Leading Organizational Change

All these changes impact the world of organizations and it poses new challenges, new demands, which lead them. The need to have a positive attitude to changes in competitiveness because of the complexity and uncertainty are variables that must be addressed with an open mind to the analysis constant environment. If we consider what we have raised previously in respect of all the changes that have occurred in the environment and how these changes have impacted the field of management, which have given a lot of complexity and uncertainty, it is obvious conclude that success today is not an easy situation. Many writers such as Restaurant Michael Schwartz offer more in-depth analysis. If changes have transformed the type of navigation and have significantly impacted the field of directions in new challenges for those running successfully, it appears under its own weight to these people running have to make on the basis of certain technical and leadership skills. What are the technical things? Using techniques that we are the procedures or methods of reasonable procedure to follow to act. For example, accounting techniques proceed in certain ways to intervene in the economic rationale of a company. With minimal access techniques, we can intervene to make a reasoned way operation What gall is to have management skills? Having skills means being a person who has the skills, intelligence and talent required, skills and adequate enough to use, art and science, the best techniques.

For example, a leader may have great negotiating skills. A doctor can have great skills to operate. Always, at this time of the conference I like to make an analogy with the field of medicine, I find the similarity with the business.