Mr Martinez Party

Almost immediately after the forceful, precipitous and logical defeat of the National Action Party (PAN) in Mexico, its national leader, German Martinez Casares resigned from his post after a long six-hour meeting with the President of the country, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa. To read more click here: Cowan Group. It is true that German Martinez has great responsibility in the defeat of his party since he behaved in an arrogant manner superb during his tenure on this. I say this that everytime someone did a critical to strategies (or stratagems) Mr Martinez not analysed them but that took them as a personal affront and poor all those who strive in the party were not in accordance with their decisions or with Calderon’s. But now that we are analyzing this issue must recognize one thing: not all blame it on German Martinez, we’re talking about shared responsibility and a defeat. In his resignation speech, Martinez said: I fully assume their share of responsibility that has the President (of the party), are my responsibility each and every one of the election results.

My Administration did not meet the expected success. Here yes agree many with him because his electoral strategy consisted of the direct appointment of candidates (read handpick) in more than 200 districts. Results of his poor strategy: the bread lost its majority in the Chamber of Deputies and five governorships including Queretaro and San Luis Potosi by have been bastions of the bread. In what do not agree German Martinez is what added, namely, that it could not converted from a legitimate and democratic way approval that President Calderon among citizens has in confidence for the candidates of the bread. And many are in disagreement that not all Mexican citizens approve of the way in which the national action party has governed the country.

Since the campaign for the Presidency that resulted, as we were told, ganador winner Felipe Calderon, saw a PAN ready to infuse fear in the population through a very aggressive smear campaign in the media, everything in order to achieve its objectives. In addition campaign promises were only in that, in pledges. And what can we say of those who dared to raise his voice, to do a critique of the Government? They have been persecuted and harassed them, remember the case of the journalist Jose Gutierrez Vivo among others. And if it were not enough it is the law of extinction of domain and many other decisions taken ill during the present administration. Therefore, unless I conclude the following: the defeat of not only bread is the responsibility of German Martinez but all the party that failed to capitalize on the antipriismo and disillusionment that led them to the Presidency of our nation. The defeat of the bread is due to that the party did not want or has not failed to properly govern an intelligent people that as soon as he was able expressed its wishes: less bread and more Government.