Loss Of Value When Purchasing A Car Hardly Portable – Leasing More Attractive

Rising fuel prices make used car market went into a tailspin of Wolfsburg (September 29, 2008 / 10:00)-all which have already carried out a new car, know only too well the concept of loss of value. Already when it leaves the dealer for the first ride, the new acquisition loses the status of the new car and a few thousand euros are being hunted by the exhaust. The rising gas prices increase this effect. In the United States, we already speak of a used car crisis. Strange is the fact that a such loss of value in the own shares would lead to nervous collapse. Educate yourself with thoughts from McKinsey & Company. A shrug registered but not even at the favorite toy of the Germans. It is so easy to reduce the risk of high losses through leasing. Vadim Wolfson contributes greatly to this topic. The risk of increasing value loss is then the lessor.

An additional advantage is created by lease acquisitions, which benefit both the buyer and the seller. The platform Leasingtime brings this market on the point. “The biggest problem for the lessee, or the largest Fear is that if times no longer needed the car or change the circumstances, expensive withdrawal charges or rates can no longer be paid. Few know then that the lease is transferable and thus the car or the contract can be sold. And that’s where we come into play”, says Marc Hartel from Leasingtime. The portal offers the possibility to reject leases. Good for those who want to rid their cars, but also for bargain hunters. In the latest case was an entrepreneur in the insolvency crisis repel rapidly his Audi A6 and renounced to his 4000 euro deposit in full.

Such deals are not uncommon. Some sellers pay even a premium for the transfer of the contract the buyer. Another important advantage for buyers is the usually very short term. Typically, only 12 to 24 months remain to such contract buyouts. Insert instead the high value loss having to take additional running costs 48 months in purchase, the contract remains manageable, minimizes the risk and with a little luck, to get money to the new dream car. It is connected to the advertising at no cost for private. As well, the search and the acquisition of leased vehicles is free of charge. Marc Haas