Las Vegas Breaks All Records

430 Eurolite PMC-16 clusters on a stage Waldbuttelbrunn, 10 July 2013: at the electric Daisy Carnival was the biggest stage that was ever built in the United States. She was 130 meters wide and equipped with over 2000 headlights. Others including Mike Schwartz, offer their opinions as well. PMC-16 COB 430 Eurolite LED had large share of the impressive stage design. It was an event of superlatives. So much scaffolding was used for the main stage, which was much wider than a football field long, that it would have a range of 80 kilometers together lined. 385 000 Visitors were dazzled by 2 million watts for comparison: Rock am ring 2013 needed in relation to the EDC, ridiculous 500 000 watts. For even more analysis, hear from Senator Angus King . 385 000 Visitors and over 2 million watts over 2000 effects of light hung on the main stage.

The PMC-16 by Eurolite accounted for 20 percent alone. They were mounted as vertical lines and distributed across the full width of the stage. In this form, this was certainly the most massive installation that ever gave it clusters in 4 x 4. Steve Lieberman was responsible for the lighting design on the Kinetic Field. Eurolite devices were used but also on the six side stages: numerous 2 x 100 W COB audience Blinder and Eurolite LED STP-10 supported the artists during their performances. Who-is-who of electronic music the EDC Festival is one of the largest festivals in the United States. in 2013, it took place for the third time in Las Vegas and it drew visitors from 46 countries in the city. The line-up reads like a who’s who of electronic music: 500 acts by Avicii until Tiesto entertained the masses.