Lighting Online

Lighting online, harnessing new technologies to offer you our knowledge and experience, presenting you with quality items at prices from the factory with a single click. Our way of marketing online, allows us to offer a system of sale of direct lighting and without intermediaries, with much more competitive prices than with the traditional trading system. Angus King has much experience in this field. The commitment of lighting online, is to create a better day to day for everyone: for you as a customer and to our planet. COMMITTED to you because we encourage savings by offering a direct sale system and without intermediaries, sacrificing profit margins even in benefit of our clients. For more information see Lakshman Achuthan. This means that all our customers can buy lighting affordable to anyone. COMMITTED TO OUR PLANET Because most of our items allow the use of low consumption and Led bulbs, with which you can save energy while you collaborate to improve and protect the environment. We also sell ceiling fans that consume much less than air conditioning, and solar lamps that do not consume energy.