphere more than relajante. – Room IT: This service is for the free use of the students so that they can check his electronic mail or chatear with his friendly and relatives.

Also they will be able to read the news, thanks to the limitless access to Internet. – Deprived Room of study: here the students will have the option to in line practice their English with an exclusive software, where a virtual professor will help them with the grammar and to prepare the examinations. – Library: one is only two minutes of the school and is public, reason why the students will be able to ask for the books that wish and to take them to their lodging or its house. – Cafeterias and restaurants: when being in the main street of the city, in the environs they are possible to be found stores and services for all the pleasures. Besides offering English course of to residents the camping of soccer of Newcastle it counts on a program for foreigners whom the lodging includes. In the School the International of English of Newcastle they consider that to live with a family anfitriona it is the best way to practice and to improve the level of the language. Besides knowing the customs, the habits, the feeding and crossing the more important tourist points, as much of the city as of the country. These families of welcome are throughout inspected the year by personnel of the school to make sure the best quality to the guests. Also it is possible to be chosen to lodge in a hotel or a floor. The assistants of the institute help in all concerning this subject, obtaining place that adapts to the needs of each. During the English time that a person is receiving classes of in the school the International of Newcastle he will be able to establish friendship with students of all the countries, ages and to learn of the funniest and strict way to time.