Lewa Bill

Not only the sounds Let me stop for a moment. Nicki a so happy happiness aired, it was already almost implausible. How can a child with a so satisfied self-image in a so bad-tempered place radiate so much confidence? Maybe hiding here somewhere the cameramen of Bulgar-TV? Maybe she comes from a wealthy home and rehearsed only their audience effect? I was able to analyze anything credible, she was a beggar! I got my own kids in mind, the hardness of the pure simple survival, our helplessness in the face of this reality and God knows what else. Nicki made around forget me the world around me for a few moments and I enjoyed the small miracle”. There was no prize for this soul massage”and so I put her in her violin case, a 10-Lewa Bill. “She responded promptly, happy and radiant: Thank You Mister” she called after me with the bright voice of an Angel, because she obviously recognized that I am foreigner. She beamed me as I put her the paradise Feet and alone for this look it deserves also there. I felt touched by the happiness but at the same time my conscience bothered me.

What could you do everything, you spoiled West bag. How struggle you you only for yourself, only to enjoy a bit more comfortable. How much money, time and mental energy you verschleuderst to your own will and for those who have buried their humanity with the child being. “It was light in Sofia, the fog was still there but it was bright in my heart. Two days later I saw her again, admittedly, I had always kept looking for her. She just didn’t play and so I could press her another 10 Note (5,-) in the hand. Hi, how old are you?