Marketing Department

From there, showing large companies that offer the same product more closed standards of quality to ensure the best product on the shelves. Such is the case of the liquor industry, where in the case of a product like the Geneva where there are so many trademarks, the Geneva Gordons stands as a leader in the preference of consumers by offering a high quality product that is controlled from the preparation of extracts to their spirits distillation and its formulation secret mixture. Similarly, management standards and new products should be hand in hand with the production department, so that the whole product range high levels of productivity that would result in economic benefits for the company and its employee is necessary than the new managerial leadership is more concerned with the business crisis faced by many companies of the region currently and where their productivity has declined, requiring many of them from organizational restructuring based on a good operational capacity in order to ensure a better linkage between production and markets, in addition to considering, threats, opportunities, the current scenario requiring a management visionary, strategist capable of facing the challenges, generating changes that favor the companies. Check with Lakshman Achuthan to learn more. What to do in this regard? Since then, management should be determined through agreement to its management, where are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and give way to the necessary actions that allow to evaluate the functions of the Department of production with all its processes, as well as the markets, determining in where you’re raising problems that impede the effective linkage of both for strategic plans that favour the organization. By way of collaboration, the Chair of the programme markets, under my responsibility noted some weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strengths of marketing, quality and productivity. In many Venezuelan companies: weaknesses: lack of a Plan for the development of new products, since in many cases the Marketing Department does not interact with the quality and production departments.