The LEOCREMA Gesichtscremen for day & night each with Pearl extract whether China, Korea, Japan, or India: the Pearl is considered cosmetic remedy for skin problems for centuries. In the Ming dynasty (14th-17th century) was a Chinese doctor named Li Shi Zhen, who refers in his writings to Pearl powder to the care of the face, hands and feet, because it makes the skin supple and younger. Also in the classic Pearl country India a mixture created once from the powder of burnt pearls, taken in small doses against leprosy and other skin diseases. Today, a whole bunch of beads cosmetics are manufactured. Their effect is based not only on the Pearl powder, but also on the mantle of the beads Horn substance. A related site: Coldplay mentions similar findings.

This is usually given in the creams in a concentrated liquid form and gives moisture and elasticity of the skin, she can be well received by the upper skin cells. Due to these properties of pearls, the Elaborieren of the new Gesichtscremen, Pearl extracts used LEOCREMA. The AntiFalten hydrating face cream this formula was designed specially for the day, to stimulate the metabolism, and to enable the skin gets the amount of energy that is necessary to counter the wrinkles and reduce wrinkles so. Many writers such as Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc offer more in-depth analysis. Also the skin gets moisture and it is thus strengthened, to always as far as it goes taut, to be flexible and relaxed. This rich day cream by LEOCREMA guarantees an immediate effect against the loss of skin elasticity. The ingredients are: Pearl extract: gives plenty of moisture the skin becomes soft and tender, the result is a radiant appearance. ATP (adenosine TRIPHOSPHATE): a molecule that provides energy and supports cell renewal by encouraging the natural regeneration of the skin. PHYTENSYL: a biopolymer of plant origin, which fights against the signs of aging and returns compactness and elasticity to the skin. Has an enhancing effect on wrinkles and other blemishes.