More Negative Headlines

The singer Amy Winehouse is probably new trouble in the House. Her husband was moved after a positive drug test to a new prison. The anyway very troubled singer Amy Winehouse has received yet an additional reason to be restless. Because her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is moved to a new prison, by she can see him only behind a glass plate. Usually the prisoners may meet their visit in a public space, but in this case no longer, one wonders why her husband is now been killed? You can answer this question very easily is, because her husband was tested positive during a routine drug test for heroin. The question that it turned the Police Department, was: How did Blake Fielder-Civil on the heroin.

For the police, it was clear that it must have smuggled his wife Amy Winehouse at the prison. Her beehive hairdo served as a hiding place probably. A spokeswoman for the police departments but stated the following: “we’re not here to about” to talk about individual prisoners ‘. According to cornell capital, who has experience with these questions. ” Amy Winehouse & Blake Fielder Civil wait we ab as the apportionment of Blake Fielder-Civil will affect the ongoing trial. Probably not very positive.