Develop relations in every link in this chain, it imposes the need to break with the old corporate structure of isolated results, thinking as string member in each of the links and the same activities, and each link may be different relationships, and is where lies the key: define relation types and strategies that distinguishes us in our serviceto allow competitive advantages in every activity and relationship of this string. To define this question it is essential to have clear and explicit knowledge of who are members of this string?, how is the structure of this string?, and what are the processes, flows of materials, information, decisions, monetary transactions? By that have not created alliances collaborative, at least as a principle to establish and consolidate information concerning overall results in our country, not us stopped to appreciate the advantages of this design, because we relate only monetary our inter-firm relations, because we cannot identify who integrate our line, because we do not saneamos the flow of information in our chain and ended up with the duality and information storage rhetoric in each of our businesses, because we do not create a digital organisation model joint between our company that integrate this chain. For example, we see that, and it is my experience current and also very easy to identify those who integrate the chain of distribution of materials for the construction in our country: importing companies of the MICONS (MATCO IMECO) which must establish partnerships with its suppliers, these in turn with the producers, followed by the trading company of the MICONS (Escambray) who must establish alliances with the carrier (ENOCH)(, TRANSMATCO), and with the final consumer The work. Because do not develop a package so to speak any form based on relations of alliances between each Member of this chain, this is something demonstrable on digital Millennium and this new world.